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Achievements are meta-goals defined outside of Killing Floor's direct gameplay parameters. There are currently 285 total achievements, 154 of which are map completion achievements.

Map achievements[edit]

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Twisted Christmas 2010[edit]

Merry Friggin Christmas icon

Merry Friggin Christmas

Kill the Christmas Patriarch.
Cracked the Nutcracker! icon

Cracked the Nutcracker!

Land the killing blow on a Christmas Fleshpound with a Knife.
Can't Catch Me! icon

Can't Catch Me!

Kill 2 Christmas Gorefasts with a Melee weapon from behind in one wave.
Toasted Jack Frost icon

Toasted Jack Frost

Kill the Christmas Scrake with a Fire-based weapon.
That's not Santa! icon

That's not Santa!

Kill 3 Christmas Bloats with the Bullpup in one wave.
Rudolph, the Bloody Nosed Reindeer icon

Rudolph, the Bloody Nosed Reindeer

Kill a Christmas Crawler with a Crossbow.
Not So Silent Night icon

Not So Silent Night

Kill a Christmas Siren with an undetonated LAW rocket.
Fending off Mrs. Claws icon

Fending off Mrs. Claws

Kill 3 Christmas Stalkers with a Lever Action Rifle without reloading.
Who Brings a Gun to a Snow Ball Fight? icon

Who Brings a Gun to a Snow Ball Fight?

Kill a Christmas Husk with any Pistol.
Deck the Halls with Buckets o' Blood icon

Deck the Halls with Buckets o' Blood

Kill 3 Christmas Zeds in 1 ZED time chain with a Melee weapon.
Tis Better to Give than to Receive icon

Tis Better to Give than to Receive

Drop 3 Tier 3 weapons for others (with which they kill at least one Christmas Zed).
Eggnog Anyone? icon

Eggnog Anyone?

Get covered in Christmas Bloat Bile and live for 10 seconds on Hard, Suicidal, or Hell on Earth.
Back to Work icon

Back to Work

Kill 20 Christmas Clots in one wave.

Bad Santa icon

Bad Santa

Unlock 10 of the 13 Christmas Achievements along with any Christmas Map achievement.

Twisted Christmas 2011[edit]

Burning Irony icon

Burning Irony

Kill 15 Husks with the Husk Fireball Launcher.
Highlander icon


Kill a Scrake, a Fleshpound, and the Patriarch with the Claymore Sword within one map.
Bloody Yanks icon

Bloody Yanks

Kill ONLY 1 specimen while expending a full M4 Assault Rifle magazine.
Finish Him icon

Finish Him

Hit a Scrake with the M203 Rifle grenade to kill him.
I love ze Healing not ze Hurting icon

I love ze Healing not ze Hurting

Heal others for 3000 points of health with the MP5 SMG.
Italian Meat Pasta icon

Italian Meat Pasta

Kill 12 zeds with a full magazine from the Combat Shotgun.
Feeling Lucky? icon

Feeling Lucky?

Kill a specimen with every shot from your Revolver for one magazine.
We Have Ourselves a Cowboy icon

We Have Ourselves a Cowboy

Hold dual 9mm, dual hand cannons and Dual Revolvers.
A Bloody Christmas Carol icon

A Bloody Christmas Carol

Kill 15 XMas Clots, 5 xmas Stalkers, 5 XMas Crawlers, 1 XMas Siren and 1 XMas Bloat.

Twisted Christmas 2012[edit]

Have my axe icon

Have my axe

Kill 30 Fleshpounds with the Dwarfs!? axe with back attacks.
One Small Step for Man icon

One Small Step for Man

Kill 500 Zeds with the Schneidzekk Medic Gun while you are falling.
But It's All Red! icon

But It's All Red!

Collect all 16 Z.E.D. Gun pieces(removed from the game).
Game Over, Man! icon

Game Over, Man!

Have 20 Zeds you slowed with the Z.E.D. gun killed
Gimli That Axe! icon

Gimli That Axe!

Get the Not-a-war-hammer Achivement in Dwarfs!?

