Abusement Park

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Abusement Park
Abusement Park Preview.jpg
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
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Dog and Pony Show.jpg Dog and Pony Show
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On Top of the Big Top.jpg On Top of the Big Top

"Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages; step right up to the three ring circus of death!"

It is the first and part of a Killing Floor event called the Summer Sideshow Event. Abusement Park is circus themed map, and all specimens were re-skinned into freakish, disturbing specimens. Along with the re-skins, they’ve gotten new dialogue and given nicknames to fit the theme. The nicknames are Strange Little Clot (Clot), Girl with 2 Heads (Crawler), Sword Master (Gorefast), Lovely Assistant (Stalker), Pukey the Clown (Bloat), Huskotron (Husk), Bearded Beauty (Siren), Incredible Monkey Man (Scrake), Elephant Pound (Fleshpound) and the Ring Leader (Patriarch). Abusement Park also came with new circus themed soundtracks that’s played during in-game. The soundtracks are The Carnivalous Waltz, Organ Grinder, Smiles and sLaughter, Stilt Walker and Terror-Go-Round.

Players start outside of the park, where they’re greeted by an open mouth clown face with well-lit letters saying “Freak Circus” above the entranceway. As players enter the park, they’ll immediately notice small and large tents, kiosks with disturbing names, a merry-go-round, usual signs, coin-op games, sickening games and acts. Abusement Park was later, the next Summer Sideshow Event, expanded by another circus theme map, Hellride.

Map layout[edit]

Trader locations[edit]

There are four trader locations in the Abusement Park and the locations are significantly distant from each other. This makes it difficult for players to come out of their vantage point to buy weapons.

  • In the large tent in the centre of the map.
  • In the tent on the right hand side of where you spawn.
  • In a smaller tent that is behind the central big top, it is the furthest trader from the spawn point.
  • Next to the mechanical man display, far to the left of the spawn.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • Located at the far end of the map from the spawn there is a balcony that runs along the edge of the tent in the middle of the map. In the middle of that balcony is a tower which you can pass through/under while on the balcony. There are only two entrances to defend and the specimens come from a far enough distance away that sirens, husks and scrakes can be picked off easily and safely by sharpshooters. The optimal way to do it would be to have 2 groups of 3 standing back to back, at least 1 sharpshooter. per side.
  • There is an 'L-way' intersection by the Freaky Apples Cart and the Strength Test game by a trader location. It is left of the Murder-Go-Round that players spawn by. This spot seems to be the place that everyone gravitates toward, however on higher difficulties it can be extremely difficult because there are technically four entrances to defend, and if a dangerous specimen spawns in the tent nearby, your team has zero warning. The fourth entrance is the opening above the trader where specimens drop down. However it is still viable on lower difficulties or with a large enough team to cover all the entrances.
  • There is a cage at the base of a flight of steps leading down from the balcony that runs along the edge of the central tent. It is directly perpendicular to the nearby trader's entrance. This cage has only one entrance, and all enemies must pass through a relatively narrow courtyard in order to reach the player - even those coming down the stairs to the right. Specimens are confused by the entrance, and will often become stuck on the stairwell, or retreat because of poor pathfinding. A reasonably high level support specialist standing inside the cage can hold this location for all ten waves with an AA12 and a backup shotgun in any difficulty up to hard with relative ease.



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