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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
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"Carrying Science Forward! With the new Aperture Science and Horzine Biotech partnership we can begin new ventures for testing our laboratory experiments! We can learn what the specimens are fully capable of by having them stand on buttons. Buttons that open doors! We can stretch them, smash them, bend them, break them - who knows what we'll discover!"

Aperture is a Portal 2 based map added during the April 12th update following the Potato Fools Day event, along with the GLaDOS Trader.

Map layout[edit]

Trader locations[edit]

There are five trader locations in Aperture that are spread evenly across the map but the map is small enough to make it to the trader and back to your hold up spot with relative ease.

  • The first is spawn behind the first wall.
  • The next trader is on the second floor thats behind the window overlooking the room with the door to GLaDOS' room.
  • On the second floor that is in the room directly behind the second trader.
  • In the room with the walls that are rusted halfway up. She's on the second floor.
  • At the end of the hallway to the right of the spawn.

Defensive Positions[edit]

A good place to camp with your team is the room with the Stalker X-rays on the wall. Run through the room with the Horzine monitors to the left of the stairs, take a right and then at the end of the hallway take a left. There is no need to protect the area below the room, just focus on the front door. Many support specialists are recommended.

Another great camping spot is the 'Golden Potato' room. The door is near-indestructible and so has to be unwelded either by a team or a skilled player. When the door is open, not only do the players on the server get the 'Golden Potato' achievement, they have also opened a room for holing up in where one person could just weld the door slightly (About 0.5 to 3%) and unweld it occasionally to kill large amounts of specimens safely.

Go left from the starting position and up the ramp, through the door. Weld the door you just passed and stay in front of the trader you'll find there (the one you see the icon of on the picture in the green box of this article). Most specimens will come from the way next to the trader. If you stay away from the welded door there won't spawn many specimens behind it, but have an eye in that direction, just in case! A firebug is quite valuable on this spot since he can set specimens on fire that pass underneath the position.


Although unlocking the Golden Potato room is beneficial in that everyone gets an achievement (and there are several weapons stashed in the room), it takes an extremely long time to unweld the door. It takes about 8-9 minutes of unwelding for one level 6 Support Specialist to unweld the door. One of the easiest ways to do this is to kill every zed except one (preferably a weak zed such as a Clot), and then weld that zed out of the large room where the door is. At this point, all of the team members can walk over and unweld the door together, with one team member staying behind at the door where the single zed is to make sure that the zed does not break through. It will still take a long time, but at that point it will not matter, as no more zeds will spawn. Grenades are also effective at taking down the door's hp, dealing about 1% of damage per grenade. Once inside there will be a Handcannon, Hunting shotgun, AK-47, M79, and Chainsaw spawned. All weapons inside the room respawn at the start of every wave so they can be grabbed and sold each wave for additional cash, this can come in handy for suicidal or hell on earth difficulty.

There are three large red buttons in the map, which are immediately recognized by players of Portal as buttons that open doors. If one team member stands on the button, another can go through the door (which is always nearby) and collect the goodies inside. The doors can also be opened with help of specimens that walk over the buttons or attempt to pass through the locked doors from the other side.

One button-opened door, near the trader location in the black tile-covered room, usually contains combat armour and two M79 grenade launchers. This door makes it possible for a demolitions expert to get a moderately powerful weapon for free, and early on in the game.


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