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For the Killing Floor 2 perk, see Commando (Killing Floor 2).
Icon of the Commando.

The commando generally serves as the eyes of the squad. His ability to see the specimens' health bars and detect cloaked enemies at range makes him effective at preventing foes from sneaking up on the team, especially in dark areas. By reading the specimens' health bars, the commando can gauge the best time for the team to coordinate its attacks on more dangerous targets.

The primary role of the commando is providing covering fire for the rest of their squad, and should typically focus on taking out the weaker foes: Stalkers, Crawlers, Clots, and Gorefasts. Although all perks can be effective at combating these specimens, the commando has large ammunition reserves for his assault rifles, and with his rapid fire rate, he can easily beat down large groups of weak specimens in quick succession. The commando specializes in using the bullpup, AK-47, M4, SCAR Mk 17 and FN FAL. The commando receives a damage bonus, larger magazine, and less recoil for these weapons, as well as a faster reloading speed for all weapons.

Weapon Statistics[edit]

Category Submachine guns Assault rifles Battle rifles
Tommy Gun Dr. T's Lead Delivery System Rising Storm Tommy gun Bullpup M4 carbine AK-47 MKb42 SCARMK17 FNFAL ACOG
Trader Thompson.png Trader DrTsLDS.png Rising Storm.png Trader Bullpup.png Trader M4.png Trader AK 47.png Trader MKB42.png Trader Scar.png Trader FNFAL.png
Cost range £900–£270 £950-£285 £950-£285 £300–£90 £1000–£300 £1000–£300 £1100–£330 £2500–£750 £2750–£825
Weight (blocks) 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 5 6
Ammunition 30 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 9 40 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 7 50 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 5 40 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 9 30 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 13 30 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 9 30 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 9 20 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 14 20 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 14
Damage 40–60 40-60 40-60 26–39 35–52 45–67 45–67 65–97 65–97
Magazine size 30–37 40-50 50-62 40–50 30–37 30–37 30–37 20–25 20–25

Weapon Analysis[edit]

Submachine Guns[edit]

Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun can be placed between the M4 and AK-47/MKb42 in terms of damage and accuracy. It lacks the magazine and ammo capacity of the Bullpup, having the same magazine size of the AK-47, MKb42, and the M4. The Tommy Gun is highly accurate and fast-firing, similar to the M4, but lacking a red-dot sight, and on the other side of the spectrum, it does less damage than the AK-47/MKb42. However, thanks to its low recoil, it is easy to control in full-auto fire.

Dr. T's Lead Delivery System

The Dr. T's Lead Delivery System does the same damage as the Tommy Gun, but comes with bigger mag capacity, a slighty longer reload and a smoke effect on its ironsight after each shot.

Rising Storm Tommy Gun

A Tommy gun with a 50 round drum magazine and slighty longer reload time. Otherwise it's identical to the Tommy gun.

Assault Rifles[edit]


The Bullpup is the cheapest and most easily acquired assault rifle. It is a pretty basic weapon, lacking damage and accuracy compared to other Commando weapons, but it has a very large magazine capacity and low recoil by comparison, even in full-auto. Even low-ranked Commandos will have little trouble purchasing one, and it is useful for mowing down weak specimens despite its low damage. Against larger specimens like the Scrake, however, the Bullpup's shortcomings become evident.


A fairly powerful assault rifle, yet suffers from high recoil. This is a pretty good mainstay for most Commandos until they can afford a battle rifle. The AK-47 is a middle-of-the-road gun, doing less damage but with a higher magazine capacity than the SCAR or the FAL, and more damage and equal or lower magazine capacity compared to the Bullpup or Tommy Gun. This gun lacks the holographic sight of the Bullpup, the red-dot sight of the M4/SCAR MK17, or the ACOG sight of the FN-FAL, forcing its user to rely on somewhat intrusive iron-sights but rewards with fairly high accuary on single shots. It costs the same amount as the M4 carbine; compared to the M4, the AK is less accurate and slower firing, but each round does more damage.


The MKb42 is identical in damage compared to the AK-47, but has less full-auto recoil, a higher rate of fire but is slightly less accurate for single shots. The MKb42, like the AK-47, is also a middle-ground gun. This gun lacks the holographic sight of the Bullpup, the red-dot sight of the M4/SCAR MK17, or the ACOG sight of the FN-FAL, forcing its user to rely on ineffective point iron-sights.

M4 carbine

The M4 features a very high rate of fire at the cost of higher recoil, and an Aimpoint scope, but the second-lowest damage of all Commando weapons. This weapon is generally used for commandos wanting a faster but lower-damaging weapon setup that carries a generous reserve of ammunition. It is extremely accurate on single-shot mode, capable of decapitating weak specimens with a single headshot, which when coupled with its large ammo reserve makes it a very efficient weapon for thinning the horde.

