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Well I wanted to look up some of this information, and in perticular was interested in the DPS line. However when I run the maths, alot of them dont add upto me, which leaves me pretty confused

I've assumed Average Damage / Fire Rate = DPS

This works for some of the weapons, but not others, and there is no clear indication of pattern developing.


Fire Axe: 150 / 1.2 = 125

Flamethrower: 12 / 0.07 = 171.42

M14 EBR: 107.5 / 0.175 = 614.28

On the other hand

Ak-47: 40 / 0.2 = 363, but this should be 200 from the above model

H-Shotgun: (45 *6) / 0.25 = 240, however the maths gives 1080.

Now obviously in the Hunting shotguns case there is the massive reload to consider, but the M14 is consistent to the pattern since no consideration has been given of its reload, however the Ak for some reason isn't consistent. Is there some other kind of parameter I've missed, or do some of these values need altering? (and perhaps their reload times included in the table.) -- undeddjester 16:42, 6 February 2010 (GMT)

Yes, it appears that some of the DPS values need to be recalculated. Regarding the significant reloading time of the Hunting shotgun, perhaps we could include a "DPS after reload" column? —Weldindisdowa 12:04, 2 March 2010 (UTC)
Done the incorrect DPS calculations. Though I didn't check every single one, only the reported ones. Also, another column which includes the amount of ammo the weapon can hold in its chamber into the calculation is a good idea! --Takua 09:15, 3 March 2010 (UTC)

Rate of fire[edit]

Some information in table are false. For example AK fires every 0.2 secs. 1 shot/0.2 sec = 300 per minute! In game, AK's rate of fire is more than 600-700. It is false! MP7M fires every 0.05 secs -> 1200 RPM. It is true. Zaqq 16:40, 4 April 2010 (UTC)

LAW fire rate[edit]

I'm not sure how to calculate its actual value. The reload definitely takes longer than the 3.25 seconds indicated by the script. Weldindisdowa 13:55, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

I can believe that the reload takes just over 3 seconds, its the requirement of looking down the iron sights that slows the rate of fire down. From the quick test I did a few minutes ago it seems like you can get a shot off with it once every 4 seconds or so. — Balthazar (T|C) 04:13, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

DPS or Efficiency[edit]

Guys, i think DPS is pointless, some weapons can deal large amount of damage in a second, but then they reload 10 hours, and some can deal light, but consistent damage.. I mean we can compare the weapons in another table below, that we can show every weapon's efficiency... Something like that :

suicidal 6 player, lvl. 2 demo:

                           M32GrenLaunch    M79GrenLaunch      Ratio
Bloat     (needs 4 nades)         1 s.         10.0 s.         1/10
Fleshpound(needs 7 nades)      12.0 s.(w full) 19.0 s.         2/3

Look close at the numbers....and tell me if you see something strange... The efficiency of M32 on bloat compared to that of M79's is 1/20(as expected, its much difference).But for the Fleshpound the efficiency of the M32 comapred to M79 now is 2/3(which is several times better)!!!!!!!! As you see the more stronger the enemies, the less effective the high-damage/slow reloading weapons are... Did you understand what i mean? As you see, M72, that have 90%+ less DPS than M32, in some scenarios deals damage almost as M32!!! DPS is useless, lets erase it? And i will calculate and check-in-game the time needed for all weapons to all enemies excluding perk bonuses...? Now from this table the people will understand, that the m32 is not 95% more effective, as if looking at DPS, but they will see, that it is only little more effective... I can even draw this on nice, graphic table, on jpg format.. What you think guys? --A51mj12 19:01, 15 November 2010 (UTC)

  1. "[...] some weapons can deal large amount of damage in a second, but then they reload 10 hours [...]". This is precisely my reason for adding the column "DPS after reload".
  2. It takes 1 second to launch 4 grenades with the M32 and ~3.7 seconds to launch 7, so the "ratios" should actually be 1/10 and 1/5, respectively.
  3. Defining the "efficiency" of a weapon in terms of the amount of time needed to kill an enemy isn't very practical because there are 25 (damaging) weapons, up to 6 players in a server, 10 classes of specimens, and there will soon be 5 difficulty levels. 7500 values is way too much data to take in, create, or maintain.
  4. Creating an image of a table is a bad idea because it's very difficult for others to edit.
Weldindisdowa 13:23, 12 December 2010 (UTC)

