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Base statistics:
Bounty: £7
Health: 130
Damage: 6
Movement speeds:
Walking: 105
Swimming: 105
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"The Clot is not that dangerous - but does have a nasty habit of grappling you and not letting you get away, so keep him at a distance."

The Clot is one of the weakest and slowest specimens found in Killing Floor. Found in large numbers in every wave, Clots regularly arrive alongside Bloats and Gorefasts. Clots are lowest grade of specimen and with their large numbers they meant to breach, flank and distract.

Despite its weakness, the Clot has the ability to grab and hold player for a strong grip while attacking. The only escape is to either kill the Clot or, on Hard difficulty or lower, jump in the opposite direction. A careless player can therefore be easily surrounded and overwhelmed by a group of Clots, referred to colloquially as 'Clot banged'. Clots cannot grab players using the Berserker perk from level 0 and onward.

There is a greylisted Clots-only mutator called Clot Buster packaged with the game.


The Clot's appearance in the Summer Sideshow event.


The Clot appears as a short, pale, nude, hairless humanoid, lacking genitalia and a nose. Its forearms and face, around their claw-like hands and mouth, are stained with blood and it has several circular stickers from medical experiments dotted around its body.

Due to their image as cannon fodder, they make appearances on the images of several achievements not directly related to them, such as 'Careful Spender', 'Dot of Doom', 'Hot Cross Fun', 'Experimenticenticide', 'Experimentimillicide', 'Experimentilottacide' and 'It's What's Inside That Counts'.


For the Twisted Christmas update event the clot was re-skinned as a Christmas elf and for the Summer Sideshow event it was reskined as a circus freak, with stubby limbs, a leotard, leg brace-style stilts, and large hooks held in each arm. During the Halloween Sideshow event, it appeared as a green goblin-like beast with improvised weapons and stilts made out of bones and axe heads, the base model of which being the same as its summer sideshow skin. The Hillbilly Horror event reskinned the clot to look like a stereotypical redneck named Honey Biscuit. Honey Biscuit wears a hat, shorts that are ripped near the bottom, and appears to be shirtless with multiple wounds across his upper body. He has a goatee and also a tattoo of some sort. Also, the hat color varies from red, yellow, green, blue, and orange. The tattoo on his body also changes.


The Clot slowly walks towards the nearest player, taking the most direct path available. When it reaches a player, it will grab hold of them and repeatedly bite or scratch them. If there is more than one Clot, then they will unwittingly try to surround the player in a scrabble to eat them. If a player succumbs to this and dies, the surrounding clots will begin eating the corpse for a short while unless disturbed by other players. During the Patriarch battle, the summoned clots have the tendency to attack and prioritize whichever player is doing the most damage to the Patriarch.

In Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties it's impossible to break free of a clot's hold by jumping, making shooting the only escape. If one find themselves at the grabbing reach of too many clots, jumping away won't work on lower difficulties either. Clots will be easily decapitated, flinched or killed with simple weapons but at medium-high difficulties, landing headshots from weak weapons will left them headless before they die. When softly decapitated by weak weapons, Clots will stagger and start bleeding while wailing around uncontrollably. At this state, before they completely bleed out and keel over, their damage and reach roughly doubled just like they have an enraged state.

The Clot may attack other specimens in retaliation for friendly fire. However, due to its low health, any attack suffered from another specimen will usually kill the Clot before it has chance to do so. Example culprits to this aggression are projectile attacks with splash damage such as Bloats acidic puke, Husks fire balls and any ranged attack of Patriarch. If you manage to make the Patriarch damage itself by rocket splash way too long in the vicinity of Clots by welding doors, some Clots who survived that explosion may attack the Patriarch in retaliation rather than the player, distracting both the Patriarch and the Clots involved in this glitch.

The Clot as it appeared in the final version of the Killing Floor mod.

Historic data[edit]

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to the Clot as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

As with most aspects of the game, the only significant difference between the Killing Floor mod and the retail version of Killing Floor is the aesthetics; the Clot appeared heavily bloodied and mutilated. It also lacked the circular medical stickers dotted around its body.


When Horzine started its second wave of human cloning and genetic engineering programs, the intention was to create a fully grown male that would respond to imperatives and could recognize Horzine staff as its masters. Orders were to be given to these subjects through a neural implant which released controlled doses of serotonin upon successful completion of a mandate. The subjects quickly showed signs of aberrant behaviour, however, including aggressive self mutilation. The first batch of clones was spawned from the DNA of Horzine CEO Kevin Clamely's deceased son. The failure of these specimens put a brief hold on the project while new avenues were pursued.


A Clot's base health total health is 130, and head health is 25. These figures are then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 on suicidal, and 1.75 on hell on earth. The base bounty value is £7, this is then multiplied by 2 for beginner, 0.85x on hard, 0.65x on suicidal and reduced to its floor value.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
 Total health  65 130 176 202 228
 Head health  13 25 34 39 44
 Bounty  £14 £7 £5 £4

A Clot is easily killed with any weapon. With almost any weapon, a shot or two to the head scores a decapitation, rendering them little more than weak meat shields. When softly decapitated to bleed out, Clot can be ignored safely at most situations unless you stall around for him to recover from impact shock and start dealing double damage at his headless state for a few seconds he's bound to. Most mediocre firepower weapons such as AK47 and similar Assault Rifles, drops them with a single headshot easily, any weaker bullet damage weapon only takes two headshots. Weapons packing a punch also make quick work of them, single 12-gauge from Shotgun and any similar buckshot weapon when close up kills them outright. Any weak damage weapon such as Knife or Machete can be used to flinch them and deny their grab attempts as they reach their claws.

Crowds of Clots can be dispatched quickly by any weapon with high rate of fire, penetration power or high area damage of effect. As Clots are pretty weak, quickly dispatching them too fast might cause spawn delays (characteristic to the map) to be tighter and there's always a chance that higher threats to fill the ranks until maximum specimen amount is met. Quickly scoring kills on any specimen by explosives or stacked pierces cause spawn rates to be disrupted and aggressive but as Clots are one of the few weak specimen while lacking movement speed, they're more susceptible to this sort of thing more than any other specimen.

Clots are dangerous as distractions more than their own sole presence as a threat, massed or not. Often scattering the attention of players at the open on themselves from distanced threats or ambush them from rear positions by using corners at chokes while stronger specimens tower over them. When a player is grabbed by a Clot, the player cannot move, but there are two ways to escape: killing the Clot, and repeatedly jumping away in Hard and lower difficulties. The latter is not advised while playing difficulties higher than Hard scale and when there are other specimens or multiple Clots nearby.

Also, when playing as a Field Medic, throwing a medical gas grenade at the ground can release you as the Clots will take damage from the gas while it heals you. As a medium-high level Firebug, same thing applies to the incendiary grenades and Clots any other weak specimen will be wiped away while you'll be free to move away from the chaos. Bombing the clots in any way, not only a waste of money for a massive damage dealt by grenades to small and weak specimen but a cheesy way to disrupt spawn rates.


  • The summer sideshow clot bears a resemblance to Schlitzie, . Though it may be coincidence, it seems more of a reference since Schlitzie and the strange little clot both had their shares of circus life.
  • Clots mentioned as "Jimmies" sometimes.
  • Keep in mind, as with many of the specimens, the head hit box of the Clot is inconsistent, and shooting the top of the skull or forehead can fail to register a head shot. Aiming for the throat or mid to lower jaw offers more consistent results.


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