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For the Killing Floor 2 perk, see Demolitionist.
Icon of the Demolition.

Class Description[edit]

The Demolitions expert, colloquially known as the Demo, is the team's heavy supporting class, specializing in explosives. He can inflict extremely high amounts of damage upon crowds and large specimens at long range, but is far less effective against specimens in close proximity and the cost of explosives is relatively steep.

For all explosives, the Demo inflicts up to 60% more damage, receives discounts of up to 74%, and has damage resistance of up to 55% – which also affects the Patriarch's rocket. He can carry a larger number of grenades, and also Pipe bombs, which function as powerful proximity mines.

The Demo's main weapons of choice are the M79 and M32 grenade launchers, the M4 203, and the L.A.W rocket launcher. The large explosive radius and strength of explosives allows the Demo to set up high-damage traps, and bombard large areas to efficiently eliminate large groups of specimens. The explosion of grenades and rockets instantly set off any grenades thrown by the Demo within their explosive radius, allowing the Demo to stack grenades in one place and quickly explode them before the target specimen can move out of the way. This technique has proven to be effective against large groups, the Fleshpound, and even the Patriarch.

The grenade launchers and L.A.W have a safety mechanism that will prevent the explosive from detonating too close to the player. Even so, the explosive radius of these explosives is very large, and can result in a large amount of self-damage, especially for the grenades launchers. This makes Stalkers and fast specimens very problematic if they are not dealt with quickly, and pipe bombs are extremely dangerous if the player is caught in the blast. The Demo should therefore stay at the rear of their squad, providing supporting fire to take out groups of weak specimens and stack as many explosives as they can to nuke stronger specimens like Fleshpounds. The M4 203 is more flexible in close quarters than the grenade launchers, however its small magazine, lengthy reload, lack of single fire, and low max ammo count make it better suited for emergency self defense than for use as a primary weapon.

Care should be taken when firing explosive projectiles near team-mates, as a player who intercepts the projectile may cause the Demo to blow himself up. The Demo should also bear in mind that every explosion creates a large dust cloud, which heavily obscures the vision. Having a Commando take the lead during an explosive attack helps prevent specimens from sneaking through the smoke, especially against the Patriarch.

The M32 MGL, M79, and the M4 203 are relatively lightweight, and any two can be carried simultaneously. Alternatively, taking a secondary weapon like an assault rifle or Lever-action rifle allows the Demo to more effectively eliminate close-range threats while saving his explosives for bigger threats at long range. When carrying the L.A.W, the Demo only has enough room for either Pipe Bombs or a Machete. In these situations, bunching up enemies behind welded doors or narrow corridors is generally where explosives serve their best roles.

One of the major drawbacks of the Demo is the cost of explosives. Even on high levels with large discounts, it can still take quite a few rounds to save up enough money to buy his weapons and ammunition, regardless of his preferred load out. As long as he has a good supporting team, and spends his money and explosives carefully during the early rounds, the Demo should be able to adequately sustain himself,

Weapon Statistics[edit]

Pipe bomb M79 Orca Seal Squeal SeekerSix M4 203 M32 L.A.W.
Trader Pipe Bomb.png Trader M79.png Trader Orca.png Trader SealSqueal.png Trader SeekerSix.png Trader M4 203.png Trader M32.png Trader Law.png
Cost range £1500-£390 £1250−£375 £1250−£375 £2000−£600 £2250 −£675 £2750-£825 £4000 −£1200 £3000−£900
Weight (blocks) 1 4 4 6 7 6 7 13
Ammunition Hud Pipebomb black.png2 Hud M79 black.png24 Hud M79 black.png24 3Hud Ammo Clip black.png9 6Hud Ammo Clip black.png15 30Hud Ammo Clip black.png9 / Hud M79 black.png12 6Hud M79 black.png30 Hud Law Rocket black.png10
Damage 1500-2400 350-560 325-520 350-560 90-144 35 / 350-560 350-560 950-1520
Ammo Capacity 2-8 24 24 30 96 300 / 12 36 10-22

Weapon Analysis[edit]

Note: Although explosion damage can never do damage to the head of specimens, headshots with explosions weapons do at least 2x the normal damage. Blunt damage from unexploded shots also do 2x normal headshot damage, since it does not count as explosive damage. Note that the fleshpound has different multipliers for explosives damage on head and torso.


