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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
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"In our escape from West-London we took a chopper from an abandoned military base. Halfway to recon point omega up north we ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing on a helipad in an industrial area. We've probably caught some attention while going down, so be ready for combat. If intel was right, there should be a train down here, maybe that's our ride out of this shithole..."

Departed is a map created by Jeroen van Wamelen and Jessy De Lannoit, set in in an industrial city area outside of London. Players take control of the team in one of the many alleys of the city. It placed second in the final wave of the Grindhouse mapping competition, and was recognised as an official map in the 1011 update.

Several exploits were fixed in the 1013 update, which were rendering players invulnerable to specimens.

Map layout[edit]

The map is pretty large and most of the area is set outdoors. There are, however, plenty of indoor environments for players to walk around in. The ground is mostly flat and the only way to reach higher elevation is by entering one of the many buildings which consists of multiple floors. Reflecting the setting of the map, most of the outdoor area consists of narrow roads and alleys connected to the buildings - there is no single huge outdoor area. The city has a transport zone where a train can be spotted, along with a dock close to where players spawn. However, players cannot enter the dock - it is only used as a spawn point for specimens. There is also a bus blocking one of the paths, named 'Bus 666 Departed'.

Most of the buildings are not accessible to the players, resulting in a lot of non-interactive doors. This can be very confusing to players not familiar with the map. Some of the buildings which are accessible includes a video shop, a warehouse and various offices. The warehouse is the largest building and is connected to one of the offices on the second floor through some wooden planks. Players can also travel underground through a narrow tunnel which seems to house the city's power storage.

Trader locations[edit]

  • In the underground area, in the storage room.
  • Inside the warehouse, on the ground floor on the left hand side of the spawn point.
  • Near the docks, inside a building with broken walls that is at the end of the alleyway straight ahead of the spawn point.
  • At the opposite side of the docks, in the pub beyond the train tracks.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • From the spawn point, go down to the other end of the alley and enter the last door on the left. This location is suitable for support specialists. The door facing the warehouse should be welded, and a small number of specimens will come this way so it will periodically need to be re-welded a bit. Almost all the specimens will come from the door leading outside, which allows the squad to concentrate its fire in one direction.
  • The catwalk in the warehouse by the spawn point is highly defensible, particularly with a larger group of coordinated players. The door at the bottom of the staircase may be welded. If the door connected to the catwalk is welded, then the specimens can only approach from two directions. The majority of the specimens will spawn outside the building, so the staircase should be heavily defended. If the team decides to cover the bridge connecting the warehouse to the office building, then the majority of the specimens will travel through the offices instead of the staircase.
  • In the office building on the second floor there is a tight hallway that has three entrances that can be used as a hold up spot on lower levels, however it is not recommended to use this spot on suicidal or above as the tight spaces may get your team cornered and overwhelmed.
  • Team can just turn right as they spawn and hold by the underground trader. Team have to split in two to hold that spot, by knowing that most of the specimen comes from the start point side of the area from the stairs. A competent team can balance the sides easily as start point side will be crowded but hall is so narrow it serves as a shooting range for players. First team should position themselves right next to trader door, above the steps, as rest watch over the backstairs by standing by the fences.
  • In an emergency or not, team can hold large back alley behind the farthest trader and second street line with canal work. The corner across the exit of underground trader provides shelter and an emergency hold for the teams who struggled with specimen. There are solid obstacles to take cover from Husk fire and alley is large enough to help other teammates. Most of the specimen will come from that narrow creepy path with collapsed building ahead of the fences. Since there are uneven grounds and sloped surfaces at the far points of mainstream path, team definitely would need a dedicated trash cleaner or alternatively some brave player to pull some of the aggro to the backside whenever possible.
  • For teams who seek challenge, holding the cargo office at the spawn point is always an option. But beware any big spawn coming by the rear door inside the building may cause instant mayhem if team's reaction time were abit too slow to dispatch them. Tables at the middle of the hall cause specimen to jump on them and move into erratic and unexpected positions if not killed outright.


  • Other than the listed defensive positions, there are not really any other useful places to camp. The underground tunnel is too narrow, outdoor areas are surrounded by buildings and obstacles which means players often get stuck, plus specimens can spawn on the roofs and easily surround players when jumping down. Because the defensive positions are also close to three of the four trader locations, a large portion of the map is not used or even seen by most players.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • Sometimes specimens will get stuck in the basement room spawn, which is located on the left hand side of the hall in the opposite direction of the trader. Players are forced to throw grenades or use a grenade launcher to kill the specimens (within the room) in order to progress to the next wave.
  • Rarely, the Patriarch gets stuck on the fences near the rail road. Walking back and forth repeatedly until he is killed by a player.


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