2.Yes, it was a mistake about the m79, its 1sec, dunno how i done it..:P about the m32 i calculated it with full reaload after the 6-th shot, cuz i wanted firstly to give an example with not a fleshpound, but an enemy, that needs exactly 2 full m32 clips (12 nades), to show what efficiency means in this situation, but i didnt have the time to think, so i placed jsut a fp... It will be more clear if i type 2 fleshpounds... Btw i still cant understand what dps after reload means, can u explain plss:) 3. I did not express myself very good (cuz of my english): the table will be not with times to kill a monster in some difficculty/players, but it will be just each weapons in what time deals some dmg, it will be much more easier, dont you think:))Something like that: (its unperked)

                      M32     M79       Scar     another weapon     and so on....
350dmg(=1nade)         0s      0s       0.672s     ....s             ....
2100dmg(=6nades)      1.650s  16.665s   6.422s     ....s             ....
4550dmg(=13nades)    15.398s  39.996s  13.612s     ....s             ....
8750dmg(=25nades)    38.966s  79.992s  32.484s     ....s             ....
12950dmg(=37nades)   62.534s 119.988s  54.418s     ....s             ....
<<more values>>

--OMG 03:30, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

What you think?:)

  1. "DPS after reload" is the total damage output of a clip divided by the time elapsed between the first shot and the completion of the reloading process.
  2. What you mean by "efficiency dmg" is better defined as "damage per clip". We could add a column for that, but I'm not sure how useful it would be.
  3. I think the table you're constructing will still contain way too many values. Even with the arbitrary, limited number of rows above, you'll have 125 values and and an extremely wide table.
Weldindisdowa 03:48, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

I am sorry, i meant tottaly different thing...My english is bad, i cant explain it, better to show it to you: Note that the horizontal line are the hp's , and the vertical is the time. The green graph line is the scar, the violet is the m32, and the gray is m79. You can see,that somewhere around 3500hp, the scar is starting to take less time to deal that dmg....And this is just example of the graph, i am still thinking of way to show it here with numers, but first let me finish it:P And then i will think.. And no ratio, i found its useless, because i noticed that some weapons's damage is growing exponentially, while others not... And btw the "efficiency dmg" for the m32 may be = one clip(6 nades), but to the scar is somewhere around ~4550(not exact) (thats 4 clips)(i will calulate it exactly, i need time for the math:P). So from this picture what can u understand? That if u have scar and m32(nonperked), and if u have 2 monsters: one on 3400Hp, another on 3600, you will use the m32 for the 3400hp one, and the scar for the 3600hp-ed one, this means you will kill the 3600hp-ed one faster with the scar, than with the m32...Even i didnt know that, until it showed on my graph table...Now i really am starting to thing its very usefull...But im still waiting for your opinion of course:)) What you think, is there a point? Btw after you reply to me i will erase this whole cnversation, cuz i made it a mess..sorry again

  1. There may be some use for tables like that, but since we can't show all 25 weapons at once, we'll have to partition them somehow. Obviously, it makes little sense to compare a knife to the SCAR.
  2. By convention, a graph's x-axis should be the independent variable, time.
  3. We need to decide how long the x-axis should be. I would suggest we cut it off after the second reload of the slowest weapon in the partition, in terms of time between the beginning of one reload and the beginning of the next reload.
  4. In general, the function for damage is y(t, c, f, r, d) = floor(t / (cf + r)) * dc + floor(min(cf, t % (cf + r)) / f) * d, where t is time, c is clip capacity, f is fire rate in terms of time between shots, r is reload time, and d is damage per shot.
    For weapons with a clip capacity of 1 (e.g. Xbow, M79), the function can be simplified to y'(t, r, d) = t / r * d.
  5. The Christmas update will be released soon, so I'd rather work on the graph after the update's released.
Weldindisdowa 02:36, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

It is 40% done, i think tomorrow will be ready, i will make it the way you suggest, so im posting a jpg screenshot, its very large table, but we will find the way to show it properly... Lets hear your opinion first:P. Its 8000x1000jpg file, so i didnt find any hi-res pic upload site U decide how it will be better, take your time:)

