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Class specific extermination tactics for the Scrake.

Field Medic[edit]

While the Field Medic lacks any weapon perks to speak of, his large armor bonus allows him to at least handle the damage output of the Scrake, and his speed bonus is enough to outpace a calmed Scrake on any difficulty.

The main issue a Medic will have in a team-based situation is either healing the Berserker faster than he can be damaged, or keeping the Scrake's attention long enough to prevent it from tearing into the rest of the squad's more expensive, less reliable body armor. With few enough players on the server, a high-level medic armed with the MP5 and hunting shotgun can solo a Scrake while taking minimal damage. In solo play, if the Medic has a good sharpshooter weapon or the M7A3, the Scrake is of little difficulty and can often be safely kited while the Medic picks off its supporting mob.

Support Specialist[edit]

The Scrake is a bit of a damage-sink, something Support classes will quickly notice at nearly every difficulty. Unless sufficiently levelled, it can take an entire AA-12 drum to take one down, and while the Hunting shotgun deals tremendous damage, the lengthy reload leaves the Support class vulnerable to one or more slashes from the enraged Scrake. Before approaching at him, Support Specialist must be sure that there is enough room to backpedal constantly and kite Scrake when he's enraged.

In a team game, the Support should try to avoid taking down the Scrake unless it becomes enraged, and should instead mop up the surrounding mobs that often accompany them to take some pressure off the Sharpshooter or Berserker. In solo play, on nearly any difficulty a Support can use the AA-12, Shotgun or HSG-1 to hit it until it's provoked, and then pull out the Hunting Shotgun and use a double-barrel blast to put it down for the count - on Hell on Earth this is becomes exponentially riskier due to the Scrake's higher rage threshold. It's recommended to finish and focus on the Scrakes that is stunned by Crossbow or L.A.W.

Another strategy involves carrying both the Shotgun and the Hunting Shotgun. The tactic is to pick off on the Scrake's HP at a reasonable distance until it rages; when you think it would be the right time (shoot it once more with the pump shotgun for good measure), pull out the hunting shotgun, stand on the spot, jump and while in the mid-air blast the charging Scrake through its shoulder or chest down the waist using Hunting alternate fire. This is usually enough to kill it.

A third method requires either a Fire axe or a Machete, and a Hunting shotgun. The player will have to alt-fire hit the Scrake's head with the melee weapon alter-fire to momentarily stun it, then crouch quickly, pull out the hunting shotgun, and alt-fire into the Scrake's chest while aiming towards the head and throat. If done right, this will cause a double penetration of the pellets in both the head and body of the Scrake, instantly killing it.


The Sharpshooter's entire arsenal, aside from the 9mm Pistol, is extremely effective against the Scrake. So much so that a high level Sharpshooter can kill a Scrake in one hit with the Lever-action rifle, or in less then half a magazine of the Handcannon or M14 EBR on the lower difficulties. Another inherent advantage on most difficulties is the Sharpshooter's ability to stun the Scrake from a distance with both the Lever-action and the crossbow, which can be reliably done with practice to chip away at Scrakes if the Berserker on hand needs time to heal or deal with smaller specimens. In a team setting, Scrakes are one of the Sharpshooter's primary focuses in the latter waves due to their unrivaled ability to soak up damage and shield other specimens from the crowd control classes.

Chaining headshots with the Crossbow or Lever-action are the most reliable. Handcannons can also be used, but the lower rate of fire and awkward iron sights make headshots more difficult. Due to their vitality based aggression and high damage outcome in a blink, it is not advised to anger Scrakes with quick headshots on Hell on Earth. Instead, chain 3-4 headshots from your M14 or Handcannon at the first hand, then do a stunning headshot from your LaR or Crossbow. After Scrake is stunned finish the job with a few more M14 or HC blows. If you like action and being hectic Dual Handcannons to enrage him from a distance and finishing him off from a full clip of M14 or vice versa could be viable as well. Possibly the most reliable way of taking out a Scrake is using the M99 AMR sniper rifle. In the hands of a high level sharpshooter, only one headshot is needed to take care of a Scrake even in a full Hell on Earth game.

An important note is that occasionally when stunned, the Scrake will play one of two animations; one where he is playing the proper "stunned" animation, slumping over and shaking his head, and a second where he reverts to his standard idle animation. It is important that the Sharpshooter know how to identify and compensate for the hitboxes, at both state it works to aim for his neck. As a benefit, another glitch involving the Scrake's stun is that at sufficient range he may simply run out of rage and begin walking at an extremely slow pace, giving you more than enough time to line him up - this does not happen if his rage is triggered by someone else firing on him during his stun, so it is often only viable in solo play.