Summer Sideshow 2011[edit]

Ringmaster icon


Kill the "Ring Leader" (Circus Patriarch).
Sparring with a Master icon

Sparring with a Master

Kill a Circus Gorefast with a Melee Weapon.
Assistant Homicide icon

Assistant Homicide

Kill 2 Circus Stalkers with a Melee weapon to the back in one wave.
Seeing Double icon

Seeing Double

Kill 5 Circus Crawlers with a Bullpup in one wave.
Clearing Clown Alley icon

Clearing Clown Alley

Kill 5 Circus Bloats in one game.
The Big Hunt icon

The Big Hunt

Kill a Circus Scrake with a Crossbow.
Lifting a Dumbell icon

Lifting a Dumbell

Kill a Circus Husk with a LAW.
Small Hands icon

Small Hands

Kill 3 Circus Clots in a wave with the Lever Action Rifle.
Elephant Gun icon

Elephant Gun

Land the killing blow on a Circus Fleshpound with a Pistol
Juggling Act icon

Juggling Act

Drop 5 different Tier 2 weapons in one wave.
Windjammer Enthusiast icon

Windjammer Enthusiast

Survive 10 seconds after being screamed at by a Circus Siren on Hard or above.
Taking Down the Big Top icon

Taking Down the Big Top

Kill 4 Circus Zeds in 1 ZED time chain with a Melee weapon.
Burning up the Midway icon

Burning up the Midway

Kill 10 Circus Clots with a Fire-based weapon.

Punk'd icon


Unlock 10 of the 13 Circus Achievements along with any Abusement Park achievement.

Summer Sideshow 2013[edit]

Hide and go Puke icon

Hide and go Puke

[2013 Summer] Destroy all the Pukey the Clown dolls
Arcade Gamer icon

Arcade Gamer

[2013 Summer] Complete the Pop the Clot, the Strong Man and the Grenade Toss games
Full Charge icon

Full Charge

Have 5 Breaker Boxes 100% repaired at the same time
Extended Motion Protector icon

Extended Motion Protector

[2013 Summer] Protect the Ringmaster during the escort mission so that he does not get hit more than 15 times
Guardian Assault Protector icon

Guardian Assault Protector

Protect the ringmaster during the defense mission so that he does not get hit more than 15 times
Golden 3 Crown Note icon

Golden 3 Crown Note

Get all 3 gold bars without the carriers taking damage while they have them

Mrs. Punkd icon

Mrs. Punkd

Get 4 of 6 of the 2013 Summer Event in-game level Achievements, one Standard and one Objective Mode map completion Achievement, plus the Punk'd Achievement to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster. NOTE: There are 4 weapon specific Acheivements (below) that are part of Summer Sideshow 2013, but these do not factor into Mrs.Punkd.

Halloween Sideshow (Halloween 2011)[edit]

Sparkling in the Twilight icon

Sparkling in the Twilight

Kill The Vampire Patriarch in Bedlam.
Carving The Jack O' Lantern icon

Carving The Jack O' Lantern

Decapitate a burning Halloween specimen in Bedlam.
The Scene is Zed icon

The Scene is Zed

Kill 250 Halloween Specimens in Bedlam.
Zed October icon

Zed October

Win a Long Bedlam Match During the Halloween Event on Hard.
This is No Ordinary Rabbit! icon

This is No Ordinary Rabbit!

Kill 25 Halloween Scrakes in Bedlam.
Trick, not Treat icon

Trick, not Treat

Kill 5 Halloween Specimens with any gun without reloading

Rule The Roost icon

Rule The Roost

Get all 6 achievements and unlock Commando Chicken.

Hillbilly Horror 2012[edit]

Soul Collector icon

Soul Collector

Free the souls of the 25 Gnomes hidden on Hillbilly Horror in 1 game
Meet Your Maker! icon

Meet Your Maker!

