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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
Related achievements
Warehouse Janitor.jpg Warehouse Janitor
Warehouse Forklift Operator.jpg Warehouse Forklift Operator
Warehouse Foreman.jpg Warehouse Foreman
Warehouse Manager.jpg Warehouse Manager

"You watched in horror as the back-up called for went down in the middle of a suburban storage facility. K&M Shipping Inc. The place is run down - seemingly poorly maintained even before the outbreak. The hordes will no doubt smell the scent of burning flesh coming from the crash-site if the initial explosion didn't already alert them. There's no time - search the crash-site for survivors, and hope to God that the wreck is salvageable."

Crash is a map created by Michael Hewich (Kyben) & Corey Sine (Maul) and it is set in a large storage facility featuring multiple warehouses with two levels each. The warehouse in the middle of the map is the location of where your helicopter crashed, hence the name of the map. It is a smaller map featured in the grindhouse pack that was added as part of a mapping contest.

Map layout[edit]

Trader locations[edit]

  • One trader is located inside the right warehouse in front of the starting position, on the very right upper side.
  • The next trader is found if you pass through the warehouse that is to the right of spawn, right through a small corridor. A metal staircase leads up inside a little room with a door to this trader.
  • The third trader is located on the balcony of the room with the crash.
  • The last trader is on the other side of the open area on the lefthand end of the map (going from the starting position).

Historic data[edit]

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to Crash as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

The original version of Crash was a popular custom map credited to being created by Kyben & Doyora. While the basic layout was the same many of the side passages were very basic compared to their final form. There was also only one trader; the one facing the scene of the actual crash from which the level takes its name.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • Down the corner trader beyond the warehouse, could be a nice spot to hole up. Narrow door at the upstairs could be welded or not, but the big side door that looks at the crash area should be welded down. All players funnel through the gate looking at the warehouse. Most of the Husk shots will not even pass the boxes at the sides so a Sharp or 2 good supports for ranged threats will suffice.
  • On the balcony of the room with the crash, the section between the door to the metal staircase and the duct next to the trader is a choke point suitable for support specialists. The majority of the specimens approach from the staircase, and sharpshooters can pick off specimens that spawn below. Players should exercise caution when venturing onto the outdoor stairs, as specimens often jump down from the roof, potentially surrounding players.
  • The corner has a stack of pallets that the specimens cannot climb up, and they will be forced to walk all the way around the perimeter of the room. It provides a long corridor for sharpshooters and concentrated firepower. Specimens will spawn in the room below for sharpshooters to pick off before they get close, and the pallets allow for players to see clearly over other team mates.
  • At the spawn point, specimens come from two main directions – the majority from the direction of the warehouses, and a small portion from the left down a long path.
  • From the start point head left until you cannot go in that direction any further, then head right briefly. You will be in an open area with 2 doors leading to the warehouse, the entrance you used to get there, and a relatively large open space near one of the trader locations. When facing the warehouse, and the two doors leading to it your squad should weld the door on the left, and it should be fine for the whole game, the door on the right is where the majority of the specimens will come from. Also to the right of these doors (The entrance described above) there is a gate that can be welded, and shot through making it much easier to keep intact. Some enemies will come from this direction, as well as a reasonable number from the back (towards the trader) so one squad member should be assigned to both of these areas leaving the remainder to focus on the warehouse door to the right.
  • In the elevator found in the crash room, players can jump off the head onto the railing. No melee damage will reach the player (including patriarch). Ranged attacks from bloat, siren, husk or patriarch can damage the player, so a medic should be handy. Berserkers can sit on the railing on either side of the door, and katanas can quickly dispatch any incoming zeds. The railing by the door is also where a solo player should place themselves.
  • In the area below the second trader if the door next to the trader is welded. The zeds can be cleared from underneath and the door to the crash site can be welded as well so that the zeds have only one entry point.


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