Mrs Foster Pack

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Mrs Foster Pack
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Pack cost: £2.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Mrs. Foster
Portrait of Mrs. Foster.

"Mrs. Foster" Is a DLC Pack that unlocks a unique character for Killing Floor, that was added during the Summer Sideshow Pier Of Pain event.

Mrs. Foster[edit]

MrsFoster Portrait.png She was a scarily-succesful commodities trader when she interviewed Foster for a job. He was clearly a no-hoper as a trader - but there was something about him. He was so cool, so suave, so... unique. Unique enough to give her a gas mask of her very own on their first date. It was almost as if he'd known of her certainty that bio-virus-evil would create the flesh-eating-clone-horde and ruin her run of multi-million-pound bonuses. They may not be able to work together in the City - but they can work together to exterminate zeds! MrsFoster.png

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