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This is the first wiki I've really gotten involved in and I'm excited to contribute to the community. I don't really intend on starting trouble, I just want to make a clean, consistent and useful wiki for Killing Floor players.

I'm a co-leader of Hostile Reign[1], a multi gaming clan local in South Florida.

You can find me on steam. Hit me up for a match. [2]

Main Wiki Edits[edit]

16:26, 13 January 2010 (UTC)

  • Yesterday I did a bit of work on cleaning up the Clot's page. [3]
  • Added a bit of insight for the HP of the Scrake vs Fleshpound as players are added to the server. [4]
  • Added a couple tips to the Husk's page. [5]
  • Made this page
  • Revamped difficulty page. I mostly reworded and restructured. There was also a lot of redundancy that I fixed up. I also made each description more consistent with the last and corrected a few factual mistakes. [6]
  • Added a quick reference difficulty modifier table to the difficulty page. It includes damage, health, speed and bounty modifications per difficulty level. I figured that it would be useful to people who don't really want to read through the paragraphs to understand what the different difficulties actually modify.
  • Added a bit more to the Husk article.