Evil Santa's Lair

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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Evil Santa's Lair
Santa's Evil Lair preview.png
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
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I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas.jpg I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas
Grandma got Eaten by a Reindeer.jpg Grandma got Eaten by a Reindeer

Evil Santa's Lair is a Christmas-themed map based in Santa's Grotto. Several Christmas songs are played exclusively on this map: "Jingle Bells" and "Trepak" in combat, "Silent Night" and "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" during Trader time.

Map layout[edit]

Trader locations[edit]

  • Santa's Throne room
  • Beyond the fences
  • Christmas tree-wagons area
  • Underground waterways
  • Present-Conveyor belt room

Defensive positions[edit]

  • The long ramp in front of Santa's throne only has two entrances (top and bottom). It is long and narrow, which gives players ample time to eliminate specimens, facilitates aim, and increases the efficiency of piercing weapons. Generally, more specimens will approach from the top of the ramp than from the bottom. Beware of Crawlers and Stalkers dropping down at the top of the ramp.
  • Generator room which is the middle point of underground and beyond fences trader, can be a good alternative as teams can split and shoot at specimen on a flat surface. Generator room have a crawler spawn hole at the middle of generators and a spawn barricade by its right wall. Generator room is just behind of the rail wagons trader. Most of the specimen will spawn by that area and head to the narrow rear door. The other door that looks to the underground trader side must be welded shut and sometimes must be cleared by a Firebug or a Demolition if a Gorefast were to knock on the door. It's appropriate to leave a clot or crawler attacking the door while welding it, as their damage will not be enough to tear down the door. It's possible to hold the area when door is gone at high difficulties but that requires a really experienced team about pushing at the right times and spawn control.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • The two stairs on the left and right hand side of Santa's throne are glitched. Specimens who cross the stairs will be immune to all player weapons until they get off the stairs. Likewise, players will also be immune to specimen attacks while they are on the stairs. This glitch has possibly been fixed during an update, as the effect could not be replicated recently.


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