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Por Traducir[edit]

Demolitions Experts are the team's heavy supporting class; they deal out extremely high damage to crowds and large specimens alike at long range while relying on their team mates to deal with enemies that get up close.

Demolition experts are the masters of explosives. Their 3 main weapons of choice are the M79 and M32 MGL grenade launchers and the powerful L.A.W rocket launcher. They can also carry a large number of powerful Pipe bombs, which work like proximity mines. They will enjoy drastically increased damage with these already destructive weapons, and will also be able to carry more, higher powered Grenades. The huge explosive radius and strength of his explosives allows the Demo Expert to lay high damage traps, and bombard very large areas to reduce entire groups of specimens to little pieces. His launchers will also set off any unexploded grenades instantly, which allows the Demo Expert to stack grenades in one place and quickly explode them before the target specimen can move out of the way. This technique is proven to be effective against a large horde, Fleshpounds and even Patriarch himself. However, some of the specimen requires special treats for extermination while using this perk. Should be noted, that Siren will start to scream as she sees an undetonated hand grenade,rocket or a Pipe bomb, that makes her to harder to exterminate.

The Demo Expert will also receive a moderate resistance to explosive damage, including the Patriarch’s rocket launcher. The grenade launchers and L.A.W have a safety mechanism that will prevent the explosive from detonating too close to the player. Even so the explosive radius of these explosives is very large, and can result in high self-damage, especially for the grenades launchers if the grenade explodes quite close by. This makes Stalkers and specimens that charge very problematic if they are not dealt with quickly, and pipe bombs are extremely dangerous if the player is caught in the blast. The Demolitions Expert should therefore stay at the rear of their squad, providing supporting fire to take out groups of weak specimens and stack as many explosives as they can to nuke stronger specimens like Fleshpounds. It should be noted however that care should be taken when people accidentally cross their field of fire, as they may cause the Demo Expert to blow himself up, most likely resulting in death. Careful players however should find a well placed Pipe bomb combined with a few blasts of a grenade launcher is usually enough to kill Fleshpounds on Hard. On Suicidal, the team should coordinate with each other to enrage the Fleshpound on top of the pipe bomb to ensure max damage before shooting it with every weapon. However Demo Experts should also bear in mind that every explosion will create a large dust cloud, which will heavily obscure the team’s vision. Having a Commando take the lead during heavy explosive battles will usually prevent specimens sneaking through the smoke, especially against the Patriarch.

Both the M32 MGL and M79 are relatively lightweight and it is possible to carry both at the same time. Alternatively taking a secondary weapon like a Bullpup or Lever-action rifle will allow the Demo Expert to deal with close range threats while saving his explosives for handling long range, bigger threats. The lack of damage however might prove troublesome on higher difficulty settings. In the case of the L.A.W, despite its power, the weapon is very heavy and will have leave enough room for either Pipe Bombs or a Machete further restricting options somewhat. In these situations, bunching up enemies behind welded doors or narrow corridors is generally where explosives serve their best roles. In emergency players can aim at the ceilings or upper sections of the walls to arm their explosives and hit nearby incoming specimens without the blast causing themselves too much injury. This however should be a last resort as the greater the damage you take, the more likely you are to be slowed down and overrun.

One of other the major drawbacks of the Demolitions Expert is quite simply the cost of all his weapons. Even on high levels with his large discounts, it can still take quite a few rounds to save up enough money to buy his weapons and ammunition, regardless of his preferred load out. As long as he has a good supporting team and spends carefully during the early rounds, the Demo Expert should be able to adequately sustain himself, however careless fire, poor pipe bomb placement or reckless auto filling of ammunition could unnecessarily waste money.

Once bought up however the Demolitions expert becomes a key player in preventing the team getting overwhelmed and beating back the horde when his team mates start getting overrun.


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