Neon Character Pack

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Neon Character Pack
Neon Character Pack.jpg
Pack cost: $5.99 – (Steam)
Includes: DJ Voltage, Mr. Magma
Portrait of DJ Voltage. Portrait of Mr. Magma.

The "Neon" character pack unlocks two premium playable characters for Killing Floor when purchased. It was released during the End Of The Line update. This is the first purchasable DLC that is a two character pack.

DJ Voltage[edit]

Neon portrait.png DJ Scully has also been around quite a bit. Ex-underground DJ (check). Ex-Army (maybe). Ex-hero too (probably). Now he gets a blue glowing neon jump suit so he can show off once again (definitely). DJVoltage.png

Mr. Magma[edit]

Magma portrait.png Mr Foster has been through some incarnations over the years. And now his final persona - Mr Magma! Ever-tasteful, Foster now runs to a glowing red suit, with suitably flashy fire motifs on the cuffs. But we just can't help loving him anyway! MrMagma.png


  • The Steam pages advertise that both character's have particle effects, which they don't
  • Heavily advertise as special "Glow in the dark" characters, this is not the first characters to actually use this sort of material layering. DAR and Chickenator uses the same shader layers.
  • Stated by Rachel, these two outfits were made to help the soldiers find their way in the dark labyrinth under Transit
  • Both are the first characters to ever use a different material layer for their 1st person arms (Shader layer). All other characters just use a simple texture.


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