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In non-Russian versions of Killing Floor, all Cyrillic letters are rendered as tildes (~). Because some Slavic-speaking users play a non-Russian version of the game (possibly due to poor localisation and other reasons), players may wish to enable Cyrillic language support. This can be done by editing some of the game files so that fonts with Cyrillic language support are used instead of the default ones.

  1. In the Steam library, ensure that the language setting of Killing Floor is not Russian.
  2. Locate Killing Floor's System directory:
    where <PATH_TO_STEAM> is the path to your local Steam directory. By default, it is C:\Program Files\Steam on Windows.
  3. Open the following files in the System directory with a text editor (e.g. Notepad):
  4. In each of the files listed above, perform the following replacements:
Search for Replace with
ROFonts.ROBtsrmVr ROFonts_RUS.ROArial
ROFontsTwo.ROArial24DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial24
ROFontsTwo.ROArial22DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial22
ROFontsTwo.ROArial18DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial18
ROFontsTwo.ROArial14DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial14
ROFontsTwo.ROArial12DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial12
ROFontsTwo.ROArial9DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial9
ROFontsTwo.ROArial7DS ROFonts_Rus.ROArial7

Finally, run the game. If everything went successfully, then you can play a non-Russian version of Killing Floor while being able to read and type Cyrillic letters.

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