Filths Cross

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Filths Cross
Author: Justyn Toohill
Trader: 5 locations
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"For years the war against the specimens has raged, never slowing in it's moment. At first the subways where a small grace providing us a sanctuary from the heat of battle. Now as our forces dwindle in strength the relative safety we once felt is slowly becoming a mere forsaken memory. This is the age of darkness in every sense of the word."

Filths Cross is a map created by Justyn Toohill and set in and around the fictional dilapidated subway station of the same name. It placed second in the first wave of the Grindhouse mapping competition, earning Justyn an Nvidia GTX 275 graphics card, a Logitech G19 Keyboard and G9X Mouse. It was recognized as an official map in the 1012 update along with the top three entrants of the final wave of the Grindhouse competition. It is credited as being "one of the most challenging Killing Floor maps ever made."

A large portion of the textures in Filths Cross were replaced during the 1013 update, along with several exploits being fixed, giving the map a far more grimy and damaged appearance.

Map layout[edit]

The players spawn in outdoors facing the main entrance of the Filths Cross station, to the right there is a large recess in the road which leads into the deeper sections of the map. Running down the center of the map is a sizable section of railway line, complete with abandoned trains.

Trader locations[edit]

Four of the traders are found very approximately in each corner of the map, and the fifth is found between them.

  • The first trader is located in the building in front of the spawn and to the left.
  • The second trader is located (from spawn) down the sinkhole and through the arched hallway. Take a right and there will be a green room with stairs leading to the lowest floor and the trader.
  • The third trader is located near the cafeteria area. It can be accessed (from spawn) by going down the sinkhole and through the square hallway on the right. Keep going to the right through the train and the hallway and you'll see stairs heading up.
  • The forth trader can be found by going (again from spawn) down the sinkhole and all the way at the end of the archway and through the subsequent hallways on the right of the room at the end.
  • The last trader can be found by going through both main archways of the subway, towards the cafeteria.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • In the far side of the level from the spawn, next to a cross section between the cafeteria and a trader, there is an easily defend-able room with a distinct blue lighting in one of the corridors coming off it. The door nearest the cafeteria, which leads directly into the room, should be welded shut. The players should then stand at the top of the blue-lit stairs in the small corridor leading leading into the other side of room, so they can see both into the room and down to the main corridor, the waves of specimens can be held off quite easily from this location. The actual room itself should only be used as a fall-back point to prevent drawing attention to the other door. It is very easy to get overwhelmed standing just outside of the blue corridor section as that entire section is surrounded by spawn points. It is also worth noting that the specimens also spawn directly outside the blue corridor in large number, so at least one member of team is advised to use powerful area of effect weapons.
  • Another great spot is the end of the train in the rail station. To get there, walk past the ambulance at spawn and into the sunken hole in the road (see screenshot). Then after you get to the bottom of the hole take a right into a long corridor leading to the tracks. Then take another right at the tracks and head to the last car. Once there, you can defend from the back of the rail-car with relative ease however, it is easy to waste ammo when the specimens begin closing in so trigger discipline is a must! On a side note, players should refrain from trying to get behind the train. There is a small crevice on the right side of the train you can slip through to get in behind it. This is ill advised however, for the reason that even though the specimens cannot reach you, you will not be able to escape...
  • The bulding right next to the spawn is good if support specialists weld the two inside doors. The zeds can only come in from the front door making them easy targets. However, welding both doors at high difficulties ends with specimen tearing down both doors. Welding the only door across the entrance and leaving one man by the trader side by rear causes specimen spawn rate from that side relatively low compared to front door already.
  • One of the best spots to holdup is just beyond the holdup spot with no escape. It leads to an intersection that has hallways to a yellow room (a good underused spot by itself but dangerous), the main subway and the depths trader if one support welds the door that leads to the holdup with no escape, the rest of the team can hold off the zeds. This area is good because the multiple hallways leave alot of room to backpedal or run into if things get too dangerous.
  • Lastly the cafeteria itself is a good place to hold up if the door is welded as the zeds will only come from the two hallways in the front. The only disadvantange is that the main throughway is obscured.


  • Shotgunners in the small room in front of spawn.
    • Weld doors in front of the entrance
    • One person stays in the other doors on left looking at the stairs
    • The rest of squad is in the room and looks at the entrance - most monsters enter here. Support + demo (LAW) are the best practice here.
  • Shotgunners in the lower part near the elevators. Disadvantage - no place to run, or unweld doors, clean monsters and run to the room upstairs.
    • There is a crossing that makes one part longer that meets the small room near the elevators.
    • Weld both doors, defend position
    • Shotgunners + demo (LAW) shooting at the crossing in front below the stairs.


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