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UI PerkIcon Gunslinger black.png

The gunslinger is a perk for Killing Floor 2. It specializes in akimbo pistols. It existed as a popular server mod perk in the days of the Killing Floor mod, but its skills were merged with that of the sharpshooter for the retail version of Killing Floor and has since been split again.

XP Objectives[edit]

  • Dealing Gunslinger weapon damage
  • Head shots with Gunslinger weapons

Perk Bonuses[edit]

  • Perk Weapon Damage (1% / Level)
  • Bullet Resistance (5% + 1% / Level)
  • Movement Speed (0.8% / Level)
  • Recoil (1% / Level)
  • Zedtime Reload (3% / Level)


5 Techniques
Ignore movement speed penalty for iron sights and drastically reduce weapon bob with perk weapons.
Quick Draw
Ignore recoil penalty for shooting from the hip, increase movement speed 5%, and switch perk weapons 50% faster.
10 Skill
Rack 'em Up
Consecutive headshots with perk weapons increases damage 10%, to a maximum of 50%.
Bone Breaker
Increase damage with perk weapons 20% and inflict 30% more damage to arms and legs.
15 Advanced Techniques
Line 'em Up
Suffer no damage reduction from shooting through Zeds to hit other Zeds with perk weapons.
Increase reload speed with perk weapons.
20 Critical Hits
Headshots with perk weapons slow Zeds 30%.
Knock 'em Down
Shooting sprinting Zeds in the legs massively increases knockdown power. Shooting Zeds in the chest with perk weapons massively increases stumble power.
25 Master Techniques
ZED TIME - Whirlwind of Lead
During Zed Time, your perk weapons can't run out of ammo.
ZED TIME - Fan Fire
During Zed Time, your perk weapons will shoot 3x faster and reload in real-time.

Starting loadout[edit]

Dual 1858 Revolvers 9mm pistol
UI WeaponSelect DualRemington black.png UI WeaponSelect 9mm black.png
Bowie Knife Nail Bomb
UI WeaponSelect GunslingerKnife black.png UI WeaponSelect GunslingerGrenade black.png

Perk weapons[edit]

Bowie Knife Nail Bomb 1858 Revolver M1911 Desert Eagle .500 Magnum Revolver
UI WeaponSelect GunslingerKnife black.png UI WeaponSelect GunslingerGrenade black.png UI WeaponSelect Remington black.png UI WeaponSelect M1911Colt black.png UI WeaponSelect Deagle black.png UI WeaponSelect SW500 black.png