Buzzsaw bow

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Buzzsaw bow
Trader BuzzSaw bow.png
Pricing: £4000 (£3000)
Weight: 7 blocks
Ammo: Hud Sawblade.png 16  (£80 – £1280)
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Rippin' It Up.jpg Rippin' It Up

The buzzsaw bow is a ranged weapon for the Berserker perk as part of the Community weapons pack. It is the only ranged weapon belonging to the Berserker perk, and functions differently from other weapons. When fired, the buzzsaw bow launches a spinning buzzsaw whose trajectory is linear for a brief period of time and then arcs downward. The buzzsaw can cut through multiple enemies, and will bounce off of objects in the environment five times. After a launched buzzsaw comes to halt, it will appear yellow or green, continue to emit sound, and be recovered by the player like the compound crossbow's bolts.


The berserker perk gets a discount on the buzzsaw bow, deals increased damage, and reloads faster.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Head damage Reload time
Base 0% £4000 £3000 500 1000 2
0 10% £3600 £2699 550 1100 2
1 20% £3200 £2399 600 1200 1.9
2 30% £2800 £2099 700 1400 1.82
3 40% £2400 £1799 800 1600 1.82
4 50% £2000 £1499 900 1800 1.74
5 60% £1600 £1199 1000 2000 1.67
6 70% £1200 £899 1000 2000 1.6

Note that, though it appears to be reloading between shots, it is technically just a slow fire rate, and does not benefit from the commando perk's increased reload speed. Every penetration will decrease the projectile damage in 20% Ex: if the projectile penetrates 3 targets they will recive [(0.8)^0]*DMG or 1*DMG for the first, the second will receive [(0.8)¹]*DMG or 0.8*DMG and the third will receive [(0.8)²]*DMG or 0.64*DMG and so on.


  • Reusable ammo;
  • Extremely powerful;
  • 2x Head multiplier (up to 3 with sharpshooter plus the reusable ammo gives it similar capabilities to that of the crossbow;
  • Ranged option for Berserkers;
  • Stuns Scrakes on bodyshots for level 2 berserkers and above;
  • Ricocheting projectiles can hit multiple enemies;
  • A level 3 berserker can kill a Siren with a single saw blade on any difficulty.


  • Though its ammo is reusable you will find yourself unable to recover it about half of the times because either it is unreachable or it has been fired into an unsafe zone.
  • Expensive and low ammo count;
  • Requires reloading after every shot (does not benefit from Commando's faster reload bonus);
  • Heavy. Chainsaw cannot be carried alongside it;
  • Extremely unpredictable in rooms with friendly-fire on;
  • Ricocheting blades cannot damage the same target twice;
  • Rages fleshpounds and scrakes in one hit;
  • Requires DLC to be installed before the gun can be purchased in-game.


  • Try to line up enemies to take advantage of the penetration.
  • Predict where saws will bounce and land to cause saw blades to get lost less, damage to be done to more enemies, or even (with enough finesse in ones aim) allow the saw blade to bounce right back into the shooters inventory.
  • This weapon has a high damage multiplier for headshots, enough for a higher level Berserker to decapitate a Scrake in one blow, and taking a big chunk out of the Fleshpound's health. Remember that at any range BEFORE the saw starts dropping, aiming so the line on the sight is on the Zed's throat will cause a head-shot.
  • Having only 16 shots, but the ability to retrieve ammo makes retrieving the saws essential to firing the bow more than a few times per round. With good shot planning, collection routes, and quick thinking, this can turn a Berserker into a primarily ranged class, making him dominate the field so long as he does not run dry on blades.
  • The saw blade can damage each zed only once per shot. A Berserker can hypothetically run backwards and shoot at the floor / ceiling to let the blade bounce rapidly up and down, chewing apart anything caught in the bouncing saws range until it gets stuck. Just be aware that it will bounce 5-6 times, and because of this will either land on the opposite surface or the same surface. So if you wish to collect it when doing this, aim at the ceiling so it might stick into the ground when it stops.
  • Carrying the Buzzsaw Bow will limit the number of melee weapons you can buy and carry down to 2. However there is an upside to this if you play solo. As a Berserker, if you choose just to buy one melee weapon from the Trader. You will have enough remaining space to purchase Pipe bombs. Doing so at the end of the last wave you are on in any difficulty, and placing them all in a pile close by the trader but also in an place where the Patriarch is bound to walk over. Is a great tactic for bringing down the Patriarch with your remaining cash and finishing him off with the Buzzsaw Bow if he is still alive is bound to make your fight for survival a success.

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