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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Author: Swift-Brutal-Death
Trader: 7 Locations
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Death.jpg Death
King Minos.jpg King Minos
Cerberus.jpg Cerberus
Lucifer.jpg Lucifer
No Time for Love, Dr. Jones.jpg No Time for Love, Dr. Jones

"You awake to find yourself in an unfamiliar place. The hot air burns your eyes and your mind reels as you try to comprehend the landscape before you. The growls of nightmarish creatures echo on the hot winds all around you. Will you fight or be consumed?"

Hell is a map made by Swift-Brutal-Death and was first released in 2009. The map was offically added into the game during the Twisted Christmas 2013 update. Like Forgotten, the map is rather big and players can get easily separated and overrun. The map also appears to have Specimen heads inside portions of the wall (mostly that of the Husk and the Gorefast).

This is one of the first times a map has specifically needed a short game to unlock an achievement, along with the player needing a specific character, or playing alongside someone who already has the achievement.

The most current version of the map can be found [Here]


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