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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
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"This once abandoned factory is now occupied by the Horzine blue-collar workforce. For years Horzine has kept this facility a secret and kept it off public records. They've been producing chemicals and weaponry for their private military and stock piling for something evil - more evil than what they've already unleashed on the world."

The Foundry was released as a part of the Free Heavy Metal DLC for Killing Floor. The Outbreak character pack has a player skin which resembles the various dead workers poised around the location.

Map layout[edit]

The map is built around an open main floor accompanied by smaller, tight catwalks and rooms which overlook onto the first floor. There is a lower floor, but it has no purpose other then for a location for the trader.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • Best defensive point at the map; above the lowest trader there's a room with three entry points. One entry point has a long narrow path which is next to the railings. Team can funnel up at that narrow path by welding the closest door or stay in the large room and weld 2 out of 3 doors. When holed up in narrow path, if team leaves a Field Medic or Sharpshooter at the behind just before the stairway, specimen will only spawn from front. A smart Demolition can pipebomb the stairs and down way so in a case of being stuck. A Support Specialist can secure the door in mere seconds as well if team is willing to open pressure fire to protect them. The only down side of holding the narrow corridor instead of the large room is narrow corridor being too much of a fast paced spot, and in case of being stuck only escape point is through the door to the large room. Team can move up to the larger room by breaking the door if things go worse. The other two entry points in the large room can be shut down by welding the doors, the team should leave one entry point open so that there is no possibility that both doors will be broken down simultaneously. If you've got a capable team nothing will be a serious threat to your team except Husks and Sirens.
  • One of the best spots in the map is at the top, just outside the trader. A Sharpshooter can easily defend the stairs and the small path on the right by his own, so there is no reason to weld the door. Everyone else can position themselves behind the door on the more open corridor; most specimens will attack the squad instead of the Sharpshooter, so if the Sharpshooter has a bit of spare time he can pick out some of the specimens to make it easier for his team. Alternatively the small hallway across the trader can be suitable for the team as well, a Commando can stay behind with Support Specialist to secure the door that welded.
  • Another good spot on the top floor is across from the trader where the platform is reduced to a catwalk leading to a door. Most zeds will come from the side where the shop is so there is no need to weld the door, one man can easily hold it for the most part. Some oncoming specimens can be spotted before they even make their way upstairs, making preparations for Fleshpounds easier. As long as the team can handle Husks and Sirens in time, Pipe bombs can be laid behind the front line to fall back on in an emergency.
  • The spawn area is an easy position to defend because the majority of Specimens can only come from the front; however, it has a large space for them to move so you should try to pick out Fleshpounds, Scrakes and Sirens as soon as possible. Another downside is that it's a dead end, also Crawlers will come through the windows; so it's not recommended to hold at higher difficulties.
  • The control room above the Trader (Green light) is one of the best positions in the map. For Sharpshooters there is a long and open corridor for them to pick everything out. Everyone else can pick out specimens from the windows or take care of the smaller ones that spawn on the right side of the control room entrance. This position is not a dead end because you can run out of the windows at a cost of around 20 - 40 health, though this should be unnecessary.
  • Another good spot is just under the the steering room (you will have the melting machinery behind you). Weld the doors near the fire, then move to the other door but do not cross it. You should see a corridor with the packs on the left. Most Specimens will come this way. This is an advantageous position for Support specialists, Demolitions and Sharpshooter looking to the right from time to time. Closing doors helps to avoid missiles from Husks.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • Sometimes specimens (usually crawlers) will get stuck in the railings at the top. Players will be forced to use grenades or grenade launcher to kill specimens and progress to next round.
  • Another place where specimens (again, usually crawlers) tend to get stuck is outside the windows on the ground floor near the spawn location. A well thrown grenade can solve this problem.


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