The Demolition Expert perk features having extra damage and capacity on hand grenades. When he's short on money for other explosive equipment investing some money on grenades could save lives. Stacking them around the big targets then setting them off with L.A.W. or M32 blast is essential for big target removal; but should be used sparingly, as they're fairly expensive at £40 each. Stacking these can be very useful against Fleshpounds; as they will do 2.0x more damage against it. This technique can also be used against Scrakes, if a better alternative isn't available, but is highly ill-advised. These can be stacked and detonated by any other Demolitions weapon, excluding the M4 portion of the M4-203.

M79 Grenade Launcher

The M79 Grenade Launcher is the first uniquely Demolitions weapon a Demolitions will acquire. This weapon features a larger, but weaker explosion compared to hand grenades, but is much cheaper per use. The M79, as with all Demo weapons, can be used to explode stacked hand grenades, but not planted pipe bombs. Compared to the M32, it is only a single shot grenade launcher, and has a lower ammo reservoir. Compared to the L.A.W, it features a smaller, less damaging explosion, but reloads faster, weighs a lot less, and has a larger ammo capacity. Compared to the M4-203, it is the exact same as the M203 portion, but lacks a close-range option, but has more explosive rounds. Head or torso shots with this weapon will do 2.33x more damage against a Fleshpound.

Orca Bomb Propeller

The Orca can be seen as a sidegrade to the M79. Unlike the M79's impact-explosive grenades, the Orca's bombs will bounce off of walls and floors, allowing for bankshots around corners. Orca bombs will explode after a 2.5-second fuse or after direct impact with a Specimen. Both the M79 and the Orca have roughly the same damage, ammo capacity, and fire rate, and both are equally effective at thinning out the Specimen horde.

Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber

The Seal Squeal launches explosive harpoons that lodge into walls and specimens and detonate after a few seconds with the force of a grenade. Harpoon explosions will stack, much like hand grenades and harpoons can be ignited by other explosions. With its boosted damage of 3.65 on headshots, emptying a magazine into a Scrake or Fleshpound will deal a massive spike of damage or killing it on headshots, wounding or killing any nearby specimens as well. However, the Seal Squeal is slow to both fire and reload, and its pathetic iron sights make it difficult to aim.

Seeker Six

In many ways, The Seeker Six is the Seal Squeal's polar opposite. It fires homing mini-rockets that do low individual damage, but it boasts a high rate of fire and fast reload time. The rockets' concussive effect is disproportionate to the amount of damage they do, and they can easily send specimens flying even if they do not kill them. Alternate fire launches the entire magazine at once, useful for softening hardened targets up, killing everthing lesser than a scrake on headshots.


This weapon is an M4 assault rifle with an attached M203 grenade launcher. This weapon gives the Demolitions a chance against close-ranged enemies, at the cost of explosive damage potential. The weapon can also be used to explode stacked hand grenades, but not planted pipe bombs. The M4 portion of this weapon has very heavy recoil and a very high rate of fire, which can seriously shake up an unprepared Demolitions Expert. Compared to the M79; it takes about the same time to reload both parts, and it has a close-range option, but has fewer explosive rounds. Compared to the L.A.W, it features a smaller explosion and less damage, but weighs a lot less, and has a close-range option. Compared to the M32; the M203 portion does the exact same damage and has a very similar reload rate, but has fewer explosive rounds. Head or torso shots with the M203 portion of this weapon will do 2.33x damage against a Fleshpound.

M32 Grenade Launcher

The M32 Grenade Launcher is a much more advanced version of the M79. This weapon features a higher possible rate of fire, and has a larger ammo reservoir and boasts a six-shot cylinder compared to the M79, while costing the same per grenade. This weapon can also be used to explode stacked hand grenades, but not planted pipe bombs. Compared to the M79; it takes longer to reload, but can be interrupted. Compared to the L.A.W, it features a smaller explosion and less damage, but weighs a lot less, reloads faster and has a larger capacity. Compared to the M4-203, it is the exact same damage as the M203 portion, as well as having more explosive rounds, but lacks a close-range option, and reloads slower. Head or torso shots with this weapon will do 2.33x more damage against a Fleshpound.