--OMG 04:02, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

I think it's far too long, the grid needs to be much less prominent, the legend should be larger, it needs typed text (instead of handwritten), and I still stand by what I said above. —Weldindisdowa 04:13, 14 December 2010 (UTC)
I had some ideas and ended up with this. It's easier to edit for those who know basic JavaScript than it is to edit an image for a Photoshop master. —Weldindisdowa 06:30, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

Now thats what i wanted exactly!! About my graph, its very exact(+-2px), but that aside, i made it with tought, that its only for discussion, not the final, and i will remake it later, something, like in the java link u just showed!! The only problem with making the graph smaller is, that for some weapons the crossing point of the lines is on the first columns, but for the m32 and scar, the crossing point(efficiency point) is really far away(somewhere around the ~5500dmg column, and that's very far), and i wondered if this java have something like zooming... I am not "in" the java and programming, but i have really much free time now, and i think to make whatever i can to do it with quality.... Ok, i am waiting final decision from you, you tell me what to do from now on, and until you post me reply, i will try eather to learn this java stuff, that u found perfectly, or either i will calculate the remaining values... Btw as whole, the calculating of the values is easy. But there was very tricky(for me) places, like the m32 line of the graph... Firstly i made a mistake, but i spotted it later...The mistake was : So, The m32 fires its first 350dmg in the moment(o secs.). The next point must be the damage, done by 1 clip, and that's 2100dmg(6nades). Ok, so i calculated and the required time for doing this dmg.. So i calculated 6 shots x 0.33(time required for rotating the cylinder with 1/6 and passing the next grenade), from the load after the first shot, until the load after the 6th shot. And i done it, but firstly i didnt noticed the mistake - well the 2100 dmg is done when the last(6th)grenade is fired...So it occured my mind, that is no need to count the lastest load time, the time after the 6th shot(0.33), before the reloading process begins, and whats more, there is no grenade for loading the chamber after the 6th shot, immediate after the 6th shot comes the reloading(1.6634 x6 or x1), no 7th grenade to load.. So this meaned, that for finding the exact time needed for 1 clip to shoot, i must calculted not 6x 0.33, but 5x 0.33... So with other words, this value - 0.33(the fire rate) is the time needed to the 6-holed cylindrical m32 clip to rotate with 1/6 turn. It occurs 5 times per clip. With other words- before the first grenade and after the last(6th) greande, there is no loading time, no rotating. And btw after the 6th shot, before the reloading, there is chamber spinning(loading), in other words 0.33seconds, so this means when calculatung the 7-th grenade(1st grenade after realod)'s damage, you must add +0.33, besides the 6x 1.634 (or 1x), but this time must be not calculated to the damage done from he 1st clip, cuz practically the damage fom that last(6th) grenade is done when launching it, there is no need for waiting the cylinder to load(0.33s).. I am sure you are getting what i am talking about, but i am explaining it very clear, because im not sure in my english language skills :P And another thing, if you noticed, becasue the m32 is the only one weapon, that have options how to reload, either to full, either after each shot, after the first clip(2100dmg), i splitted the main line to two lines - one for the normal, 6x reloading, and another, to x1 reloading (and the 1x one i rounded it off with one straight line, u will see if you look good)... And tell me pls, do you think this graph table is good idea? Cuz i really want to contribute something about that game....And i think this graph will make the people realize much more easier what weapon for what HP range...What u think, really? Is there a point of making such a table...:P Will we make it? Btw, how is the christmas pack, i have no opportunity to play it :( And btw, you did very well and exact for the values in the java-table you did... :) And i just saw, that there is magnifying, and now i knoe, that this java graph is the best option, if you think its good idea to make such a thing, of course:) --OMG 09:48, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

I'm not sure how many people would actually find it to be useful, but it does show a little more than the tables alone. I'll look more carefully into the M32 reloading mechanics after the update, and perhaps I can implement an auto-scaling feature to adjust the x-axis max according to the weapons chosen to be displayed. If you want to help me populate the graph with data, you can post more weapon data here; each weapon is defined in the same format as follows:
{name: 'AA12_shotgun', dmg: 150, rof: 0.2, reload: 3.133, clip: 20, perk: 'Support', checked: true},
{name: 'M32_grenade_launcher', dmg: 350, rof: 0.33, reload: 1.634*6, clip: 6, perk: 'Demolition'}
And btw this is JavaScript, not Java. ;) —Weldindisdowa 19:31, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