Kill 1000 Hillbilly Zeds
Creepy Crawlies icon

Creepy Crawlies

Kill 15 Hillbilly Crawlers with the Tommy Gun or MKb
Rippin' It Up icon

Rippin' It Up

Kill a Hillbilly Husk and another Hillbilly Zed in the same shot with the Buzzsaw Bow or M99
I Am Become Death icon

I Am Become Death

Kill 5 Hillbilly Zeds in 10 seconds with the Scythe or Axe
Fiery Personality icon

Fiery Personality

Set 3 Hillbilly Gorefasts on fire with the Flare Pistol or Trench Gun

Grim Reaper icon

Grim Reaper

Get the 6 Special Achievements plus 1 Hillbilly Horror Map Achievement to unlock the Grim Reaper

Hillbilly Horror Fright Yard (Halloween 2013)[edit]

Claw Machine Master icon

Claw Machine Master

Attach the crane hook within 125 seconds
Ex-scientist icon


Collect all the bile without a contamination
777 icon


Win Fuel on the first try
Blinding Big Brother icon

Blinding Big Brother

Destroy all 30 Cameras
Fire and Forget icon

Fire and Forget

Kill a Halloween Fleshpound and Scrake in the same explosion with the Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber or the LAW
Under The Weather icon

Under The Weather

Use Bile or the Flamethrower to kill one of each Halloween Zed, including the Patriarch
Most Bang for the Buck icon

Most Bang for the Buck

Kill 10 Halloween zeds in explosions using the Seeker 6 or the M32 within 5 seconds

Potato Fools 2011 & 2012[edit]

Uber Tuber icon

Uber Tuber

Expensive but delicious! Brought to you by Dr. Dougley and Lord Ned (Buy the £70.000 Potato (Weapon)
Golden Potato icon

Golden Potato

Get into GLaDOS' core on Aperture.
  • The achievements were also available during the 2013 Halloween event
  • The achievements were also available during the 2014 Halloween event

Weapon-specific achievements[edit]

Let Them Burn icon

Let Them Burn

Get 1000 points of burn damage with the MAC-10.
Getting Chunky icon

Getting Chunky

Obliterate 10 Zeds at once with the Pipe Bomb.
Random Axe of Kindness icon

Random Axe of Kindness

Kill 15 Specimens with a Fire Axe in a Single Wave.
Careful Spender icon

Careful Spender

Kill 4 Specimens with a Single Shot from a Hunting Shotgun.
Master Surgeon icon

Master Surgeon

As a Medic, Kill 8 Specimens using a Knife in a Single Wave.
Flaming Hell, That was Close icon

Flaming Hell, That was Close

As Firebug, kill the Husk with the Flamethrower before he hurts anyone.
Bitter Irony icon

Bitter Irony

Kill 2 Scrakes with a Chainsaw in a Single Wave.
The L.A.W. That Broke The Camel's Back icon

The L.A.W. That Broke The Camel's Back

Deliver the Killing Blow to the Patriarch with a L.A.W. Rocket.
Healing Touch icon

Healing Touch

Heal 200 teammates with the MP7's medication dart.
Nail'd! icon


Kill 4 Stalkers in a game with the Nailgun
Explosion of Love icon

Explosion of Love

Heal yourself plus 5 other players with one grenade
Single-shot Equalizer icon

Single-shot Equalizer

Kill 4 different types of Zeds with headshots with 4 shots from the Long Musket or the M14 without reloading
Assault Flayer Ordinance icon

Assault Flayer Ordinance

Push a scrake back with the direct fire from a Hunting Shotgun or alt fire from the Multi-Chamber ZED Thrower
Fugly icon


Kill one of each type of zed in one round (HSG Shotgun)
Spec Ops icon

Spec Ops

Kill 12 clots with one magazine without reloading (MK23)
British Superiority icon

British Superiority

Kill a zed each with both the Bullpup and FN-Fal
Killer Junior icon

Killer Junior

Kill 20 crawlers in mid-air with the M79 (explosive kill).
SCAR'd icon


Kill 1000 Specimens with the SCAR.
Hot Cross Fun icon

Hot Cross Fun

Kill 25 Burning Specimens with a Crossbow.
Blooper Reel icon

Blooper Reel

Turn 500 Zeds into Giblets using the M79 (in solo mode).
Merry Men icon

Merry Men

Kill the Patriarch when everyone is ONLY using Crossbows.
Explosive Personality icon

