Vlad the Impaler

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Vlad 9000
Trader Vlad9000.png
Pricing: £1500 (£1125)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (48)
Hud Flashlight.png 100 (recharges)
Ammo cost: £30-£240
Related achievements
Nail'd!.jpg Nail'd!

The Black and Wrecker Vlad 9000 nail gun. Designed for putting barns together. Or nailing Zeds to them. —Unused trader description. 

Vlad the Impaler (Also called Vlad 9000) is a magazine fed, pistol grip, nail-gun for the support specialist. At a weight of eight blocks, an ammo capacity of six, fast reload, and slow semi-automatic firing, it is comparable to the HSG-1 as a general weapon. The nails ricochet off surfaces, with a 25% damage penalty for each bounce.


The Support Specialist perk gives various bonuses and discounts for the Vlad 9000.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Ammo capacity
Base 0% £1500 £1125 245 48
0 10% £1350 £1012 245 48
1 20% £1200 £899 269 52
2 30% £1050 £787 294 57
3 40% £900 £674 318 60
4 50% £750 £562 343 60
5 60% £600 £449 367 60
6 70% £450 £337 392 62


  • Use the nailgun's rapid fire rate to your advantage, whittling down bigger specimens or clearing crowds of smaller ones. However, make sure you have a backup weapon when you inevitably run out of ammunition.
  • Because of ricochet and pierce capability, Vlad actually capable of dishing out more damage to tall specimen when shot at their ankles and feet from up close. It makes sense when you want to nail the specimen down, but sadly you can't.
  • Use the flashlight as a makeshift reticle. The light gives a good indication of where the center of your screen is and doesn't reduce your movement speed. The flashlight will run out of battery power though, so you should turn it off when it is not needed.
  • The Nailgun's wide spread and ricocheting projectiles make it an excellent weapon for killing Crawlers and Stalkers.
  • Because of the Nailgun's spread and constant need of reloading, it is less effective in wide open maps. The Nailgun is best suited for enclosed, dark maps such as Bedlam, Biotics Lab, and Filths Cross.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Comes equipped with a flashlight;
  • Nails ricochet off of surfaces and ground, capable of hitting the same target multiple times;
  • Cheaper than Combat Shotgun yet has similar capabilities;
  • Semi-automatic fire rate;
  • Significantly faster reload than the other shotguns with magazines.


  • Very high spread;
  • Requires frequent reloading;
  • Cannot be reload canceled like the pump-action Shotgun or Combat shotgun;
  • In open areas or kiting away, ricochet ability will not be utilized at all;
  • Wide spread and low pellet damage render the nailgun useless in medium-long range combat.
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