Yes, ok, this is really easy:), i will type them but im not sure how to do the time for the m32(and every weapon), cuz this is not the actual reloading time, showed in the table(6x1.634), but is 6x1.634 + 0.33, cuz after the 6th shot, there is chamber rotating time(0.33), e.g u can never reload in the same moment as firing the last (6th) shot, there is 0.33seconds time, before the reloading process begins(6x 1.634s), but its no big deal really. I think for the m32, for the reloading time, i will add +0.33 after the 6x 1.634, so it will be (6x1.634)+0.33 , but i dunno how the script will calculate this, do the script know what ()'s are? Btw I am really sorry for bothering you again and again:3 Ok i will add all the values then. U just see how to make the reload time 4 the m32.. --OMG 00:43, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

Don't worry about the 0.33 in the reload time. Currently, the M32's damage function is 0 at 0s, 350 at 0.33s, and so on, so it balances out. JavaScript can evaluate mathematical expressions, so assignments like reload: ((1 + 2) * 3 / 4 - 5) would work and follow the order of operations. Just make sure you use the asterisk (*) for multiplication. You don't have to apologise for anything; I appreciate your help. :) —Weldindisdowa T/C 01:42, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

Ok, but is it right for the m32 to be 0 damage at 0s?(and all other weapons) Isnt it 350? this 0.33(the loading time FOR the first nade) i think should be added to the reloading process, and the reloading process is not counted when its the first shot(when u press the trigger, this first 350 dmg is done instantly, same for the 7th grenade, when u press the trigger exactly when the reloading process is finished, you dont need to wait for 0.33(rotating chamber time), but im counting it this time, because this chamber rotating time was done after the 2100th damage was done, e.g. AFTER the 6th shot).... This way, the later values comes exact, true, without the need for adding the +0.33 to the (6 x 1.634), but i wonder is it right? If there is a way to multiply with ()'s lets do it 350dmg at 0s, and i will add this formula for the reloading time (6*1.634)+0.33... But if that, what you want to say is, that this script will count this 0.33(loading time) before every nade, now thats not really good for showing the real damage output only in the first shot (0s)... Ok, and second, is there a way to split the m32's time/dmg line to two lines, after the 6th grenade? One for full reload, one for x1 reload... If there is no way of splitting, we can make it like other weapon or something like that..:) Ok, no more talk from me, i am starting to do the values:3

--OMG 03:22, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, on second thought, I should change the damage function to be equal to the damage of one shot at 0s. As for the extra reload time, I presume that all weapons have a delay between the last shot and the start of the reload animation. If I'm right, then you don't have to worry about adding 0.33. As for splitting the M32 into two lines, I can do that. —Weldindisdowa T/C 03:48, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

Ok,everything is ready, only the uzi i dont have time cuz i wanna playyy a little now:PP later for the uzi and grenades and flamenades

