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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Field Medic
Trader BlowerThrower.png
Pricing: £1000 (£750)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 50 Hud Ammo Clip.png 5 (300)
Ammo cost: £15 – £75
Related achievements
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The Blower Thrower is a weapon for the field medic. Its use is similar to that of the flamethrower in that it sprays a substance (in this case bloat bile) that causes continuous damage after hitting a specimen. While the effect of the bile does not last as long as igniting specimens, it has the added benefit of causing affected specimens to blame any nearby Bloat and attack it first. Unlike the other field medic weapons, the Blower Thrower does not contribute towards perk progression. Medics do however enjoy a larger magazine size than other perks, but with the same total ammunition capacity. Perks without bloat bile resistance (that is, other than the berserker and field medic) should take extra care not to cover themselves with their own bile, as can happen when using the weapon at point-blank range.

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit]


  • Good for close quarter trash clearing;
  • Bile pierces through specimen, inflicting bile damage on lined up specimen;
  • Alt-fire sprays out 7 bile projectiles in a much larger area;
  • Can hit multiple targets with prolonged spray or alt fire;
  • Deals damage over time after initial splash or direct hit;
  • Blower bile alt fire can make affected specimens provoked to attack nearest Bloat;
  • Fleshpound is not totally immune to it like the Bloat bile;
  • When all players surrounding him using it doesn't trigger Patriarch's sweep;
  • Good magazine capacity when playing as a medic;
  • Even Berserkers can use it;
  • Inexpensive for high level medics;
  • Ideal weapon for crowd control.


  • Doesn't have the heal ability like other medic guns;
  • Weak against large enemies;
  • Does not level up any perks, even the Field Medic;
  • Relatively short range;
  • Fires in an arc, making it inaccurate at the upper limits of its range;
  • High recoil on sustained fire;
  • Low initial impact damage;
  • Low ammo reserve of 300 units total, regardless of the perk;
  • Requires frequent reloading when not playing as a medic due to smaller tank size;
  • Slow reload unless using Commando perk;
  • Fairly heavy at 6 Blocks;
  • Can be hard to judge if a target has been hit, and if the damage over time will be enough to kill it;
  • Other perks besides Medic and Berserker will take high self splash damage from bile if specimens get too close;
  • Requires DLC in order to be used in the game.


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