Zed Control Device

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Zed Control Device

An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy. —Trader description 

The Zed Control Device is a scrapped weapon from the game.


The Zed Control Device (Or just Z.C.D./ZCD) first appeared either in or after the Level Up update. Not much is known about this weapon but that it was planned for a upcoming Player vs Player game mode, that was scrapped from the game entirely. The game mode would most likely have one team playing as the soldiers (Or survivors if you will) and the other playing as the specimens. Reading from its coding (which was removed long ago), the captured zed would have gained a speed and health boost to aid the player. As of now, the only PvP game mode released by TWI was the Gun Game mode (which is whitelisted and still functional).

The model of the gun can still be found in KF_Weapons2_Trip. The weapon's model seem to have never gone far into a finished process and was either one of the last things being worked on or the game mode was cut early in development. Its animations and the button model for the gun was made but other then that, nothing else was. The weapon did not come with any trader/HUD icons, third world models, or sounds. The weapon does in fact have a texture named PVP_GUN_D but its only a 64x64 white square.

Years later[edit]

A developer from TWI did say that they may reuse and base a new gun on the already placed foundation of the ZCD for a future use weapon. Users (And a Developer) on TWI offical forums also talked about how the ZCD whould have most likely been a futuristic/space looking machine gun. It was not until years later during the Twisted Christmas 2012 updated that the weapon was remade to the Zed Eradication Device (Z.E.D.). Though this is not offically stated by TWI themselves, but both weapons do have a similarity on the way the weapons are held by the player in first person.

Text & Coding[edit]

This is the text that was in KFMod.int (Which was removed long ago).

 ItemName="ZCD Ammo"
 PickupMessage="You got the ZCD"
 Description="An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy."

Reading the description, it seems that the text was most likely a place holder.

This text is from KFMod.ucl (which is still present in the file).

 FallbackDesc="An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy.")

Any coding left of this weapon (ZCDPickup,ZCDAttachment) was removed long ago as well.

There is also coding for the gun in KFMonster.uc like so

 var         bool                bZedUnderControl;       // The zed is under the control of the zed control device
 var         int                 NumZCDHits;             // How many times has this zed been hit with the ZCD Device


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