Zed eradication device

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No Perk
Zed Eradication Device
Trader ZEDGun.png
Pricing: £2000 (£1500)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: 100 Hud Default.png 3 (400)(£100 – £400)
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The Zed eradication device, also known as the Z.E.D. gun, is an unlockable weapon, released on the 13th of December 2012 as part of the Twisted Christmas event. After 16 gun pieces are collected from Moon Base, each player in the squad can purchase the weapon from the trader on any map. The Z.E.D. gun is unique in several ways: it is not tied to any perks, it comes with a motion sensor for enemies, its primary fire's projectiles are far slower than any other weapon's in the game, and its secondary fire causes enemies to both incur more damage and become slower. The Z.E.D. gun is also equipped with a green laser sight.

One of the Z.E.D.'s outstanding features is an embedded motion tracker that shows specimen positions within a 40 meter radius. Smaller specimens are shown as white dots (Clot, Crawler, Gorefast, Stalker) while bigger ones appear as orange (Bloat, Siren, Husk) and red (Fleshpound, Scrake) blips. Even the Patriarch appears on the radar, with a rather larger red mark. As many small specimens or a bigger specimen is close to the carrier, a quiet alarm can be heard from the motion tracker.



The Z.E.D. gun's primary fire shoots out blue plasma bolts with a linear trajectory, dealing 85 damage each with a 1.1x headshot multiplier. (Headshots against sirens appear to deal an additional 50% damage, for a total multiplier of ~1.64x.) Its alternate fire shoots a beam that creates a stasis field that grows in size as the trigger is held down. Any enemy within the field will eventually succumb to it when its body is covered in a white mesh-like effect, with stronger enemies taking longer. An enemy under the stasis field's effects will be confused, significantly slower, incur extra damage, and may flail its arms as if on fire.

Damage multipliers while under stasis

Multiplier Zed Type
2.00× Clot, Gorefast, Crawler, Stalker, and Husk.
1.50× Bloat and Siren.
1.25× Scrake, Fleshpound and Patriarch.
0.62× Fleshpound* innate resistances.

* Fleshpounds take 1.25x damage while under the effects of stasis, but this stacks with their innate 50% damage resistance to give a final figure of 62.5% (rounded down).


  • Primary fire shoots slow moving plasma projectiles which deal 85 damage per bolt with x1.1 headshot multiplier, good for getting rid of pests before focusing on the larger specimens.
  • The Z.E.D.'s alternate fire is a beam of energy that will slow down specimens and cause them to take additional damage (25% more for the Scrake, Fleshpound and Patriarch; 50% for the Bloat and Siren; and 100% for everything else). A sphere of influence expands from the beams point of contact, growing with time. The secondary fire uses ammunition quickly; try to save it for powerful specimens or mobs of weaker specimens to conserve ammo.
  • Aiming at the head with alt-fire causes specimens to get caught in the stasis field faster.
  • When using either firemode, it is important to position oneself properly to prevent teammates from blocking plasma bolts or interrupting the stasis beam.
  • Z.E.D. wielders would do well to use ingame voicechat to quickly notify teammates of the locations of specimens detected by the integrated motion sensor
  • At the Final Wave a Z.E.D. carrier can help the team locate the Patriarch even when he is invisible.
  • A Commando or Field medic can carry the Z.E.D. gun without sacrificing anything notable since their equipment is relatively light. A Support specialist or Berserker can carry it by giving away some of their class-specific firepower. Using the Z.E.D. gun with other classes requires them to give up most of their other firepower.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Alternative fire slows down, weakens, confuses and amplifies damage against specimens.
  • Good long distance energy shots.
  • Green laser works as a crosshair.
  • Embedded motion tracker that shows specimens within a 40 meter radius.
  • Can locate Patriarch, doesn't lose effectiveness even at the Final Wave.
  • Can envelope Patriarch in stasis for 5 seconds and sustain it for a while.
  • Stasis can break the enrage of a Fleshpound on its tracks.
  • Large unit capacity of magazine and abundant ammo.
  • Sirens are 50% weak against its energy bolt headshots.
  • Stasis link increases damage a specimen incur.


  • Cannot be used to level up perks.
  • Relatively heavy at 8 blocks.
  • Heavy recoil on energy shots.
  • Expensive at £2000 with no discounts.
  • Plasma shots do relatively low damage and are greatly ineffective without stasis effects.
  • Stasis link can be blocked by other players.
  • Sirens can destroy or nullify the damage of its projectiles.
  • Stasis field cause specimen to flail around uncontrollably making it hard to aim at them.
  • Alternative fire uses up ammunition quickly.
  • No actual ironsights.

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