{name: 'AA12_shotgun', dmg: 150, rof: 0.2, reload: 3.133, clip: 20, perk: 'Support'},
{name: 'M32_grenade_launcher', dmg: 350, rof: 0.33, reload: 1.634*6, clip: 6, perk: 'Demolition'},
{name: 'Shotgun', dmg: 245, rof: 0.965, reload: 5.36, clip: 8, perk: 'Support'},
{name: 'M79_grenade_launcher', dmg: 350, rof: 0, reload: 3.333, clip: 1, perk: 'Demolition'},
{name: 'Hunting_shotgun_singleshot', dmg: 300, rof: 0.2, reload: 2.75, clip: 2, perk: 'Support'},
{name: 'Pipes', dmg: 1500, rof: 0, reload: 1.75, clip: 1, perk: 'Demolition'} -------------????reloadtime
{name: 'Hunting_shotgun_doubleshot', dmg: 1000, rof: 0, reload: 2.75, clip: 1, perk: 'Support'},
{name: 'Bullpup', dmg: 26, rof: 0.1, reload: 1.97, clip: 40, perk: 'Commando'},
{name: 'AK-47', dmg: 45, rof: 0.109, reload: 3.0, clip: 30, perk: 'Commando'},
{name: 'Scar', dmg: 57, rof: 0.096, reload: 2.966, clip: 20, perk: 'Commando'},
{name: '9mm', dmg: 35, rof: 0.175, reload: 2.0, clip: 15, perk: 'Shaprshooter'},
{name: 'Dual_9mm', dmg: 35, rof: 0.1, reload: 3.5, clip: 30, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
{name: 'Handcannon', dmg: 115, rof: 0.25, reload: 2.2, clip: 8, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
{name: 'Dual_Handcannon', dmg: 115, rof: 0.13, reload: 3.5, clip: 16, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
{name: 'Lever_Action_Rifle', dmg: 140, rof: 0.9, reload: 5.36, clip: 10, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
{name: 'Crossbow', dmg: 300, rof: 0, reload: 1.8, clip: 1, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
{name: 'M14_EBR', dmg: 115, rof: 0.175, reload: 3.366, clip: 20, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
{name: 'Flamethrower', dmg: 12, rof: 0.07, reload: 4.14, clip: 100, perk: 'Flamebug'},
{name: 'LAW', dmg: 850, rof: 0, reload: 3.25, clip: 1, perk: 'Demolition'},
{name: 'MP7M', dmg: 25, rof: 0.05, reload: 3.166, clip: 20, perk: 'Medic'},
{name: 'Knife_primary', dmg: 22.5, rof: 0.6, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Knife_secondary', dmg: 45, rof: 1.1, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Machete_primary', dmg: 57, rof: 0.71, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Machete_secondary', dmg: 110, rof: 1.1, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Fire_axe_primary', dmg: 150, rof: 1.1, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Fire_axe_primary', dmg: 235, rof: 1.33, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Katana_primary', dmg: 118, rof: 0.6, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Katana_secondary', dmg: 177, rof: 1.0, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Uzi', dmg: 0, rof: 0, reload: 0, clip: 30, perk: 'Firebug'},----------???dmg/fr
{name: 'Chainsaw_primary', dmg: 15, rof: 0.1, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
{name: 'Chainsaw_secondary', dmg: 230, rof: 0.8, reload: 0, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},

The melee weapon's dmg is rounded....I dunno if its right.. And another thing occures to me, in 1014 this melee dmg is doubled, when meleeing the front of the zeds...In 1016 will be fixed to be backstab bonus, but what to do now? To write a note below the graph, that this dmg on this table is only for backstabbing? Or to double the values, and make a note below, that if backstabbing, the values will be divided by 2?

Mind 2, that weapons like the m32, the shotgun, huntshotgun, which are LOADING(loading the bullet from the clip to the chamber time) slow, may have some difference, if not calculated right... Lets take the m32 for sample: the first 350dmg(1 nade) are done instantly after triggering, then are 0.33s load pause, then another 350dmg(2), 0.33s again, 250dmg again(3),0.33s,250dmg(4),0.33s,250dmg(5),0.33s,250dmg(6) and then there is another 0.33, but the 2100th damage is done before that last 0.33....This last 0.33 must be counted(added) to the time when the 7th grenade is triggered, after the other words 6x 1.634 + 0.33.... The shotguns are the same, and another thing come to my mind, that this weapons(m32,shotgun,huntshotgun), can load x1 shot after the first clip emptying... So if you can really, it will be cool to make a splitting in the main line after the first clip emptying:))))

And second now i thought, that with your skills, we can make even perked damage!:) Is there a way this script to calculate the bonus dmg/bonus RPM percentage, for each perk/lvl? Or if not i can calculate the weapons for each perk on each level, or at least the 1lvl and 6th lvl or something like that...:P Buton second thought, this graph table is maden only to show the relative weapon efficiency, it may be kind of useless to do so(perked dmg), cuz all the perks have almost the same bonuses for their classes weapons.. --OMG 04:12, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for all the data! I created a new page (and deleted the old one) with what you sent me and some other improvements. I know that I still have to fix the damage functions to equal the damage of one shot at 0s.Weldindisdowa T/C 05:01, 15 December 2010 (UTC)
I was just informed by Balthazar that there's an overhead for starting the M32's reloading process. I guess that's what you were talking about earlier; I thought it was just a delay bounded by the fire rate of the weapon. Now I'm not sure whether splitting them is a good idea because you can have different lines for firing after loading 1 grenade, 2 grenades, 3 grenades, etc., and that's messy. —Weldindisdowa T/C 05:18, 15 December 2010 (UTC)
I think I fixed the damage functions, made them much more accurate at the corners, and improved the performance for line drawing. —Weldindisdowa T/C 06:37, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

