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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
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"With the Specimens on the loose they're beginning to spread out to rural areas and with them their havoc and chaos. The country sides have been evacuated but not everyone made it out alive. Most were caught off guard and murdered in their own beds. Your task is to eliminate these freaks from this sector."

Farm is a large open map based in a rural area with a small number of buildings and a dry riverbed. It is the only one of five maps initially packaged with the Killing Floor to not have been featured in some form on the Killing Floor mod, having originated on Tripwire's previous game Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 as RO_Hedgehog. The players start off by their helicopter, which promptly takes off, near a bridge and a burning pile of horses.

The open nature of the map, the level of darkness, and the lack of many distinct landmarks can lead to some players getting lost amongst the fields. Due to the lack of obstacles, however, it is fairly easy to regroup at the Traders' next active shop.

Map layout[edit]

The map is large and approximately round in shape, and the bridge near the players' spawn marks the approximate centre of the map. Under the bridge, and spanning the entire level, is a dry riverbed. This riverbed travels directly off the edge of the traversable map one end and loops around the other end, where it eventually disperses near the smallest accessible building and the second bridge. There is also a road spanning the entire map, which crosses the dry riverbed at two points. There are a total of seven accessible buildings, three of which are barns (one barn has the shop attached to it), the other four each housing one of the Traders' shops. These four buildings are distributed evenly about the map.

Defensive positions[edit]

Any of the buildings on the map can be used for defense in a pinch, but the larger two require proper preparation to be effective defensive positions due to the number of doors that should be welded. In each of the three barns, windows are absent, so one of the doors must remain open.

  • The building surrounded by the metal fence (looking at the truck from the spawn, turn approximately 90° to the right and you shouldn't miss it) is a particularly good defensive position because it has only two doors, which are both covered by windows, and three ammo and weapon spawns exist within its confines.
  • With four or more players, the bridge with the truck on it, near the spawn point, can also offer a good defensive position, as taking up position on the rails offer a good view of incoming Zeds. However, as players will be standing with their backs to each other, some active teamwork is needed.
  • For a smaller team, the small house with a trader (going slightly to the left of the fire from the spawn and past a tractor, you should see the light from there) can be a decent position if the rear door is welded, turning the front door into a (fairly short) funnel. One of the windows offers view of the direction most specimens are likely to come from, allowing to notice threats early, but also allowing Husks to fire at you. A single Support Specialist can hold the front door easily for the most part until he runs out of ammunition. Two Supports taking turns at shooting and welding the rear door (which usually doesn't attract much attention) should be able to hold this position with relative ease. The downside is the complete lack of space for retreat (unless the rear door is unwelded).


  • The lack of light in the vast majority of the map can be alleviated by increasing the game's gamma setting so that details can be clearly made out.
  • Due to the openness and size of the level, the Sharpshooter is a favourable perk to play, being competent at picking off specimens from afar.
  • Commandos can be useful for locating specimens in the areas with tall plants, especially Crawlers and Stalkers.
  • Try to stay on high ground to prevent being overrun. The map has many small hills, which can be used as vantage points.
  • If you are out in the field and under pressure, run towards the nearest light. Light indicates either a bonfire or a building, and both will provide a better view and possibly ammo or weapons.
  • As a Support specialist, you can buy a hunting shotgun, go into a building with only one or two doors in close proximity, and keep welding the doors as the wave progresses. Once a large group of specimens is behind a door, unweld the door and quickly use the hunting shotgun's alternate fire against the specimens crowding the door. It should be able to eliminate all of them, depending on your perk level and the difficulty level. Even if you fail to preserve the door, specimens tend to get stuck near the doorway and enter the building at a relatively slow rate.
  • Outdoors, the Berserker is often capable of successfully fleeing from specimens. However, Husks can still be a threat at long range, and enraged Scrakes and Fleshpounds outrun the player.

Bugs and exploits[edit]

  • The fire near the centre of this map causes damage to all including a level 5 or 6 firebug with 100% fire immunity.
  • The patriarch may become stuck, which forces the team to go looking for him and risk being killed.
  • The Patriarch will occasionally spawn underground, killing him and ending the game.


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