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The Sandbox Mode allows you to play Killing Floor in a completely different way of your choice. However, this disables perk progression.

How to set up Sandbox Mode[edit]

  1. Click on the Enable Sandbox checkbox.
  2. Click on the Sandbox TAB.
  3. Configure your desired settings.
  4. Click Play.

Screenshot gallery[edit]

Sandbox Settings[edit]

Sets how difficult you want the game to be. Beginner/Normal/Hard/Suicidal/Hell on Earth.
Game Length
Short (4 Waves) / Medium (7 Waves) / Long (10 Waves) / Custom (Disables perk progression but enables sandbox).
Starting Cash
How much cash you begin the game with (Max £500;or killing floor.ini modify more).
Max Specimens
How many enemies out of your maximum the game will allow on the map at any one time. Min: 6 (Great for map testing) Max: 600 (Causes EXTREME lag).
Number of Waves
This goes up to a maximum of 15 waves.
Respawn Cash
How much cash you are given after respawning on a new wave. Max: £500.
Wave Downtime
How much time you get to shop. Max: 100 Seconds.
Wave Start Spawn Period
How often new enemies are spawned. Min: 0.00. Max: 6.00.
Use End Boss
Enables/Disables the final boss fight.

Configuration pages[edit]

Monster Classlist Config page
This allows you to set up what specimens are allowed to play the game.
Squad Config page
This allows you to set up what Group (Squad) of specimens are spawned together.
Wave Config page
This allows you to set up which specimens are allowed on which waves. You can also set it to multiply the amount of specimens as if you were playing with more players.

Screenshot gallery[edit]

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