WOW! Now thats a very good work!! I was just going to say, that if you make the script to count the load time(0.33 for the m32) after the dmg_done(firing), but not before(as was in the beginning), the problem for all the weapons will be fixed, but now i see, that everything is in place very very accurately.:)).. Only one thing, i saw, that the weapons, which u tuped in the script with clip1/rof 0,(law,hunt_alt,m79,crossbow,pipes) their lines are rounded(relative)?:)) (and if you switch to view x-axis max to 1-2 secs, the lines are going down..) Btw now it occures to me, that ther are weapoons, which have headshot bonuses, which deals very different dmg for the head, so i think to make the same graph, but for the headshot dmg...I will calculate the headshot multipliers (for some weapons is 0, for other is 7.8(the crossbow))....What do you think..??? --OMG 13:42, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

here the headshot multiplied values are:

       {name: 'MP7M', dmg: 27.5, rof: 0.05, reload: 3.166, clip: 20, cap: 20, perk: 'Medic'},
       {name: 'Shotgun', dmg: 404.25, rof: 0.965, reload: 5.36, clip: 8, cap: 6, perk: 'Support'},
       {name: 'Hunting_shotgun_(pri)', dmg: 495, rof: 0.2, reload: 2.75, clip: 2, cap: 23, perk: 'Support'},
       {name: 'Hunting_shotgun_(alt)', dmg: 1650, reload: 2.75, cap: 23, perk: 'Support'},
       {name: 'AA12_shotgun', dmg: 247.5, rof: 0.2, reload: 3.133, clip: 20, cap: 4, perk: 'Support'},
       {name: '9mm', dmg: 38.5, rof: 0.175, reload: 2.0, clip: 15, cap: 16, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'Dual_9mm', dmg: 38.5, rof: 0.1, reload: 3.5, clip: 30, cap: 8, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'Handcannon', dmg: 126.5, rof: 0.25, reload: 2.2, clip: 8, cap: 12, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'Dual_handcannons', dmg: 115, rof: 0.13, reload: 3.5, clip: 16, cap: 6, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'Lever-action_rifle', dmg: 280, rof: 0.9, reload: 5.36, clip: 10, cap: 10, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'Crossbow', dmg: 2340, reload: 1.8, cap: 36, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'M14_EBR', dmg: 230, rof: 0.175, reload: 3.366, clip: 20, cap: 8, perk: 'Sharpshooter'},
       {name: 'Bullpup', dmg: 28.6, rof: 0.1, reload: 1.97, clip: 40, cap: 10, perk: 'Commando'},
       {name: 'AK-47', dmg: 49.5, rof: 0.109, reload: 3.0, clip: 30, cap: 10, perk: 'Commando'},
       {name: 'SCAR', dmg: 62.7, rof: 0.096, reload: 2.966, clip: 20, cap: 10, perk: 'Commando'},
       {name: 'Knife_(pri)', dmg: 28.125, rof: 0.6, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Knife_(alt)', dmg: 56.25, rof: 1.1, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Machete_(pri)', dmg: 71.25, rof: 0.71, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Machete_(alt)', dmg: 137.5, rof: 1.1, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Fire_axe_(pri)', dmg: 187.5, rof: 1.1, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Fire_axe_(alt)', dmg: 293.75, rof: 1.33, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Katana_(pri)', dmg: 129.8, rof: 0.6, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Katana_(alt)', dmg: 194.7, rof: 1.0, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Flamethrower', dmg: 12, rof: 0.07, reload: 4.14, clip: 100, cap: 4, perk: 'Firebug'},
       {name: 'M79_grenade_launcher', dmg: 350, reload: 3.333, cap: 30, perk: 'Demolition'},
       {name: 'LAW', dmg: 850, reload: 3.25, cap: 12, perk: 'Demolition'},
       {name: 'Pipe_bombs', dmg: 1500, reload: 1.75, cap: 8, perk: 'Demolition'},
       {name: 'M32_grenade_launcher', dmg: 350, rof: 0.33, reload: 1.634*6 + 0.33, clip: 6, cap: 6, perk: 'Demolition'},
       {name: 'Chainsaw_primary', dmg: 3.75, rof: 0.1, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'},
       {name: 'Chainsaw_secondary', dmg: 57.5, rof: 0.8, clip: 1, perk: 'Berserker'}