The L.A.W (Light Antitank Weapon) is a very powerful and heavy rocket launcher. This weapon offers massive damage and a large splash radius, but due to its weight prohibits carrying any other weapons except your basic equipment, and either pipe bombs or a machete. This weapon can also be used to explode stacked hand grenades, but not planted pipe bombs. Compared to the M79; it takes longer to reload, weighs a lot more and has a lower ammo capacity, but has a larger blast and does more damage. Compared to the M32; it features a larger explosion and more damage, but has a slower, un-interruptable reload, and a lower ammo and it must be reloaded with each shot. Compared to the M4-203, it has a larger blast and does more damage, but lacks a close-range option, and reloads slower. Head or torso shots with this weapon will do 2.0x more damage against a Fleshpound.

Pipe Bomb

The pipe bomb is a high-explosive charge fitted with a proximity detector. If a certain specimen, or group of specimens, step over it it explodes, dealing massive damage to all caught in the blast radius. These are exceptionally useful in creating a perimeter, or in helping your team in removing large specimens, or a large group of the smaller ones. A planted pipe bomb can be prematurely detonated by a single shot of any pistol wielded by the player who planted it. Multiple pipe bombs can be stacked in a certain area, but will not explode in conjunction with each other unless an external explosive (i.e. the Husk fireball or the Patriarch rocket) detonates them. A detonated pipe bomb will do 2.0x damage against a Fleshpound.

  • The enemies (or groups) that will set off these are: 4 or more of any Clots, Stalkers, or Crawlers; 3 or more Gorefasts, 1 or more Bloat, Siren, Husk, Scrake, or Fleshpound. The Patriarch will also set off pipe bombs by himself. Note that groups of intermixed enemies will set off a pipe bomb as well (e.g. 2 Gorefasts and 3 Clots, or a Husk and 3 Crawlers, would set off a pipe bomb.)

Helping the Demolitions Expert[edit]

  • If the demo is using a L.A.W. or M32, he will appreciate any help you can give in eliminating the small, single specimens that try to crowd in on him. Crawlers that can be wiped out easily with a Bullpup or Handcannon become a major nuisance to anybody burdened with the powerful L.A.W or grenade launchers, since he can only use his knife or pistol against them, or waste valuable grenades doing blunt damage against them.
  • Due to the nature of the Demolition, if he has the L.A.W, he will use his one spare block in pipe bombs, leaving him only his basic equipment for dealing with small specimen. If you see the demo carrying the L.A.W, he will need major help in swarming hordes even if they positioned infront of a funnel gate.
  • Much of the Demolition perk’s ammunition is expensive, so keep him well supplied with cash if you can spare it. On Beginner or Normal difficulty, leaving ammo boxes for the demo is also a kind thing to do as each one can increase his supply of pipe bombs. Even at high difficulties sparing ammo boxes for Support Specialist or Demolition is preferred but Demolition has a priority over rest with their long ranged area damage shots.
  • Try to kill off groups of smaller zeds before they can set off any pipe bombs the demo has placed: they will serve better against the Patriarch or larger specimens.
  • If you see that a bigger Zed is coming and you see a usable pipe bomb - stand in such a way that the bomb will be between you and the Zed and do not move! The Zed will reach you and will stand exactly on the pipe bomb when it explodes. If you can time it properly, move backward slightly as the Zed approaches and you will find yourself unharmed and the Zed in giblets. This tactic works best on Fleshpounds that are not raging; if they are raging, they may run so quickly over and past the pipe bomb that it detonates behind them, doing minimal damage due fall off. It is also useful in stunning or killing an enraged Scrake, stopping it from damaging you and giving you a chance to finish it off without it attacking you.

Leveling Tactics[edit]

