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This is my work in progress, please update with my permission only, unless you are well aware of and changing the format of the wiki page. Using the talk page, messaging me or including suggestions on the bottom.

This page's intention is to help gain experience from certain equipment, while on a different perk, that works well. This will be extensive and in depth to help provide strategies as best possible.

== Classes of equipment == (Ordered by what experience is hoped to be gained and which weapons types are usable with each class)


Medical syringe- This starting equipment can give you easy medic experience whenever your allies are injured in a wave or are at the trader after a hard one. Considering that medics are the only perk to receive the extreme discount on medic guns, and are the only perk equipped with healing grenades, the syringe is the only equipment that is commonly effective while on a different perk.

  *Berserker- With this perk's increased melee movement and being commonly at the front lines where the bulk of the damage is received, the berserker may easily heal the injured allies after possibly cutting down nearby zeds. Be sure to keep and eye on your own health though, because your damage resistance alone may not be enough to repel damage.
  *Sharpshooter- Being at the back of the class and potentially equipped with light pistols, this allows players to aid retreating and damaged allies when there isn't any dangerous zeds nearby.

Medic-guns- Although hard to obtain on any perk besides Medic, there are a few bonuses that allow it to be potentially used, as a weapon and an aid to others. (Keep in mind damage does not level the medic, only the healing) The MP7M and MP5M weigh only 3 blocks, with low damage per shot, but high firing speed; while the M7A3 weighs 6 blocks, with higher damage per shot, but less firing speed and is the most expensive off-perk weapon in the game.

  *Berserker- With low cost weapons and no need for ammo, players can save up money easily. Furthermore; with the need of a mid- to long-range weapon, the Berserker may take along a medic-gun for dispatching weaker enemies and saving the syringe's charge for themselves, while healing allies as needed.
  *Commando- Although the rifles of this class resemble more powerful medic-guns in fire style, with reload bonuses of Commando's the medic gun can be reloaded even faster; however be careful of waste of ammo, and the minimal damage. This does allow you to quickly switch from killing weaker and other troublesome zeds, to healing your front-line attackers.
  *Sharpshooter- These guns may replace dual-pistols or quick rifles for weak zeds that got too close, but be careful as their high cost to obtain may offset the ability to purchase more expensive sharpshooter weapons, that deal much more damage. The head-shot multiplier is a nice addition, along with the sharpshooter's common perch to oversee large areas, and thus help out dangered allies.

Support specialist[edit]

Cartridge shotguns- These guns tend to have slow, but interruptible reloads with high damage, crowd control and weight. The Shotgun and Combat shotgun weigh 8 blocks, while the Hunting shotgun weighs 10 blocks and can only hold 2 ammo which can only be reloaded once both are fired.

  *Berserker- Cartridge shotguns may only be useful with the quicker, weaker melee weapons, where there is also running room to allow the player to slowly recharge each bullet if necessary. Along with these weapons a longer-range weapon is suggested, for husks and sirens.
  *Medic- With these guns a skilled medic can blast away enemies when their medic-guns aren't enough or their armour and defenses are weakened; to aid lonely Medics or overrun teams. The movement speed increase offsets the shotgun's weight. Unable to hold M7A3 with Hunting.
  *Sharpshooter- A nice addition to their long ranged or quick weapons, these guns may help balance them and take out quick or close herds of enemies with a single or a few blasts; especially head-shots! (Not suggested with strong weapons or dualies)
  *Commando- Unless confined with your back against a wall or own a strong assault rifle, these guns may help give a strong side arm to the shotguns and the reload effects of Commando are very helpful for these long-reloaders; sadly, because of weight, the Hunting can't be used with Commando guns here..
  *Firebug- When The trenchgun's lack of penetration is a hindrance and you need more power in your arsenal these guns can help well, especially if having trouble taking out husks or a scrake gets too close. Mac 10 and flare pistols can be used with any shotgun, while the Hunting rifle can't be used with anything but, and the other two can't be used with the flamethrower. (Trench gun is ill-advised for any other shotgun side-arms)
  *Demolitions- If a M79 or M4 203 is used, these guns (besides the hunting) can help deal damage to enemies that are too close to explode, and give even more crowd control with a nice addition to pipe bombs (with m79), but these guns may not be necessary with the M4 203. Keep in mind that both classes are very expensive.

Magazine shotguns- These guns can fire and reload faster, with usually having lower weight; at the possible expense of damage per shot and uninterrupted reloading. The Combat shotgun weighs 6 blocks, Vlad the Impaler; 8 blocks with rebounding shots, and AA12 at 10 blocks with automatic-fire speed.

  *Berserker- More powerful melee weapons can now be wielded with these guns, but weight may be more of an issue if using anything but the Katana. Once again, a longer range weapon may be advised, weight permitting.
  *Medic- More power, effective at close range, coupled with all around good reload and movement speed, plus effective with Medic gun's low weight. Unable to hold M7A3 with AA12.
  *Firebug- A good addition to fire pistols or mac 10, where the AA12 and Vlad only works with these two guns, but the MSG can be with anything but the flamethrower. (Trench gun is still ill-advised for any other shotgun side-arms)
  *Commando- Unable to use the AA12 with a commando gun in this class makes the gun useless here, but Vlad and HSG can be easily used, with the later possibly being coupled with a machete, or pistol (besides handcannon). Note the use of Commando's reload speed is less effective on Magazine shotguns, but can still be beneficial.
  *Demolitions- M79 goes well with the any of these guns, while the M4 203 can't be coupled with the AA12, and the M32 can only be wielded with the MSG. Keep in mind that both classes are very expensive.