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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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KF-Suburbia ScreenCap1.jpg
Author: Paul 'ZiO' Peccia
Trader: 4 locations
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"The United States were keeping their eyes on Europe as it was overtaken by so called Specimens. As word spread that this attack had reached the United States panic set in, people began to board up their homes, businesses and even their dog houses fearing for the worst. Even though the warnings and the horror that devastated London they still weren't properly equipped for the ensuring battle. The little time they had to set up defenses was not sufficient. The 'Specimens' were smart, they avoided the large cities and invaded smaller towns in the Eastern United States one by one. Now it’s up to the six of you to take the suburbs back!"

Suburbia is a map created by Paul Peccia. It was a runner-up in the Grindhouse mapping competition. The level is based around an American suburban area.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • The roof of the piggy bank is well lit and depending on the number of players you can either choose to cover the small section of roof over the planks or the entire roof. Be aware that specimens also come in large numbers from the back when players are near the edge there. it is strongly advised that you weld shut all the ground level doors of the bank (excluding the glass door on the side of the building facing the gas station) as well as the ground level doors on the adjacent building and the door at the top of the stairs that leads to the roof, this will limit the specimens to three easily manageable entry points to the top floor/roof. Keep in mind, however, if a player is to fall off of the roof, the only way to get back up without compromising the defensibility of the bank is to circle all the way around and enter through the front door, during this time any specimens the player encounters will not be visible to the others on the roof, this makes this run extremely dangerous, so it is actually a good tactic to stick around the car next to the wall that the specimens climb up on, as you will be distracting a fair amount of specimens from climbing onto the roof, AND your squadmates will be able to watch your back to some extent.
  • The most defensive position is the building on the far end of the map from the start that has a trader in it. The defensive point is right by the trader(the same room), you weld the door leading outside, and have the squad face further into the building. There is a small corridor leading to the room you are in, which is perfect for mowing down specimens especially as a Support Specialist. There is a hole in the wall of the room you are in where an occasional clot or crawler will come through, but it is not frequent enough to be a viable threat.


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