Explosive Personality

As Demolitions, kill 1000 Specimens with the Pipebomb.
Pound This icon

Pound This

Kill 100 Fleshpounds with the AA12.
Dot of Doom icon

Dot of Doom

Get 25 headshots in a row with the EBR while using the Laser Sight.
Social Outburst icon

Social Outburst

Kill 8 Specimens with One Grenade.
Trench Warfare icon

Trench Warfare

Set a total of 200 Zeds on fire in Hillbilly Horror (trench-gun).
Historical Remnants icon

Historical Remnants

Kill 6 Zeds with one magazine, without reloading
Single-Load Doom Bombardier icon

Single-Load Doom Bombardier

Kill a ZED with a direct (unexploded) shot from the Orca Bomb Propeller or the M-79/M32
Turbo Executioner icon

Turbo Executioner

Kill 5 zeds in ZED time without reloading with Dr. T's LDS or Bullpup
The Big One icon

The Big One

Kill 2 scrakes with one shot (M99)
Combat Medic icon

Combat Medic

Kill a zed that has injured a player (M7A3 rifle)

Individual kill achievements[edit]

It's Not Easy Being Greasy icon

It's Not Easy Being Greasy

Cause a Specimen to Die by Luring them into Bloat Acid.
Too Close For Comfort icon

Too Close For Comfort

Finish off a Fleshpound using a Melee Attack.
Straight Rush icon

Straight Rush

Kill the Patriarch Before he has a Chance to Heal.
Death To The Mad Scientist icon

Death To The Mad Scientist

Defeat the Patriarch on Suicidal.

Multiple kill achievements[edit]

Experimenticenticide icon


Kill 100 Specimens.
Experimentimillicide icon


Kill 1,000 Specimens.
Experimentilottacide icon


Kill 10,000 Specimens.
Quarter Pounder With Ease icon

Quarter Pounder With Ease

Turn 5 Fleshpounds into Giblets.
Dignity for the Dead icon

Dignity for the Dead

Kill 10 Specimens Feeding on Dead Teammates Corpses.
Keep Those Sneakers Off the Floor! icon

Keep Those Sneakers Off the Floor!

Kill 20 Stalkers with Explosives.
Homer's Heroes icon

Homer's Heroes

Kill 100 Sirens.
Fascist Dietitian icon

Fascist Dietitian

Kill 200 Bloats.
It's What's Inside That Counts icon

It's What's Inside That Counts

Turn 500 Specimens into Giblets.

Other achievements[edit]

Philanthropist icon


Give 1,000 Pounds to teammates who have 50% of your cash or less.
Self Medicator icon

Self Medicator

In co-op mode, use syringe on yourself 100 times.
I Like To Watch icon

I Like To Watch

Acquire 5 minutes of "Zed-Time".
Thin-Ice Pirouette icon

Thin-Ice Pirouette

Complete 10 waves when the rest of your team has died.
Mr. Perky icon

Mr. Perky

Get all of your perks up to level 5.
No Time for Love, Dr. Jones icon

No Time for Love, Dr. Jones

Win a short round on KF-Hell playing as or with Harchier Spebbington or with someone who has this achievement.

Oktoberfest Master

Collect all the Beer Steins

Science Hater

Transit - Destroy all the DNA vials

Nitro Boost!

Transit - Get the Nitro to the Objective in 135 seconds or less

Totally Metal

Transit - Kill 250 Zeds before completing the welding objective


Transit - Pick up the door key
Doctor WHO?? icon

Doctor WHO??

Transit - Get all Objective achievements AND beat KFO Transit on Hard or above to unlock Dr Rachel Clamely.

Rich Evil Uncle

Collect all the Treasure Bags

Skull Cracker

Clandestine - Destroy 30 skulls

All shook up

Destroy all (15) Snow Globes

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