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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Base statistics:
Bounty: £15
Health: 100
Damage: 9
Movement speeds:
Walking: 200
Swimming: 180


The Zombie Soldier from the KillingFloor Mod.

The Wretch is a specimen that acts like a Clot, but has the same bases as a Stalker. It's one of the 5 specimens left over in the coding of Killing Floor, but goes unused. It is an invisible enemy with the hurt SFX of Stalker/Siren. They die from either 1 or 3 hits. They cast a shadow and will still be "standing" when killed. This "standing" model can prove to be a challenge, as in if there might be a horde of Stalkers around and the "standing" model might be confused for one and could waste ammo. The Infected Soldier also was similar, in ways, to Wretch. Since the Wretch doesn't have its own unique model in Killing Floor, it just uses the Stalker's model. The picture shown to the right is its model from the KF ModV1. Both the Wretch and the Infected Soldier can be added into the game via sandbox, like the GorefastSP, by adding kfchar.zombiewretch and kfchar.zombiesoldier to the Zed spawnlist.


  • Since the Wretch is basically a Stalker, all Stalker related achievements can be earned with the wretch.
  • The Wretch's model will be present once killed, so be wary of which Stalker is a dead wretch or an actual Stalker.

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