Orca Bomb Propeller

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The Orca Bomb Propeller
Trader Orca.png
Pricing: £1250 (£937)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: Hud M79.png 24  (£10 – £240)
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Single-Load Doom Bombardier.jpg Single-Load Doom Bombardier

The Orca Bomb Propeller tosses little delayed explosive bombs. Good for those bank shots! —Trader description 

The Orca Bomb Propeller is a single-shot grenade launcher. It fires a projectile that explodes if it collides with a specimen that is sufficiently distant from the player, or explodes 2.5 seconds after launch otherwise. Upon hitting a specimen that is too close, the grenade causes impact damage, falls vertically instead of being reflected back at the player, and then explodes after the two-second fuse. The Orca Bomb Launcher can be seen as a sidegrade for the M79 since the Orca Bomb Launcher doesn't explode instantly if it doesn't hit a target making it hard to stack grenades and exploding them to deal a lot of damage. And the Orca Bomb deals both blunt damage and the explosive damage (2.5 second delay) on a target if it is too close.


The Demolitions perk gets a discount on the Orca from the Trader.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Blunt damage
Base 0% £1250 £937 325 200
0 10% £1125 £843 341 210
1 20% £1000 £749 357 220
2 30% £875 £655 390 240
3 40% £750 £562 422 260
4 50% £625 £468 455 280
5 60% £500 £374 487 300
6 70% £375 £280 520 320

Price and Ammunition[edit]

The Orca Bomb Launcher has a base cost of £1250. The Demolition gets a 10% discount of £125 per rank pulling the price down to £375.


The Orca Bomb Launcher deals lower explosive damage than the M79 to balance the fact that it deals blunt damage and explodes after 2.5 seconds when the target is close enough to recieve blunt damage. The Orca Bomb Launcher deals 325 explosive damage after 2.5 seconds when the M79 deals 350 explosive damage instantly on impact (zed or surface). Both the Orca Bomb Launcher and M79 deals 200 blunt damage.


  • As grenades do not explode on impact it can be used on close range targets to deal a little bit of damage that can flinch certain zeds and be taken out by the following explosion.
  • Grenades can be rebounded around corners and off of roofs and floors. This is a good tactic to use if you want to target bigger badder enemies first to conserve ammo.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Grenades do not explode on impact, instead they bounce off surfaces;
  • Explosions create somewhat less smoke compared to the M79;
  • More suitable for close range than M79


  • Does less damage compared to the M79 or M32;
  • It fires grenades in a slow arc, making long range hits harder to achieve;
  • Grenades are more vulnerable to a Siren's scream due to slow speed;
  • Cannot be bought in game without the DLC.


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