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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page

As opposed to being a whole template for an infobox base, this is a series of building blocks for all kinds of current infobox sections. Virtually all of its style components are based in the global style sheets. All sections auto hide if their {{{2}}} or {{{sect}}} value is empty.


In order for an infobox created with this template to function properly it must be surrounded by:

<table class="infobox">
(Infobox templates go here)

Section classes[edit]

Replace CONTENTS in the below sections with the appropriate content.

Heading class[edit]

For a heading use the following:

{{Infobox|head| CONTENTS }}

Subheading class[edit]

For a subheading use the following:

{{Infobox|subhead| CONTENTS }}

Content class[edit]

For a blank section with the mid-green content background use the following:

{{Infobox|content| CONTENTS }}

Image class[edit]

For an image section use the following:

{{Infobox|image| CONTENTS.png}}

Blank class[edit]

For a completely blank section use the following:

{{Infobox|none| CONTENTS }}

Additional parameters[edit]

 |style= Optional inline CSS styles for the cell.

 |class= Changes the style class tag for the cell.

 |width= Sets the width of the image. Default: 220px

 |description= Sets the hover/alt text of the image. Default: "Image of {{PAGENAME}}."

 |other= Adds addition properties for the image, eg: upright, thumb, left, link. No default.

Advanced section classes[edit]

Info class goes up to 9, achievement class goes up to 20.

Information class[edit]

| sect-a1 = TITLE
| sect1   = CONTENT
| sect-a2 = 
| sect2   = 
| sect-a3 = 
| sect3   = 
| sect-a4 = 
| sect4   = 
| sect-a5 = 
| sect5   = 
| sect-a6 = 
| sect6   = 
| sect-a7 = 
| sect7   = 
| sect-a8 = 
| sect8   = 
| sect-a9 = 
| sect9   = 

Achievement class[edit]

See the infobox achievements template.

See also[edit]