Battle Rifles[edit]


The SCAR MK17 does more damage than any of the assault rifles and is very accurate, but suffers from a much smaller magazine size and high recoil. It features a larger red-dot scope than the M4, improving its usefulness over distances. It also features a rate of fire slightly slower when compared to the M4, but faster than the AK-47, and weighs the least of any Commando weapons, at only 5 blocks.


The FN FAL does the same damage and has the same mag/ammo capacity as the SCAR MK17, but fires some 10% faster, the same speed as the M4. It also features an ACOG scope, giving a longer zoom than any of the other weapons' sights or scopes. The FAL is heavier than the SCAR by 1 block, is more expensive, reloads more slowly and have less recoil than MK17.

Leveling tactics[edit]

Though these tactics make it easier to level up, the commando remains notoriously difficult to level.

  • Killing Stalkers with an assault rifle counts towards leveling the commando perk regardless of the perk currently selected by the player, so carry an assault rifle whenever possible and use it when confronted by Stalkers. This also works toward the general damage requirement. The field medic, berserker and demolitions expert can all make good use of an assault rifle as a sidearm.
  • Bloats are juicy damage point targets for all perks, decap them with a strong assault rifle whenever you spot them.
  • Decapitation bonus will be count towards your damage requirement. Try to headshot trash specimen and practice hipfire alot.
  • Farm's open spaces allow the commando to run if things take a turn for the worse, making it ideal for a solo game. Higher difficulty levels and longer games yield more Stalkers.
  • When holding a position, switch between single fire and full auto, depending on bullets left in magazine to manage your already slow reloads.
  • Generally keep one of your two rifles at single fire and the other at full auto. When ZED time triggers switch to full auto rifle and mow down any weak specimen in your sight by emptying your whole magazine. Your ZED time expanding capabilities are useful for your team to eliminate more specimen in that given time.

Helping the commando[edit]

  • Do not shoot Stalkers unless you are surrounded or at a dire situation; the commando will happily kill them for you.
  • Support the commando against stronger targets such as Scrakes and Fleshpounds; assault rifles do not damage them much.
  • The commando perk levels slowly; donate some money to help the commando buy a SCAR Mk 17 or FN FAL as soon as possible.
  • Commando shouldn't be left behind for prolonged times in a kite route, someone have to take over while Commando better push at the front.


