Schneidzekk medic gun

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Field Medic
Trader KRISS.png
Pricing: £2750 (£2062)
Weight: 3 blocks
Ammo: 25 Hud Ammo Clip.png 13 (350)
Hud Syringe.png 100 (recharges)
Ammo cost: £10 – £140
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The Schneidzekk medic gun is a KRISS Vector submachine gun modified for use by medics. Pressing alt-fire will shoot darts that function just like the medical syringe, effectively making it a ranged version of said tool. It is generally of no use to other perks due to its extremely high cost, but (if given by a high-level field medic) it can still be an effective addition to team healing capability because of its low weight. The Schneidzekk does not share its charge with the medical syringe or the other medic guns, meaning that if the Schneidzekk is out of charge, players can use their medical syringe or a different medic gun. The only disadvantage of the Schneidzekk's medical dart is that players cannot heal themselves with it, and are forced to rely on the medical syringe in an emergency. This weapon's primary fire causes recoil that will slow the player down if fired while moving, but the healing darts do not have this effect.

There is also a "Neon Scneidzekk" available in the "Neon Weapons" DLC. Its statistics are identical to the normal Schenidzekk.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine Size
Base 0% £2750 £2062 40 25
0 10% £2475 £1855 40 27
1 20% £2200 £1649 40 30
2 30% £1925 £1443 40 35
3 40% £1650 £1237 40 40
4 50% £1375 £1030 40 45
5 60% £1100 £824 40 50
6 70% £825 £618 40 50


  • It is highly advisable to carry at least another weapon to compensate for the Schneidzekk's low ammo reserve. Popular options include the Lever-action rifle, Hunting shotgun, Crossbow and Katana among others. It is also possible to pair it with the MP7M, MP5M, and/or M7A3 and significantly increase your healing capacity; at high levels, carrying more than one medic gun allows to fire healing darts virtually non-stop.
  • If you find yourself unable to hit a player with darts, consider jabbing them with a Medical syringe.
  • The dart doesn't have instant hit. It has some flying time. This means that you have to estimate where the target will be when the dart arrives. Hence, sometimes you must fire in front of the target in order for it to be healed. It would be wise to wait until your target is standing still or running straight ahead to fire.
  • This weapon's low recoil and high rate of fire make it effective at close range self-defense, especially against charging Scrakes.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Allows healing from range.
  • Doubles your healing capacity, as it doesn't share charge with the Medical syringe.
  • Good damage, similar to the Tommy Gun.
  • Low recoil and high rate of fire, at 952 rounds per minute.
  • Low weight.
  • Healing darts recharge at the same speed of MP5M.


  • Expensive at low perk levels.
  • Obtrusive iron sights.
  • Runs out of ammunition very quickly.
  • Less stopping power than the M7A3.
  • Less bullets per magazine than the MP5M.
  • Greater dispersion of bullets compared with MP7M.
  • High fire-rate makes it difficult to conserve ammunition.


  • Schneidzekk means "Zed Cutter" in German, referring to how well this weapon disposes of enemies. (schneiden = to cut, but zekk is not a real german word)
  • This weapon is based off of the KRISS Vector Super V submachine gun. Somewhat popular with civilian shooters, it isn't used by any military around the globe.
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