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Flare revolver
Trader FlareGun.png
Pricing: £500 (£375)
Weight: 2 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud Ammo Clip.png 21 (128)
Ammo cost: £13 – £277
Dual flare revolvers
Trader DualFlareGun.png
Pricing: £1000 (£750)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: 12 Hud Ammo Clip.png 10 (128)
Ammo cost: £26 – £277
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Fiery Personality.jpg Fiery Personality

Flare Revolver. A classic wild west revolver modified to shoot fireballs. —Trader description 

The flare revolver is a slow-firing, moderate damage pistol for the firebug, which launches flares that ignite zeds on contact and has a small explosion (igniting zeds in very close proximity). It weighs the same as a .44 Magnum or MK23 and can be dual-wielded. Two can be carried with the Flamethrower in the place of the usual MAC-10, or one can be used with the Husk gun (or Trenchgun) and MAC-10, allowing the firebug a greater number of fire-based weapons in one loadout. It is only available for purchase from the trader after buying the Community Weapon Pack on Steam, though not owning the pack does not prevent a player from picking dropped ones up.


The firebug perk gives discounts, damage, reload and afterburn bonuses to the flare pistol.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Impact Damage Explosion Damage Average Afterburn Damage*
Base 0% £500 £375 100 25 533
0 10% £450 £337 105 26 559
1 20% £400 £299 110 27 586
2 30% £350 £262 120 30 639
3 40% £300 £224 130 32 692
4 50% £250 £187 140 35 746
5 60% £200 £149 150 37 799
6 70% £150 £112 160 40 852
* Damage results may vary due to a slight variation that is applied during each "tick" of afterburn depending on accuracy.

Price and Ammunition[edit]

Flare Revolver costs £500 per six shooter by default as an off perk but Firebug perk gains -10% discounts to the price with each perk level up to -60%, reducing it down to £150. Dual revolvers cost £1000 or £300 if grabbed by a level 6 Firebug. Its ammunition pool is rather abundant with 128 shots total, which again Firebug perk gains a bonus of +10% larger ammo pool per level to increase it up to 204 shots at level 6.

Each six shot cylinder costs £13, that makes each flare shot to cost two and a sixth pounds, which is relatively cheap for its power. It costs £277 for a full refill for off perk and up to £442 for a level 6 firebug. Flare revolver comes with 18 shots total when bought initally with 6 shots loaded in regardless of dual, this initial ammo count doubles if each revolver bought separately instead of instant dual flares.


The flare revolver launches flares that do moderate damage and causes specimens to set on fire, dealing additional damage over time. The flare revolver has a relatively generous 1.5x headshot multiplier and moderate 100 units splash radius. Direct shots will grant 50% more bonus to afterburn damage per tick, totaling about 170~ over the course of 10 seconds and can be modified by perk bonuses. Single Flare revolver have the fire rate of 150 RPM and doubles to 300 RPM when dual wielded. Single reload takes a hefty 3.2 seconds and dual wield reload takes 4.85 seconds.

Thanks to after burn and quick fire rate, a single revolver can stack a cylinder of 600 damage in 2.4 seconds when considered accurate enough; also stack about 40 afterburn damage as cylinder empties. On a quick empty and hasty reload occassion, the afterburn will bring a small bump to the after reload dps making it score 124.14 damage per second as an off perk Flare revolver wielder.