  • Even though perk level progress say explosive damage, blunt damage from explosive projectiles also count towards the perk progress as long as they explode. Trying to deal explosive damage by aiming at specimen feet simply deny one out of potential perk progress. Explosive damage has a fall off around the blast radius to determine how far the target is from the center of the blast. Non-direct shots deny player from a dealing half of the damage and only should be an option when there weak multiple specimen stacked at chokes or up close to give projectile an arm distance.
  • Low difficulty levels don't tend to punish player with flanking specimen spawns often on mass kills. Try to stack single grenades to set them off with M79 or any shots to score mass kills against large crowds of weak specimen to maximize the explosive damage.
  • Fleshpounds are heavily weak against grenades and pipe bombs. Additionally due to a coding oversight Husks tend to incur more damage from explosive projectiles aimed at their upper torso as well. At low difficulty levels, a shot from M79 can stun a Husk and stacking a few grenades before shooting an M79 at the chest of a Fleshpound or Husk will kill it right away.
  • Siren scream can be silenced or canceled by explosive damage as well but they have a nasty habit of exterminating hand grenades and rockets mid air while destroying pipe bombs with their screams. They tend shuffle their feet to catapult themselves away from the blast damage too. Aim for their upper torso or try to wipe them with bouncing grenades off from walls to set them off. When you're a low level Demolition, Sirens should be your first priority to dispatch in a quick manner.
  • Try to roam the map with light weight equipment in early waves while playing low difficulty games and always be on the look for sellable random weapons. Picking M79 with Lever-action rifle is a nice combination as rifle is trustful but also disposable thanks to low cost of rifle when you come across a sell worthy Fire axe. L.A.W and M32 are both very expensive for a low level Demolition Expert to possess at early waves even at low difficulty scales.
  • Don't mess with Scrake unless you have enough grenades to set off and can aim directs at its upper torso or head. L.A.W can stun Scrakes so it's safer to wait to acquire it before attacking the Scrakes directly. An unalerted enrage may cause chaos amongst the team composition unnecessarily. In a similar manner you wouldn't want Fleshpounds angry and unattended for long if you're not up to par to kill it in one fell swoop.


