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For the Killing Floor 2 weapon, see SA80 L85A2 bullpup.
Trader Bullpup.png
Pricing: £400 (£300)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 40 Hud Ammo Clip.png 9 (400)
Ammo cost: £10 – £100
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A military grade automatic rifle. Can be fired in semi-auto or full auto firemodes and comes equipped with a scope for increased accuracy. —Trader description 

The bullpup, a modified L22A1 carbine, is the basic assault rifle for Commandos. It is weakest in terms of damage output, but it has a very large magazine of 40‒50 bullets, and a custom EOTech holographic sight which makes it useful for landing headshots to decapitate weaker specimens. It also has the ability to toggle its firing mode between semi and fully automatic fire, along side the other assault rifles, with the alternative fire button. This allows for easy ammo conservation, though the 400 total bullet capacity may render it unnecessary in earlier waves. It also has the fastest reload time of any weapon which uses a magazine.

The Bullpup, like many primary weapons, may be found lying on the ground, randomly spawned by the game.


The Commando perk gets a discount on the Bullpup from the Trader, and spawns with it at Level 5.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £400 £300 26 40
0 10% £360 £269 27 40
1 20% £320 £239 28 44
2 30% £280 £209 31 48
3 40% £240 £179 33 50
4 50% £200 £149 36 50
5 60% £160 £119 39 50
6 70% £120 £89 39 50


  • Select fire mode between semi-auto and full-auto is convenient for picking small targets or manage reload times. Using semi-automatic fire is very useful for ammo conservation but requires double tap headshots more often for the kill from a safe distance. For letting a single target bleed out slowly and stagger the horde, will give you plenty of time for reloading a fresh magazine. With the holographic sights, it's fairly easy to headshot lesser specimens from long range. Be ready to switch to fully-automatic for tense moments, especially for sweeping large groups after a big specimen tackled by the team, extending ZED time or focusing down medium specimens.
  • When coupled with the Commando perk, the low recoil of the Bullpup allows it to be fired on fully-automatic without a noticeable drop in accuracy, so aiming for the head can be a good idea even on full-auto. Against large clusters of weak enemies this can be used in a hose down tactic, mowing down entire mobs by sweeping your sights across head level while firing full auto. Though aiming down the sight is advisable, the low recoil of the Bullpup makes it very efficient at firing 'from the hip'. By compensating for movement, it's possible to shoot on the move while changing positions. With very large ammunition pool, Bullpup can sustain bullet barrages in the waves for longer duration with smart positioning compared to other assault rifles and tommy guns.
  • Semi auto or small bursts has to be utilized if Bullpup were to be used off-perk. Making a specimen bleed out and stagger a larger crowd behind it, is crucial for having enough time to reload. As Commando perk level increases, the user will be inclined to use such trick less as long as they have enough trigger discipline and enough distance kept.
  • Even for a high level Commando, the bullpup can outclass the SCAR or AK47 when facing small groups of weak specimens. The lower damage output is meaningless when a head and torso shot will be enough to kill weak specimens on all difficulties, and the fast reload time and much higher ammo capacity allow for a much faster kill rate. This tactic also saves SCAR ammunition for more powerful specimens like Sirens or Husks.
  • High accuracy, low ammo cost and availability makes this weapon viable for most classes as a backup weapon at early waves.
(e.g. i) A backup for the mid-level Demolitions for when their M79 can't quite take down the close up specimens attacking them without forcing self-damage.
(e.g. ii) A backup for the mid-level Berserkers to take down long range targets, or hordes of Crawlers that could tear down health.
(e.g. iii) A backup for any perk to take out Stalkers, which will help level up the Commando perk such as Field medic.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • An all-rounder weapon thanks to plentiful ammo reserve;
  • Abundant ammunition pool to sweep pillowed crowds;
  • Fastest reload time for any Commando weapon;
  • Easy-to-use holographic sight;
  • High rate of fire with 600 RPM;
  • Low recoil, has the least horizontal recoil of any Commando weapon;
  • One of the best ZED time extender automatic rifles;
  • One of the best rifles to create a bullet barrage against large crowds;
  • Bearer can chain multiple headshot kills on smaller zeds without letting go of the trigger;
  • Cheap to buy and refill ammo;
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing modes;
  • Largest magazine of any Commando weapon except for the Rising Storm Tommy gun;
  • Relatively high accuracy, even in full-auto mode.


  • Unreliably weak damage per shot, only surpassing splash damage fall-off minimums barely;
  • If a mayhem were to arise, slow motion needed to recover from panic;
  • Very weak against stronger specimens like Scrakes, Fleshpounds and the Patriarch;
  • Not the best for handling horde head on but stall them with decapitated specimen left to bleed;
  • Leaving targets to bleed out is essential for reloads but loses you ground;
  • Semi-auto fire mode is nigh useless when kiting or expecting close quarter contact;
  • Headshot accuracy is mandatory rather than essential;
  • Weakest specimen takes at least 2 headshots to decapitate in high difficulties;
  • Full auto mode can be weak upon panic spamming bodyshots and force reloads more often;
  • Lacking stopping power, not eligible for survival when you lack awareness;
  • Need to be paired with another weapon or switch between fire modes to time your reloads;
  • Mediocre but unreliable spread when hip-firing from long range, bursts needed.


The Bullpup is based on a prototype for the L22 carbine, a cut-down version of the L85A1 assault rifle.

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