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Trader Combat Shotgun.png
Pricing: £500 (£375)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: 8 Hud Single Bullet.png 40 (48)
Hud Flashlight.png 100 (recharges)
Ammo cost: £20 – £120

The shotgun is the basic weapon for Support Specialists. Due to the pellet spread, it is most effective at short to medium range. It is less powerful than the Hunting Shotgun, and has a lower rate of fire and capacity than the AA12, but it has more ammo capacity and reload speed than the hunting shotgun, and damage per shot than the AA12. It is also one of four weapons to have a flashlight, making it invaluable on darker maps. The Shotgun, along with other primary weapons, may randomly spawn on the ground at the beginning of each wave.


The Support Specialist perk gives various bonuses and discounts for the Shotgun, and spawns with one at level 5.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Ammo capacity
Base 0% £500 £375 245 48
0 10% £450 £337 245 48
1 20% £400 £299 269 52
2 30% £350 £262 294 57
3 40% £300 £224 318 60
4 50% £250 £187 343 60
5 60% £200 £149 367 60
6 70% £150 £112 392 62


Shotgun uses buckshot type cartridges that spread 7 pellets with each shot with a base damage of 35 per pellet and damage multiplier of 1.5x on headshots. Fire rate is 62 repeats per minute, putting a lengthy 0.97 second delay between shots. Shotgun has the standard pierce efficiency of 50% which can be improved by Support Specialist's per bonuses. At level 6, a Support Specialist only will lose 4% damage per target pierced by shotguns, increasing the efficiency to 96%.

Reloading the shotgun is rather quick with taking only 0.667 second to shove a single cartridge. While this gives a grand advantage of interrupting reload whenever you want, a full stock from empty reached in about a lengthy 5.33 seconds reload sequence. When emptied, you can't to fire shotgun from the hip as you load the first cartridge in as a precaution, either; reload animation should be canceled by going down on iron sights or wait for second shell to be slid in. Commando perk gains bonus for reload time allowing him to shove a single buckshot in the tube as fast as half second.

Price and ammunition[edit]

The base price of the shotgun is £500. This can be reduced at intervals of £50 with the Support Specialist perk, down to £150 at level 6. The cost of ammunition per shell is £2.50, although the 50 pence will not be shown on the price. It still takes full price of 20£ to fill an entire tube of standard shotgun.

The total amount of shells held, providing a player is using the Support Specialist perk, is determined by their level; between 48 and 62 total shells, with the number of loaded shells remaining constant at 8. This leaves with ammo costs at £20 per 'mag' and between £120 and £155 for full refill. It is also notable that the Shotgun is one of the few weapons that can be partially reloaded before it can be fired, allowing the player to fire as soon as a shell is loaded.

The ghost ring sights of the shotgun.


  • If the first shell does not kill the specimen, it's safer to back up and fire once the Shotgun has been cocked again.
  • Use the flashlight as a makeshift iron sight. The light gives a good indication of where the center of your screen is and doesn't reduce your movement speed. The flashlight will run out of battery power though, so you should turn it off when it is not needed.
  • The 9mm tactical pistol is stronger and far more accurate for targets at long and even medium range, when aiming for the head.
  • The Shotgun is ineffective against Fleshpounds and Scrakes, so it is usually better to let your team handle these specimens, and not risk enraging them.
  • Reloading the Shotgun whenever you have the time is important, since the reload time to completely fill it is fairly long. On later waves, you won't have much time to reload between attacking specimens, so timing your reloads with your teammates is essential.
  • To take advantage of penetration and spread, crouch before firing into a large group of weaker specimens. Your shots are more likely to pass through more enemies than while standing.
  • Firing at a large group of specimens from a moderate distance is a good way to soften up or kill many of them before they close in.
  • Especially on higher difficulty levels, waiting for enemies to close in and line up is a much more efficient use of ammo than picking them off one by one. With practice, you should be able to judge the risk and reward of this technique appropriately.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Powerful, capable of killing multiple weak specimens with one shot;
  • Comes with a flashlight;
  • Cheap for support specialists, and affordable as an off-perk weapon;
  • Often found lying around the map;
  • Generous ammo reserve;
  • Interruptible reload;
  • Pierces targets with support specialist perk.


  • Inaccurate, especially at longer ranges;
  • Pump-action limits rate of fire;
  • Low magazine capacity of only 8;
  • Iron sights can obscure vision;
  • Relatively long reload.
  • Heavy. Leaves 6 blocks free only if used off-perk.


The shotgun was one of the earliest additions to the Killing Floor mod. The actual shotgun it is based on is the Benelli M3 Super 90, which is a combination pump action and semi-automatic shotgun, with a Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight attachment.

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