  • The Siren's scream neutralizes explosives in its radius; pipe bombs, hand grenades, L.A.W rockets, and rarely mid-air grenade launcher rounds. Care should be taken in not wasting valuable munitions when a Siren is around. Sometimes Siren screams from a long distance and that scratches off the pipe bomb, removing its ability to auto trigger, instead of completely vanishing it. If you notice a dud pipe bomb like that warn Demolition so he can trigger it with a 9mm pistol shot from a far distance remotely, in case a big target approaches closer.
  • The Husk's fireball can detonate projectiles in mid-air and cause severe self-damage or death to the Demolition Expert, and any player(if on a FF server) or specimen who is unfortunate enough to be close. Care should be taken in throwing hand grenades or firing the L.A.W if a Husk is charging up a shot.
  • Staying with the team and allowing them to kill any weaker or close specimens is very beneficial to any Demo, as it prevents close encounters and saves the Demo valuable ammo, or having to use their 9mm to defend themselves.
  • Avoid spamming grenades - the rest of the team will not be able to see through the excessive amount of opaque smoke, and you will generally be wasting more of your limited ammo than necessary. The only time a demo should spam is if the group is getting overrun, or going against a Fleshpound. Aiming for ceiling or walls will help diminishing smoke and will keep a clear line of sight for most perks, but may reduce the amount of damage to smaller specimens, like the Crawler.
  • Wait for large groups of specimens to group all around a Berserker and fire at the group. This is especially advisable if the smaller specimens are Crawlers, which most Berserkers have a hard time with.
  • Aim at ceilings or walls if a weaker specimen or group of specimens are too near you; it's always easier to shoot a wall or ceiling than wasting ammo on blunt hits. This tactic may cost health, due to the projectile not being a direct hit on an enemy, but will generally save you some splash damage. If you are in an open area, try aiming behind or to a distant side of a specimen, as this may either stun or kill it with minimal splash damage to you.
  • Be careful when firing close projectiles for blunt damage, as there is a glitch that can occur where the "safe distance" of the projectiles is miscalculated, making it explode in your face. It is possible that this will kill you as well as the specimens.
  • It's important to note that the Demo benefits greatly from having not only some open space to work with, but also a height advantage. Whenever possible, try to get a moderate height advantage on your targets. This lets you not only aim more accurately (if you miss, then splash damage will hit the target more often), but it also gives you extra protection against self-damage. Try to be above your target whenever possible, even if jumping is the most you can do. This works well with grenade launchers and hand grenades, but not with L.A.W, as it's impossible to aim down its sight while jumping.
  • Explosive Weaponry can set off the Patriarch's rockets before they close the distance. With timing you can explode the rocket just as the Patriarch is firing it, causing him to take damage from his own Rocket and stopping the rocket dead in it's tracks.
  • Demolition Expert can be leveled up with Support Specialist, due to their grenade damage and carry capacity bonuses.
  • Stacking a few grenades before volleying with the M32 on big targets deals far more damage than simply spamming the M32. Stacking grenades also gives the opportunity for your teammates to aim and deal more damage, or clean up the smaller specimens before the smoke screen hinders their vision.
  • Carrying a sidearm like the Bullpup, AK47, HSG Shotgun or Lever-Action can cover the Demo's vulnerability at close range. If you plan to rely on all explosive based gear (such as the M32 paired with M79, or a single L.A.W), be sure that you stick close to your team. Though expensive, the M4 203 also works exceedingly well as a close range weapon.
  • When holed up, stay in the middle or back of the team. Aid them with M32 or L.A.W blasts to wipe out several targets and severely damage and/or stun bigger ones.
  • Be efficient - Due to a low ammo capacity you will run out without careful rationing. Use your shots on groups while ignoring or using a sidearm to kill single zeds or pairs, and throw grenades at Fleshpounds when you can, allowing you to usually get away with using only half a magazine of your M32.
  • Sirens can terminate L.A.W missiles in mid-air, but generally cannot eliminate a Grenade Launcher's projectile. Sirens have a nasty habit being knocked around by grenades; explosive blasts from behind toss them toward you, moving them closer, and you may find yourself with a Siren point-blank screaming your face off. Always aim your Grenade Launcher in front of the Siren, as this will knock her away from you. If timed right, this knock-back will prevent a Siren's scream from reaching you or a teammate.
  • Scrakes have huge amounts of hit-points at higher difficulties and they aren't vulnerable to it like Fleshpounds are. It would be expensive for Demolition to get rid of them once they're enraged since a Scrake can charge through a field of pipe bombs, getting only minimum damage from each blast when angered. The L.A.W can stun them with a direct hit, and kill them with a second (or third, depending on difficulty and players). It's also possible to finish a wounded Scrake by blunt head-shots from M32 MGL, but this is strongly ill-advised.
  • Demolition excels at destroying Fleshpounds and large groups behind them. After luring Fleshpounds to a pipe-bomb, it's possible to very quickly finish the enraging Fleshpound with a L.A.W shot to the head/torso, or spamming the M32 MGL at its head/torso.
  • If there is enough time, place pipe bombs on known specimen spawn points. Don't lay all bombs on map start - it's better to place one or two and then place the rest during the gameplay, especially if things don't go as expected.
  • Remember that it's risky to use the L.A.W against the Patriarch since he can set the rocket off in the mid-air with his minigun bursts and severely damage or kill you (or other team members, if you're on an FF server). A Demo should take cover behind a solid obstacle by crouching and shoot his L.A.W when the Patriarch is distracted by other team members. The same thing applies to Husks and Sirens since they can set the projectiles off with their fireballs or screams, respectively. At higher difficulties; with the Husk's faster shooting frequency, and the Siren's massive, direct-to-health damage, they should be a priority target for the team, especially when they approach the team in groups of 2 or more.
  • You can be a tank for your team along with Field Medics and Berserkers. Both classes listed can tank the Patriarch's melee and bullet attacks, but will generally die, or be very seriously damaged, by his rockets. You can tank his Rocket Launcher attack and take significantly less damage, but keep in mind to you're helpless against his close quarter retaliation and bullet spread. Remember that the rocket WILL still damage you a lot, and may even kill you if you try it on a higher difficulty without armor. Also note that generally dodging it is better then tanking it, so this should be used as a last-ditch effort to save your team.


A slight graphical bug exists that causes the Demolition's perk icon to be fully opaque on the scoreboard even when the HUD opacity is lowered.

Perk ladder[edit]

Rank Explosive Damage Points Required Explosives Grenade Capacity ↑ Pipe Bomb Capacity Explosives Discount ↑ Pipe Bomb Discount ↑ Spawn With
Damage ↑ Resistance ↑
5% 25% 2 10% 50%
1 25,000 10% 30% 20% 3 20% 54%
2 100,000 20% 35% 40% 4 30% 58%
3 500,000 30% 40% 60% 5 40% 62%
4 1,500,000 40% 45% 80% 6 50% 66%
5 3,500,000 50% 50% 100% 7 60% 70% 2 pipe bombs
6 5,500,000 60% 55% 120% 8 70% 74% M79
† Denotes an item also available to all additional levels of the perk.
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