  • Setting the Patriarch on fire helps a great deal with hunting him down when he tries to flee and heal up. Commandos don't need any help to see the Patriarch of course, but everybody else will get four or five extra seconds of visibility. This can make all the difference.
  • Interestingly, the flares work as flares should, and if you are surrounded in a dark area (such as the trader basement of West London) firing a shot into the darkness, while possibly damaging enemies, will illuminate the room, and help give you an idea of enemy numbers.
  • The Flare Revolver makes an excellent secondary weapon for Berserkers, as it is light and capable of killing Crawlers with only one shot to the body even on Hell on Earth, factoring in afterburn damage. Their inherent damage resistance also helps to mitigate any self-damage that may be incurred from close range shots.
  • While bigger specimen are a bit more resilient because of their beefy health deciding to engage closer or kite around would be encouraged when dealing with them. Because of Fleshpound's inner resistant nature, he will ignore crisping effects of fire and reduce the afterburn damage to a small blisters. Avoid using Flare Revolvers on Fleshpounds except in desperation, kiting him away or when the team is ganging up on the enemy.
  • High headshot multiplier, thus of great benefit to aim for headshots against tougher specimens (Gorefast and stronger); this is both easier and necessary with a single flare revolver. Additionally, if shot at an enemy from too close, projectile's damage will be roughly doubled. This cause Scrakes to get flinchlocked with relatively safety and dispatch them with minimal risk when dual wielded.
  • At any level Firebugs have the ability to flinch-lock Scrakes with the Flare Revolver -this is not very effective without dual Flare Revolvers. Alas, high recoil of Flare Revolvers could throw off the aim of a low level Firebug and low damage output might require some pre-damage to be dealt before hand. A level 6 Firebug capable of dealing more than 560 average on direct close up shots to a Scrake, killing it by unleashing 11 shots from up close. Lower perk levels might be more comfortable by damaging the Scrake first from range then reload then go up close to finish it.
  • Sirens can nullify flare revolver projectiles by screaming. So Fleshpound itself NEVER would be a primary target for Firebug. Instead they should try to take attention of Husk and fry down the Siren and Gorefasts behind them so team would have a clear path when dealing with Fleshpound.
  • Dual Flare Revolvers have very long reload of 4 seconds off-perk'd, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the dps you can dish out with the onperk weapons or put your team in risk if you're in a kiting team of Field Medics and Berserkers.
  • Although this is a fire weapon, the impact damage is not ignored by Husks, making this an effective weapon against them, particularly when aiming for the head or rapid firing at close range. Each flare produces a very small explosion with its impact, which has a radius of approximately one foot and can sometimes be used to burn two or three enemies in a tight group.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Lightweight, making it a great off perk weapon.
  • Ideal for slowly chipping away at the Patriarch's health from a distance due to the afterburn (same applies for the Trenchgun).
  • A direct hit will instantly kill a Crawler under all circumstances, even off perk.
  • Ignites enemies, causing damage over time and sometimes makes them panic in awe.
  • Can be dual-wielded for more close range dps.
  • Cheap ammo.
  • Single revolver reloads quickly.
  • Cheap backup weapon for a high-level Firebug.
  • Dual flare revolvers will make for a high damage, close range weapon.
  • Dual flare revolvers can flinch-lock Scrakes if used by a high-level Firebug.
  • Higher burst-damage than 9mm.
  • Most powerful pistol in game, reliably decapitating lesser specimens.


  • Mediocre damage output against larger enemies such as Scrakes and Fleshpounds.
  • Small magazine of only 6 rounds.
  • Requires frequent reloading.
  • Slow reload if not a Firebug, even more so when dual wielded.
  • Absurdly high recoil, especially when dual-wielded, affecting long range accuracy.
  • Slow projectiles, requires well timed shots to be effective.
  • Flares are rather slow and very bright, can obscure other players' vision.
  • A Siren's scream can nullify flares mid-air.
  • Only DLC owners can buy it.


  • When dual Flare revolvers are bought from the trader, only 6 rounds will be loaded, instead of the full 12.
  • It is possible to go over the standard reserve ammo limit by buying dual Flare revolvers, filling to the ammunition limit, and selling one of the Flare revolvers. By picking up ammunition packs you can reach up to 55 total clips, or about 330 shots, as a level 6 Firebug.
  • As a firebug, selling the flare revolver will earn you less than the value displayed on the screen.
  • When killing an enemy with the impact damage, surrounding enemies will not be burned or hit by the explosion.

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