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Potato Fools Day was a promotional scavenger hunt arranged by Valve, to promote Portal 2, during the time surrounding April 1st, 2011. Killing Floor was one of thirteen indie games participating in the event. Among the changes and additions to Killing Floor during the update were a potato on the weapons list, the character biographies, and several achievements.


The trader icon for the potato weapon.

The potato added to the Trader weapon list cost £70,000 to buy and provided the achievement Uber Tuber to all players and spectators in the game upon purchase, providing the user wasn't on solo and only used whitelisted content. The game also opened a Steam browser page to the Aperture Science login page, to which the password was "failed experiments". The player didn't actually gain any sort of potato weapon to attack specimens with upon its purchase.

The model of dropped money was also changed to a potato.

Buying the potato

In order to legitimately acquire the £70,000 required to purchase the potato one of the following situations could have been used:

  • Playing on beginner difficulty on a listen server, not solo. You must collect as much as you can weapons on map in the current round and drop them in front of the Trader's door in single heap. You can leave a last Clot alive and then exploring map and find weapons. Then you must hurry up and sell all the weapons in the stack in trading time. 2-3 Players can collect enough money in 4 rounds.
  • Playing on beginner difficulty on a listen server, not solo, with the faked players mutator enabled, set to 99 players, as a level 6 Berserker. Since there will be 800 specimens per wave all other classes will have ammunition issues.
  • Leaving a single weak specimen alive at the end of a wave and healing a team mate as it damages them for the healing money. This tactic takes a very long time, and can also be used in conjunction with leveling the Field Medic perk.
  • Playing on the map HeresyBeta3, due to it having a money room.
  • Playing on Perklevelingultra, due to its money room, can get you the achievement in under three minutes.


Congratulations you found the message
Good job puzzle hunter
Here is your clue
Sixteen and four is the way
Message transmission complete
 —The decoded message 

Of the six achievements originally added only one was originally achievable; Uber Tuber, for buying the potato. The other five were cyphertexts encoded using the Enigma cypher. These five cypher achievements were later changed into the level achievements for Aperture, and Not ASCII was changed to Glyphy with the description Glyph Glyph and later to the Golden Potato achievement.

Uber Tuber icon

Uber Tuber

Expensive but delicious! Brought to you by Dr. Dougley and Lord Ned.

Time For icon

Time For

A new Puzzle icon

A new Puzzle

This Time icon

This Time

Use H E X icon

Use H E X

Not ASCII icon


Science Got Done icon

Science Got Done

Win a Long Game on Aperture on Normal Difficulty.
Still Alive icon

Still Alive

Win a Long Game on Aperture on Hard Difficulty.
This is a Triumph icon

This is a Triumph

Win a Long Game on Aperture on Suicidal Difficulty.
I'm Making a Note Here, Huge Success icon

I'm Making a Note Here, Huge Success

Win a Long Game on Aperture on Hell on Earth Difficulty.
Golden Potato icon

Golden Potato

Get into GLaDOS' core on Aperture.

Character biographies

Another change to the game was the character biographies, which were changed during the April 4th update. During the April 8th update all but the biographies of DJ Scully, Mr Foster, and Paramedic Alfred Anderson were removed. The biographies for DJ Scully, Mr Foster, and Paramedic Alfred Anderson were encoded messages. DJ Scully's being in base64 for "the writer", Mr Foster's being a cypher, and Alfred Anderson's being hexadecimal code for "Alien 8 It. 2074 -4629 17". Following the April 12th update all character biographies were reverted back to normal except for Mr Foster and Paramedic Alfred Anderson. The biographies were as follows:

Original characters
Corporal Lewis Summer Solstice
Lieutenant Masterson Has anyone noticed that I'm in every game that Tripwire makes?
Police Constable Briar My favorite color is Yelowwwwwwwwwwww
Police Sergeant Davin So apparently the end of the world isn't all all it was cracked up to be.
Private Schnieder Ah fuck off.
Sergeant Powers In search of a caravan and some dags to live out his life in peace
Outbreak characters
Agent Wilkes Imma monkey fightin killin machine up in this monday through friday place.
Foundry Worker Aldridge I wonder what it says on my wrench.
DJ Scully dGhlIHdyaXRlcg==
Dr. Gary Glover A132 - 417
Nightfall characters
Mr. Foster I said, "One's sofa have deep counts," as I die.
Security Officer Thorne Rawr, rawr rawr.
Lance-Corporal Lee Baron Where'd I put that box of bomb parts?
Mike Noble Has been known to say while reloading "Can't you see the Answer is always 42"
Postmortem characters
Harold Hunt A current member of the A-Team.
Kerry Fitzpatrick Where the wind blows, far two east settles the mind.
Trooper Clive Jenkins 35 short ones for an Irish meal.
Paramedic Alfred Anderson 41 6c 69 65 6e 20 38 20 49 74 2e 20 32 30 37 34 20 2d 34 36 32 39 20 31 37
London's finest characters
Chopper Harris Two world wars, one world cup.
Kevo the Chav Hit Tom. Kiss Ace!
Captain Wiggins What's old, Brittish and farts a lot?
Reverend Alberts Kenny Rogers? Is that you?
Promotional characters
Harchier Spebbington Ask Hey Vie
RED Pyro Red > Blue
BLU Pyro Oh great, a TF2 tie-in.
Bill "Baddest Santa" Weeks If you can read this, you're probably an achievement whore. Just sayin'.


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