btw i added the chainsaw to the body dmg values graph, and here too. Uzi and nades soon:P btw i think we need to multiply by 2 the all melee damages, cuz there is bonus to front attacks now in 1014... If you want multiply them by 2(all the melee dmg from the both body and head values), and add a note below, that the backstab "bonus" is x0.50 :PPP --OMG 14:17, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

  1. The weapons with a clip size of 0 or 1 aren't "rounded" or "relative". Think of it this way: after every shot, a point is plotted on the graph, and every point is connected to the next point by a line. In reality, the graph should be look like a series of staircases, but I find that to be awkward.
  2. Thanks for calculating the headshot damages, but I would prefer to have a headshot multiplier instead of having all the damages re-done.
  3. I don't think we put bonuses into the weapons data. That means no melee bonuses or perk bonuses (so the crossbow headshot damage should be 1200). In order to count bonuses, I'll make checkboxes and radio buttons.
Weldindisdowa T/C 11:55, 17 December 2010 (UTC)

Yes, i was imagining it exactly like this, with chackboxes and buttons:). The HS multipliers (unperked) for 1014 was x1.1 for the commando weapons, medgun, and all the pistols(HC too), x2.0 for the LAR and EBR, x7.8 for the crossbow, and x1.65 for all the shotguns; 1.25 for knife, machete, axe, 0.25 for chainsaw, 1.1 katana. I will check the 1016 multipliers... It think it would be better if "staircased" the lines for the clip1 weps., but its no big deal, only in the first few seconds will make some difference... Ok, so i think the last thing for me to do is to fix the values for the 1016..:) --OMG 19:05, 17 December 2010 (UTC)


1)There is no such thing as min.dmg in kf weapons, only the melee weapons have min dmg. PLS remove the min values.
2)The hunting shotgun deals 50dmg x6projectiles singleshot and 50dmg x20projectiles doubleshotting(that means, that one of the 2 shells,
fired from doublefire will have 10projectiles,and not 6projectiles like it is in singlefire mode), not x5 / x12....I am repairing this..:)

--A51mj12 19:01, 15 November 2010 (UTC)

It appears that the SDK scripts are quite outdated. What's your source for the information above? —Weldindisdowa 13:24, 12 December 2010 (UTC)

All is from experience, i noticed, that there is exact time of shots needed to kill any monster, always is the same, so this means no dmg randomizing, and for the hunt shotgun i noticed it and made a screenshot for sure...1014 --OMG 03:30, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

Hi again, and happy holidays:) I was wondering, is there any way to understand the hitboxes in KF? Cuz the boundaries of the heads are often not the same as the displayed head, as you may know.. And as all the good players know, that in this game even just one headshot makes all the difference between escaping/stucking (surrounding, grabbing)... So i am tryig to find a way to understand where the real boundaries of the heads are, but with no success..:( Does somebody know some way?? @Weldindisdowa Do you think, that we should post our wpn. eff. graph? If yes, i will type the new 1016 values, and the headshot multipliers, so u can edit it, and we post it, so every player will know and understand which weapon is best for the situation..:) I myself, have no patience to see the new scar efficiency, and the new crossbow, if its better than lar, or not for fleshpounds and stuff..:P --OMG 06:01, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

I actually wanted to implement the radio buttons for perks before putting it on the main page, but the Sharpshooter's headshot damage hasn't been updated for certain ranks. I also want a better host because the current server is often slow or down. —Weldindisdowa T/C 18:12, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

Startig the efficiency table[edit]

