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No Perk
Trader ZEDV2.png
Pricing: £750 (£562)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 30 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (240)
Ammo cost: £15 – £120
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The Zed Eradication Device MKII - this is a new weapon that was added to the Killing Floor with the upgrade in Patch 1054 with the Halloween event "Hillbilly Horror Fright Yard" in 2013. Only available after the purchase of the newest "Community Weapons Pack 3 - Us Versus Them Total Conflict Pack" DLC. With a higher rate of fire, faster ballistic velocity and less recoil, the MK. II is an efficient alternative to the original MK. I.



The Z.E.D. Mk.II deals 50 damage per shot with a 1.1x headshot multiplier. (Headshots against sirens appear to deal an additional 50% damage, for a total multiplier of ~1.64x.)

Damage multipliers while under stasis

Multiplier Zed Type
2.00× Clot, Gorefast, Crawler, Stalker, and Husk.
1.50× Bloat and Siren.
1.25× Scrake and Patriarch.
0.62× Fleshpound.

* Fleshpounds take 1.25x damage while under the effects of stasis, but this stacks with their innate 50% damage resistance to give a final figure of 62.5% (rounded down).


  • Since ZED Mk.II is a light-weight energy rifle it allows Field Medic, Commando, Support, Sharpshooter and even Firebug to help with stopping big targets and shutting down ranged threats behind them.
  • 2 bodyshots to Fleshpound is enough to stun it, a Scrake can get stunned with single or two shots depending on its distance from the center of the blast. Middle ranged threats like Siren and Husk can be silenced with a single energy blast, buying time to nuke big targets.
  • Every-time an enemy recovers from the static effect it gains a resistance to it. Smaller specimen can be placed in static multiple times before gaining an immunity. Scrakes will require two shots after the first, and then become immune. Fleshpounds can only be placed in static once.
  • Siren screams will neutralize the effects of the stasis ball, wasting them; which is merely important when the player has to stop an enraging Scrake or Fleshpound.
  • An Enemy in static can be kept in static indefinitely by shooting it again before the static wears off (4 seconds). This means a dedicated teammate can keep dangerous enemies pinned for as long as they have ammunition. A skilled user can even swap weapons and get some free damage before reapplying the static.
  • While wasteful, it allows most Perk to solo Fleshpounds/Scrakes on any difficulty at the expense of ammo. When enraged, apply static, then reload for a full magazine. Shoot again, swap weapons, damage, then quickly swap again to reapply static before it wears off. You can keep this cycle going for as long as the Mk.II has ammo. Perks like Sharpshooter and Support can quickly solo Fleshpounds without consuming too much ammunition.
  • A Commando can grab any Assault Rifle with ZED Mk.II and offer back up fire to fellow Berserkers.
  • A Firebug on the front lines can get Husk Cannon with ZED Mk.II and slow down any incoming big target while blasting them off with charged shots, if team is persistent they shouldn't deny this attempt of shielding and nuke down the big targets while everything is enveloped in stasis field.
  • A Medic can even react to big targets from the back of the team, and can tank easier by blocking their path. Piercing energy ball can neutralize any incoming threat to frontline members of the team.
  • It is particularly effective in the hands of a Support specialist. Their increased Weight allows them to carry the ZED Mk.II and still have room for various shotguns. In addition to this, the static effect allows them to safely unload their impressive close-range damage on otherwise suicidal situations.
  • A Sharpshooter might consider this as an alternative in HoE/Suicidal difficulties, where the usefulness of the Crossbow is diminished in favor of Musket, LAR, and M14 combos. It adds a safety net in case of misses, allowing extra attempts at taking targets down. On top of this, the Primary fire function is actually very good in the hands of a Sharpshooter, since they of are of the few that get a bonus with it (+50% headshot damage at rank 6).

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lightweight (6 blocks).
  • Alternative fire throws an energy ball in which slows down, weakens, confuses and amplifies damage against specimens.
  • Good long distance plasma shots.
  • Less recoil than MK. I on plasma shots.
  • Stasis ball pierces through players and only affect ZEDs.
  • Higher rate of fire than original MK. I.
  • It features easy sights for better aim.
  • Cheaper than the original MK. I.
  • Motion tracker.
  • Stasis ball can envelope Husk and Sirens with one blast and, envelopes Scrakes with one or two depends on the distance from energy blast.
  • Stasis ball requires two body shots to Fleshpounds to envelope them in stasis field.


  • Cannot be used to level up perks.
  • Sirens can destroy plasma shots and neutralize the stasis balls.
  • Stasis ball useless against Patriarch, even when 2 player uses it in coordination.
  • No embed in radar, unlike MK. I.
  • Shorter magazine size of 30 plasma beats than MK. I.
  • Long reload time; slower reload per plasma shot than the MK. I.
  • Using it against slow paced Scrakes may attract unwanted flailing and erratic movement which makes it hard for Sharpshooters to get headshots.
  • Low ammo count forces you to keep your ammunition for shutting down Sirens around Fleshpound couples rather than using it actively as a trash cleaner.
  • Requires DLC in order to be purchased in the game.


  • Small yellow lights on either side of the weapon blink and make noise when large specimen approach, similar to the ZED Gun MK. I's radar system attached to the side of the weapon. However, the MK. II does not have a distance readout to show how far away the specimen is.
  • The weapon has "Horzine DefenceTech" writen on the left side of the barrel. This implies a new division of Horzine titled "DefenceTech", a weapons development division.


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