  • Commando shines when the team holes up. The commando can handle groups of Crawlers and Stalkers with ease and pin down their spawn points. This lets Commando's teammates focus on larger targets. Most perks (such as; Berserkers, Support Specialists, Firebugs and Sharpshooters) appreciate this, so the Commando's role should not be underestimated on any difficulty or map. Their role is being a wingman to tank perks such as Berserker and Field Medic; offering back up fire and distracting trashes by doing rapid attacks on them while tanking player picks them off. Be careful to cover the blind spot of the tanking or shielding player by covering just behind the corner. Your best bet would be sticking close to a wall for taking less attention from Husk fire and killing anything that steps in your sights.
  • Even when fully leveled, a Commando greatly suffers from reload times when cornered. Commando needs enclosed spaces to ensure his survival since they're not capable of being mobile with perk related weapons. Commando's job is small threat elimination from a distance, to achieve that, player must ensure lowest trajectory spread possible and reload when needed. Crouching helps cutting spread by a rate of 15%, switching to single fire mode cuts another 15% with diminishing returns, and finally getting down on iron-sights cuts spread by 50%; with extra 40% spread cut from perk bonuses, Commando reaches 78% spread cut. When positioned as crouched on an obstacle, Commando should be able to pull 2-5 bullet bursts without reaching maximum spread soon and can control the kickback easily.
  • Despite having large ammunition reserves and an extensive list of abilities, Commando struggles when pitted against larger specimens. Even in fully automatic firing mode, his assault rifles output mediocre damage and reload for a long duration. In these situations, player should carefully monitor the specimen's health and coordinate with his team to strike effectively. Commando player should only attempt to finish off a wounded foe when he can certainly drop them before they can close in and attack him. Learning the behavior of the larger specimens especially helps the Commando, and will give him good trigger discipline to ensure he/she does not unnecessarily cause a specimen to rage if it would otherwise deal little damage to the team. Commando should take proper cover when stronger targets such as Scrakes or Fleshpounds appear. Focusing on lesser specimens benefits the team more than enraging such targets, allowing the appropriate classes to take them down easier without being attacked by weaker specimens.
  • The ability to spot cloaked foes and see enemy health bars makes the Commando the ideal squad member for eliminating the faster and stealthier specimens, specifically the Stalker and Crawler. Stalkers can easily sneak up under the fire line of distracted or inattentive players, and block or blind them with their scratch attacks. Crawlers tend to attack in swarms and can easily surround a player or hide behind a bigger specimen. These smaller foes create big problems for the other squad members by interfering while they focus on the more dangerous specimens like the Fleshpound, Scrake, Husk and Siren. The commando should therefore focus their attention on killing the enemies around larger specimens or any blockade in front of teammates first rather than the large specimens themselves to ensure a clear sightline. A Commando staring at large specimen like they're mesmerized to do nothing about the closing in trash, would result in team losing a squad member in mere seconds at high difficulties. Shooting at large specimen and ignoring small specimen, would cause more problems than it could ever solve and just as bad as staring to do nothing.
  • Another benefit of being able to see health bars, is in dark places, and also with Perks that obscure vision, the Commando can still be very useful where other perks will at best, use more ammunition to get the job done and at worst be useless. Commando for this reason can work very good with a Firebug or Demo locking down a corridor or doorway. Since most specimens have similar head height, and their heads are usually a set distance from the hp bar, headshots based just on the location of the hitpoint bars is very doable. Paying attention to health bars, you can also know if crawlers are coming because they and their hp bar are much closer to the ground, and you can know if larger specimens are coming, due to it being higher in the air than for a clot or gorefast. While you can't know exactly what's coming if you're completely obscured, it is an often over looked benefit of Commando's perks.
  • One last ability seeing HP bars can grant you is knowing when Scrake's will rage and being able to plan based on this and even communicate it to your team. On hard and below, they rage at 50% hp and one full magazine to the head from a Battle Rifle will finish them off. On Suicidal and Hell on Earth however they rage at 75% and that leaves a very small room for a mistake on aiming head. The commando can take on the horde even in the darkest places and can effectively pave the way to new safe spots. These advantages make Commando a great "commander" and team leader to clear the kite route ahead if you have a group willing to use voice chat and work together closely.
  • Besides being trash cleaner, Commando is a great distractor. Because of the loud constant firing noise that's coming from Commando's full auto fire mode rifles; any incoming specimen will first notice Commando and mostly ignore other players in the room at first. That would be handy when there's a weak and wounded teammate who is escaping away from the specimen. Opening full auto fire to the horde from a corner, will distract them and they will channel their attention to the noise, hopefully when Field Medic is on his/her way of healing the wounded ally. Firing noise even can confuse a Siren about when to scream, while there's no evident reason why this happens but when a Siren has no direct sightline of the squad, behind a wall or a bigger specimen, she tend to listen to gun fire noise before screaming and coming out to the open.
  • As a level 5 or six, up to normal or hard difficulty, a full magazine in the body from a SCAR or FN-FAL will make a Scrake rage, and a full magazine of Bullpup rounds to the upper torso and head can finish them off even in a full server. This will consume most or all of your ammunition in your magazine however, so a lengthy reload process is necessary before repeating, and failure to finish the specimen will certainly hurt or kill you. At Hell on Earth difficulty Commando still can pack a punch by getting 2 battle rifles together, that'll be costly and requires a lot of trigger discipline with a dedicated team. Scrake at 6 player health scale, can be brought near enrage state with around 14 headshots from SCAR then going full auto short controlled bursts on Scrake's head with FN FAL will kill it in a blink. If you fail to aim for the head Scrake most likely chew through your armor and health while you're helplessly reloading. In a 6 player scenery, it's better to carry a basic flinching tool such as Machete or Katana for this kind of scenery where you can not control the recoil or maintain the distance.
