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If anyone wants still images of the FAL and SCAR with their sights up for comparison, here. M4 too, while I was at it.




Notice how the red dots' centers aren't nearly as close to the center of the image as the FAL's ACOG's cross hair's intersection. Also see how the crosshair obstructs less of the target than the red dots. Also take note how the FAL's ACOG blocks a lot of peripheral view. Also consider that the FAL's ACOG's "viewing window" within the optic is huge compared to the M4's optic, and roughly equal to the SCAR's optic.

If you play the game without anti aliasing, you can also see that when you aim it, the view model appears to sit perfectly still, unlike that of the SCAR's.

--Azukki 13:09, 7 July 2012 (UTC)