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Equipment info
[edit] [purge] Template-info.svg Template documentation

This template creates the green infoboxes for equipment pages.



 {{Equipment info The part that calls this specific template.

 | name = For use only if the name of the article isn't the same as the name of the map.

 | image = Defines the image used, don't include the [[image: or [[file: prefix.

 | image-width = Resizes the image default value is "220px" to set it by height place an additional 'x' before the number; "x220px".

 | description = Adds a description below the image; rarely necessary.

 | cost = The default cost of the item, not including currency symbols.

 | weight = The number of weight blocks the item takes up.

 | ammo = Either the default number of maximum reloads an item has whilst the item itself is fully loaded, or for items with only one value; that value.
Example: for the Bullpup; 9, for the Welder; 100, for the M79; 24.

 | ammo-load = The default maximum loaded ammunition in the weapon. Only to be used on weapons that use this number. Single shot weapons and rechargeable items don't.

 | ammo-type = Sets ammo type image. See below.

 | ammo-total = The total number of shots any item has. Remove if identical to 'ammo'. Set as "recharges" for items such as the Welder and Syringe.

 | ammo-secondary = For weapons with a secondary function; the number 'ammo' that secondary function has. For all current weapons that use this the value is 100.

 | ammo-secondary-type = Sets ammo type image for secondary. See below.

 | power = The power rating of an item, as a percentile. Set to 0 to hide.

 | range = The range rating of an item, as a percentile. Set to 0 to hide.

 | speed = The speed rating of an item, as a percentile. Set to 0 to hide.

 | ach1 = The name of the first achievement, as it appears on the achievements article.

 | ach1i = The image for the first achievement, removing the [[file: or [[image: prefix.

 | ach2 = Continuation of the achievements section, final field is ach10.

 | ach2i = Continuation of the achievements section, final field is ach10i.

 }} Closes the template.

Ammo types[edit]

There are multiple choices for this section, with several results. Options are not case sensitive and names are based mostly on the texture file names in-game:

Input Result
clip, mag, magazine Hud Ammo Clip black.png Hud Ammo Clip.png
arrow, bolt, arrowhead Hud Arrowhead black.png Hud Arrowhead.png
bullets Hud Bullets black.png Hud Bullets.png
flame, fire Hud Flame black.png Hud Flame.png
flame tank, tank Hud Flame Tank black.png Hud Flame Tank.png
flashlight, torch Hud Flashlight black.png Hud Flashlight.png
grenade, nade Hud Grenade black.png Hud Grenade.png
law, l.a.w, rocket Hud Law Rocket black.png Hud Law Rocket.png
lightning, lightning bolt Hud Lightning Bolt black.png Hud Lightning Bolt.png
single, single bullet Hud Single Bullet black.png Hud Single Bullet.png
syringe Hud Syringe black.png Hud Syringe.png
m79, m32 Hud M79 black.png Hud M79.png
pipebomb, pipe Hud Pipebomb black.png Hud Pipebomb.png
saw blade [[File:|x20px]] Hud Sawblade.png
#default Hud Default black.png Hud Default.png


Presets can wait.

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