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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Moon Base
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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 3 locations
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Moon Base is an official map introduced in the Twisted Christmas update of December 2012. It is a smaller map with inter-winding paths across multiple floors. It uniquely features low gravity that affects all players and specimens. Of note is that this location is the only way to obtain the Zed Eradication Device, by collecting several scattered parts.

Map layout[edit]

Trader locations[edit]

  1. On the higher platform next to the spawn
  2. In the room with the Dwarfs!? axe
  3. In the room downstairs from hydroponics


A Shotguns' recoil forces the character to jump back a little bit, to produce the sense of power in the weapon. This can easily be seen in 3rd person by pressing the (default) F5 button and firing any shotgun on any map. However, when fired in this particular level, it send the player flying multiple meters backwards, because of the low gravity. This makes it difficult to continuously kill specimen with weapons such as the Combat Shotgun and the AA-12. However, it can be utilized to make a quick escape and avoid powerful specimen like the Scrake and Fleshpound. If a player shoots the ground, it will launch them into the air. This can be used to one's advantage to launch up to higher floors in the facility.

Crawlers also pose a greater difficulty on this map. Due to low gravity they tend to jump on players and float in mid air before residing back down from various angles, making them hard to hit and often resulting in the disoriented player to receive multiple hits from the that particular specimen.

This is probably the best map on which to get the "One Small Step for Man" achievement, since that requires you to be falling while you get kills with the Schneidzekk medic gun, and the low gravity allows you to spend much longer falling, slowly enough to aim.

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