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For the original Killing Floor grenade, see grenade.

Grenades in Killing Floor 2 are off-hand thrown projectile weapons that are different based on which perk a player has selected.

EMP grenade[edit]

UI WeaponSelect EMPGrenade black.png

Generates an electric pulse that will both damage Zeds and may also stun them for a brief time. If you want more detail - on detonation, it generates a nanosecond electro-magnetic pulse that will disrupt electrical systems within a short range. Particularly those within the Zeds. Handy, that. —Item description 

The EMP grenade is the Berserker variant; it deals minor area damage, and stuns specimens in the area.

HE grenade[edit]

UI WeaponSelect MK3 Grenade black.png

A very simple high-explosive grenade. Hurts Zeds and humans alike. It really doesn't get any simpler. HE - High Explosive - it goes BOOM and blows things up. Do we really have to explain it to you? —Item description 

The HE grenade is the Commando variant.

1/2 Stick of Dynamite[edit]

UI WeaponSelect Dynamite black.png

Just a small piece of dynamite, with a fuse attached. It can also hurt you, so be careful with it! —Item description 

The 1/2 Stick of Dynamite is the Demolitionist variant.

Molotov cocktail[edit]

UI WeaponSelect MolotovCocktail black.png

Very simply, a flame grenade that will burn Zeds. Be aware that it can also hurt you! Named, insultingly, by the Finns during the 1929-40 Winter War, after Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, the Soviet Foreign Minister under Stalin... Sorry, did you not want a history lesson? —Unused item description 

The molotov cocktail is the Firebug variant. It deals fire damage and leaves a patch of flames for five seconds that ignite anyone who walks across it.

Nail Bomb[edit]

UI WeaponSelect GunslingerGrenade black.png

Simply a canister full of old nails, with a small explosive charge in the middle. Not the most pleasant or subtle way of dealing with Zeds, but there is nothing pleasant or subtle about Zeds, is there? —Item description 

The Nail Bomb is the Gunslinger variant. It explodes sending nails as shrapnel.

Medic grenade[edit]

UI WeaponSelect MedicGrenade black.png

Releases a gas that will poison Zeds, but will also heal people. Stand in the blue gas cloud to be healed. To quote one of our scientists: 'The agent released from these grenades will revivify Homo Sapiens, while euthanizing Homo Zedicus.' We hope that helps. —Item description 

The medic grenade is the variant used by the Field medic. The effect creates a blue glowing mist that heals players and causes a mildly persistent poison to specimens.

Freeze grenade[edit]

UI WeaponSelect SharpshooterGrenade black.png

An advanced canister of liquid nitrogen. Enough contact with the contents of this will freeze zeds in place for a time. The results can be very shattering. —item description 

The freeze grenade is the Sharpshooter grenade variant. It freezes zeds for a short duration allowing players to easy line up head shots for its duration.

Frag grenade[edit]

UI WeaponSelect Grenade black.png

The classic frag grenade: throws nasty little bits of metal around, hurting everything. I am quite sure you all played enough video games before the Outbreak, so you know perfectly well what a frag grenade is. And stop pretending that you didn't. No-one in here is going to believe you. —Item description 

The frag grenade is the Support variant.


The flashbang is the SWAT variant.