Zed Control Device

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Zed Control Device

An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy. —Trader description 

The Zed Control Device is a scrapped weapon from the game.


The Zed Control Device (Z.C.D.or ZCD) first appeared either in or after the Level Up update. Not much is known about this weapon but that it was planned for a upcoming Player vs Player game mode, that was scrapped from the game entirely. The game mode would most likely have one team playing as the soldiers (Or survivors if you will) and the other playing as the specimens. From its coding descriptions, the captured zed would have gained a speed and health boost to aid the player. Thou this specific PvP game mode never released, they did release a unofficial addon mod called Gun Game years later. This mode was created by Tripwire Interactive themselves.

The model of the gun can still be found in KF_Weapons2_Trip. This weapon's model was never completed fully and was only left as a very basic template model along with a fire button. The weapon did have its own animation set. The weapon did not come with any unique icons, overworld model, or sounds. The weapon does have a texture named PVP_GUN_D but its only a 64x64 white square.

Years later[edit]

In a thread posted on the Tripwire Interactive's community forum, a user asked if the ZCD would ever be released in some capacity, a developer did leave a post saying that a new weapon may be developed a new weapon with what assested were left. Users speculated that the ZCD may have been a futuristic or space looking machine gun. It was not until years later during the Twisted Christmas 2012 updated that the weapon was remade to the Zed Eradication Device (Z.E.D.). Though this is not officially stated by TWI themselves, both weapons first person idle animations and the way the ZED is held seems similar to the animation and way the ZCD was held.

Text & Coding[edit]

This is the text that was once in KFMod.int.

 ItemName="ZCD Ammo"
 PickupMessage="You got the ZCD"
 Description="An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy."

This code is from KFMod.ucl. This coding however was not removed and is still present in the file but any file. The scripts being redirected however were removed.

 FallbackDesc="An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy.")

There is also several coding for the gun in KFMonster.uc left:

 var         bool                bZedUnderControl;       // The zed is under the control of the zed control device
 var         int                 NumZCDHits;             // How many times has this zed been hit with the ZCD Device
 // This zed has been taken control of. Boost its health and speed
 function SetMindControlled(bool bNewMindControlled)
 	if( bNewMindControlled )
 		if( bNewMindControlled != bZedUnderControl )
 			SetGroundSpeed(OriginalGroundSpeed * 1.25);
 			Health *= 1.25;
 			HealthMax *= 1.25;
 	bZedUnderControl = bNewMindControlled;
 // Handle the zed being commanded to move to a new location
 function GivenNewMarker()
 // Getter for the Original groundspeed of the zed (adjusted for difficulty, etc)
 simulated function float GetOriginalGroundSpeed()
 	if( bZedUnderControl )
 		return OriginalGroundSpeed * 1.25;
 		return OriginalGroundSpeed;


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