  • An alternative option for Commando is to make use of his improved reload speed with offperk weapons. Commando can take a more powerful weapon like a grenade launcher type, or a back up pistol with any shotgun to supplement his assault rifle preferably by means of a teammate's discount. Commando may use a Crossbow, Trenchgun, HSG-1, M79 or M32 as a sidearm; these weapons benefit greatly from the Commando's faster reloading. As off-perk options, these weapons pack a substantial punch even without a damage bonus. The faster reload can maintain a formidable DPS for the commando, greatly expanding his available options in the field.
    • Taking a SCARMK17 together with a Crossbow or Buzzsaw allows the commando to pick off lesser foes with the former and headshot medium ones with the latter. This combination also allow them to observe Scrake's health bars to heavy flinch them with a bolt headshot or saw bodyshot as they about to enrage with the very next shot to put them in a slow rage state just like a level 4-5 sharpshooter capable with Lever-action rifle. DLC weapon Buzzsaw allow Commando to stun Scrakes via a headshot.
    • Getting Flare revolver, Pipe bomb with HSG-1 with a battle rifle like SCARMK17 ensures that you won't run out of ammo for a long time and can gain a small mobility while taking on the horde at open areas. HSG-1 can be used to set off darted pipebombs from far as much as SCAR, and Flare can be abused to cancel damage threshold rage of Fleshpound as long as they're crisped and lit on fire or cause a slow rage on Scrakes once you cut eyesight. When slow-motion triggered tick rate of shotgun pierce will be quadrupled to increase its efficiency.
    • Trenchgun can be very fitting weapon for dealing with Fleshpounds, crisped Fleshpounds may lose their damage threshold to enrage but it still requires you to tip on your toes and cut eyesight once or twice before them to get crisped state. You must be sure that they're lit on fire again to unload your battle rifle of choice since they can still enrage by keeping eyesight for too long or enrage right away as you open fire when they're not lit on fire anymore.
    • M79 can be used to flinch and finish a Scrake from up close or enrage the striding Fleshpound on top of a darted Pipebomb before you shoot it with your SCAR to set it off if possible. If Commando is daring, they can easily grab MAC-10to stack grenades way faster at the cost of firepower use it as a secondary weapon to set off limited amount of pipes they can access.
    • If the player has a high-ranked Demolitions Expert, he could buy an M4/M203. Player would have 2 assault rifles, but would also have a grenade launcher to make it more effective against large mobs or Fleshpounds at no additional weight then a standard M4 when paired with a Pipe bomb at high difficulty scales. Against Scrakes, M203 flinch had to be reload canceled with auto-fire by intentionally missing to switch back to your FNFAL ACOG and finish Scrake quicker. This choice, however, comes with the disadvantages of not having a semi-auto fire mode or scope and lacking damage, max ammo, and recoil bonuses that come with the regular M4.
    • Similar to the M4/M203, another popular choice among Commando players are simply M32. It gives raw firepower to deal with Fleshpound and allow you to flinch up Scrakes to finish them with your main battle rifle also being a rotary grenade launcher you can cancel its reload any time you want. This also means, the death penalty whenever you die will be very severe to you and the economy of the team. As a comparable downside, reload speed will not cover the lack of damage burst the perk has with very limited grenade stock. This off-perk weapon best be left to a Support Specialist who has an immense belt of grenades and can utilize it much better.
    • Lastly getting a Katana or Machete to pair with your double assault rifles, allows you to pull infamous flinch then unload trick on Scrakes. At high player health and high difficulties 10-14 bullets to Scrake's head can be followed by a reload then flinch to unload the entire mag on their head. That is the expected hold spot equipment from a Commando with double assault rifles. An unusual but still effective approach would be losing an assault rifle but grabbing Lever-action rifle to flinch Scrakes and pick off ranged targets when you need to and pair this with a MP5M to heal teammates at front lines.
  • After the 2012 christmas patch a new unique neutral perk weapon added to the game, Zed eradication device is a powerful space-themed energy rifle that is perfect for supportive roles. Commando can carry it without sacrificing too much serious firepower. Its stasis field can disable and cause the specimen to incur double damage, once its stabled. It comes with a motion tracker radar that shows and quietly alarms the player about medium and big targets. It allows player to scan a 40 meter area in front of them and even locates Patriarch. With seeing the cloaked enemies ability that Commando possess, it could be an essential weapon to have for the final wave.
    • Similar to the first ZEDv1, a weapon added at the third community DLC pack in 2013, called ZED Mk2.0. This model shoots stasis blasts instead of a single link chain and doesn't get blocked by teammates but still can be easily canceled by Sirens if they were to scream at energy ball's flight time. This model only beeps to warn the bearer against the incoming threats but weights lighter and easier to use without positioning. While it's highly effective against normal non-boss specimen, requires lots of effort to be any useful against Patriarch. Down side is, Commando lacking any proper damage over time effect to amplify the damage per second with this weapon's rather limited effects compared to original ZEDv1. So it's better be an option when you have Demolition, Firebug or at least a good Field Medic to burst down any enveloped big target tangled in stasis field.
  • If player does not spawn with an assault rifle as a Commando, they can search for a bullpup, or any other weapon at weapon spawn points throughout the map. If player cannot find a bullpup, he or she can at least sell any found weapons to go toward buying an assault rifle.
  • On the final wave, the commando can see the Patriarch when cloaked and gauge his current health. He should communicate with his team when the Patriarch cloaks to hunt him down and prevent him from healing.

Perk Ladder[edit]

Rank Requirements Assault rifles Reload speed Spawn
Detection Zed-time
Damage* Stalkers* Damage Recoil Capacity Discount Cloak Health
+5% −5% 10% +5% 4 m
1 25000 30 +10% −10% +10% 20% +10% 8 m 4 m
2 100000 100 +20% −15% +20% 30% +15% 10 m 7 m
3 500000 350 +30% −20% +25% 40% +20% 12 m 10 m 1
4 1500000 1200 +40% −30% 50% +25% 14 m 13 m 2
5 3500000 2400 +50% 60% +30% Bullpup 16 m 16 m 3
6 5500000 3600 −40% 70% +35% AK-47 4
*With perk weapons.
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