Ok, guys, i think to start calculating the efficiency table i suggested earlier, and when its ready i will post it here, so someone convert it to the wiki's standarts cuz i dont have the time from playing(>:D) I will type the seconds needed to deal some amounts of damages, and the weapons for them. It will be very very simple table. --A51mj12 04:40, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

HS Damage[edit]

Corrected info according to this: --Witzig 08:37, 26 December 2010 (UTC)


Where is it? --JonTheMon 15:04, 23 January 2011 (UTC)

Absent from the table for a while, but it's there now. Thanks for reminding me, and thank Balthazar for finding the fire rate and reload time. —Weldindisdowa T/C 18:43, 25 January 2011 (UTC)
Woot! Thanks. --JonTheMon 19:34, 25 January 2011 (UTC)

Husk Fireball Launcher[edit]

Where is it? I have no idea how to find the stats on it but I did notice it was missing. If someone told me how to do it I would be happy to go looking (if there is a next time).Matchstickman 12:50, 13 July 2012 (UTC) While I think of it, may I make a suggestion? Have two entries for the Husk, one for single shot and one for a fully charged shot.

The reason its not on is because it breaks the table, basically having a different damage per shot unless you always fully charge it makes it awkward to put on the table. It has its stats listed on its own article. — Balthazar (T|C) 21:03, 13 July 2012 (UTC)

Headshot damage multiplier[edit]

I'd like to know, could anyone add column with headshot damage multiplier? I think it's important information. Especially for those who play KF not for a long time.

A couple of organization suggestions[edit]

Firstly, I think it'd be helpful to have a perk-by-perk DPS breakdown. Cross perk comparisons are useful, but I think it'd be nice to be able to sort within a perk as well, thus making it easier to pick out that the SCAR has the highest DPS-reload for Commandos and the Flare Revolvers have the highest DPS-reload for Pryo. The Melee table essentially does this for Berserker, so it makes sense to do it for other classes.

Secondly, it might be nice to include mag size in the table. It has direct impact on the post-reload DPS calculation, and it's an important consideration. (Based on this table, the Hunting Shotgun and LAW might be considered much more practical than they are. Then again, there's no way to factor in ease-of-use, like aiming dual pistols, LAW sighting requirement, and the type of sights on each gun (some people like the LAR; in my hands, it's literally less effective than the 9mm).Rashkavar 06:30, 20 August 2013 (BST)

Medic Grenade?[edit]

I see data for the syringe and welder in the table, but nothing on the medic grenade. Seems like it should be there, given it's probably one of the most complex weapons in the game - heal-over time and damage-over-time in the AOE. Would be nice to know what I can expect the chlorine gas cloud of healing to do. (Does anyone know any bright green cloud producing chemicals that are not chlorine or worse?) Rashkavar 06:37, 20 August 2013 (BST)

Damage Per Clip[edit]

I've figured out why the high damage slow reload problem occurs. You're not calculating how much is exactly in the clip. like if your gun only hurts 10. but you have a 200 clip. your damage over all will be 2000 and then add in the fire rate which ill make. 0.9 You will do a total of 111 damage in a second. although this gun is hypothetical. it would be the specs of about a chaingun. reload would be tremendous. so divide the reload by the DPC and it turns out compared to the other commando weapons. not that well compared to the ak47 or the mkb which are close to 2000 in DPC but have very low reloads to dish out the damage. if im talking in circles just try it. damage (45) time the clip size (30) and you get the max damage possible without reload and without headshots. thus finding out why you had the DPS problem of stronger weapons bigger reloads. the hunting shotgun is horrible in DPC. a total 1000 (2 clip) compared to the first shotgun (1960). the hunting shotgun is a terrible choice when you consider fire rate in there. if im not making my point clear i apologize i talk in riddle and circles alot. but heres a poorly edited picture with all the weapons DPC -->i(dot)imgur(dot)com/WpDU06n.png<-- Link8265

Table used to be sortable[edit]

I'd recommend including the old, full table on this page below the per-perk breakdowns. But much more importantly, something or other broke the old table being sortable (or it was never sortable from its own page, can't recall). That was important, and ought to be restored. Double good if the new tables can be made sortable also. 15:09, 23 October 2014 (BST)