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The head-up display (often referred to as the hud) of Killing Floor consists of the two-dimensional graphics found over a players screen, detailing various aspects of the players persona and other things. It is partially customisable, allowing for hiding of either the weapon info, personal info, section borders, console death messages, or all elements of the hud; which hides everything including the scoreboard and chat messages from view. The transparency of the hud and various aspects of the chat message section are also customisable. Transparency options offers a slider between 50% and 100%, however the Demolitions icon on the scoreboard isn't affected; a minor unnoticeable bug. The message options include visible lines, position offset and font size.

List of elements[edit]

Not drawn to scale, grey letters and numbers refer to their specific side comment.
  1. The direction and distance to the next, or current, active trader.
  2. The selectable equipment list, visible while changing weapon with mouse scroll-wheel.
  3. The number of remaining specimens and the current wave, or the time remaining for the trader downtime.
  4. The profile image and name of the current speaker, if any; either the Trader, or players using chat or voice over IP.
  5. Your currently selected perk, and your level.
  6. The area where messages and chat messages appear.
  7. Health meter.
  8. Armour meter.
  9. Used/available weight blocks.
Foundry Worker Aldridge Portrait.jpg 4
£ 126 F
Shotgun E
Hud Flashlight.png 100 Hud Bullets.png 8 Hud Ammo Clip.png 35 Hud Grenade.png 2
Perk Berserker.png 5 6
Hud Medical Cross.png 100 Hud Shield.png 100 Hud Weight.png 9/15
7 8 9
  1. Secondary function charge, only used by:
  2. Shots with current load, not used by:
  3. Number of remaining reloads, not used by melee weapons
  4. Number of remaining grenades
  5. Name of the currently equipped item.
  6. The value of spendable currency currently held.
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