Steampunk Mrs. Foster

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Steampunk Mrs. Foster
Steampunk MrsFoster Portrait.png

Steampunk Mrs. Foster is a character that you can unlock by earning Summer Sideshow related achievements, Objective Mode and Wave Mode achievements, and the Punk'd achievement as stated in the Bio below.

Steampunk Mrs. Foster[edit]

Steampunk MrsFoster Portrait.png In one of the perverse paradoxes created by weird alternate realities, that place where day traders are hip and trendy seems to have the same effect on their slightly-warped commodity-trader girlfriends. Now who would have guessed that? Steampunk MrsFoster.png
Mrs. Punkd.jpg
Mrs. Punkd
Get 4 of 6 of the 2013 Summer Event in-game level Achievements, one Standard and one Objective Mode map completion Achievement, plus the Punk'd Achievement to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster

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