The Commando is a class that isn't incredibly effective against the Scrake, but has some ability to fight against them and chip in in a team game. In lower difficulties, a Bullpup-wielding Commando can actually do an astounding amount of damage to the Scrake's head if their aim is good, one of the very few ways to decapitate a Scrake without killing it instantly.

Once playing on Hard and above, this isn't as reliable and can lead to some awkward deaths, so the SCAR or FAL should be used more frequently for dealing with the Scrake to ensure a relatively safe kill. In team play it's best for Commandos to leave them alone, as the Scrake has massive amounts of health that swallow entire magazines from the assault rifles, but if needed the Commando can pitch in using the SCAR or FAL, making sure to land headshots if possible. Instead they should focus on the horde to keep the Sharpshooters and Berzerkers free.

In solo play a good Commando can kite Scrakes and handle them one by one, emptying magazines from their Bullpup or AK and switching to their more powerful rifle once the Scrake is enraged. The Commando's ability to gauge health bars is a bonus, as it lets them determine when a Scrake is about to hit their rage threshold, letting them soften them up either for the SCAR/FAL or for their teammates. Carrying both a SCAR and a FAL at once will cause heavy damage to the Scrake; Fire at it on semi-auto until it's on the verge of raging, reload both rifles, then empty into it on full auto until it is dead. Be extremely wary not to reload once he is raged.


The Berserker, much like the Sharpshooter, has several ways to dispose of Scrakes, and in fact are arguably the preferred class despite the dangers associated with fighting a man with a chainsaw. Their health bonus lets them soak up immense amounts of damage, and once sufficiently leveled they are the only class that can chain-stun the Scrake relatively easily. The Fire Axe, Scythe, and Claymore's alternate fire can both stun the Scrake on headshots. Alternately, an Axe or Chainsaw's alternate fire can stun them from behind, leaving them unable to retaliate so that the Berserker can slice them up with impunity. Alt-fire attacks with a Katana, at higher ranks, can also chain-stun a Scrake from behind. At higher perk ranks, the Katana and Chainsaw's primary fire allows them to cut down the Scrake incredibly fast even from the front with minimal loss of health.

The main issue in both team and solo play is the horde of specimens around them, which can make a one-sided affair swing the other way. In a team game, a Berserker on a good team can simply deal with the Scrakes without fear. With a little help, a good Berserker can catch a Scrake from his behind, which gives the opportunity of dealing massive damage in a few seconds. If the team has issues with the swarm, they might need to assist by cutting down a few specimen before handling the Scrake. In solo play, along with Fleshpounds, the Berserker must kite them as long as possible, whittling down the horde until they can safely engage them one-on-one.

The Buzzsaw Bow is also capable of stun-locking a Scrake and killing it in one or two headshots, depending on the difficulty. The Buzzsaw Bow can also stun a scrake with body-shots, but will do minimal damage.


Scrakes are the bane of the Firebug's existence. In most team situations a single Scrake can eat up over a hundred units of fuel, making them a very unappealing target. While the Mac-10's incendiary rounds do a fair amount of damage, they lack the punch of other classes' higher tier weapons. However, if one has the first Community Weapons Pack, the Firebug's Dual Flare Revolvers will take out a Scrake rather quickly on beginner or normal difficulty, provided that a majority of your shots make contact. If the Dual Flare Revolver's full mag does not kill the Scrake, your best option is to run as the reload time is long enough for a Scrake to deal immense and potentially fatal damage to a Firebug. Engagement on hard difficulty or higher, even with Dual Flare Revolvers, is strongly advised against. In team play, Scrakes should be treated as collateral damage, and the Firebug should avoid focusing fire on them, just enough to set them alight. If set alight, Scrakes occasionally snap out of their enraged state and stumble around, but in other cases, they might continue to rage and flail about unpredictably, wreaking havoc amongst a group. Lit Scrakes should be put down as soon as possible.

In solo play, Scrakes are extremely difficult and require kiting and ammo conservation - simply putting one round from the Mac or throwing an Incendiary Grenade and putting a few units of fuel onto them to keep them roasted, but hopefully keeping them from raging. If the Scrake does rage, the Firebug should simply hold down on the trigger and let loose - a Firebug on Suicidal or Hell on Earth should actually plan on being hit, as they can't kill Scrakes quick enough without long range. With the introduction of the Husk Fireball Launcher, the Firebug can dispatch Scrakes with relative ease by firing several fully charged shots at its head, usually 2, but this varies depending on level and difficulty. Note that due to the large size of the fireball, the Firebug must aim at the top half of the Scrake's head for it to count as a headshot. However, the Scrake will still be stunned even if the player misses the headshot, leaving time to charge a follow-up shot. Another alternative is to use the flare revolvers; depending on difficulty level and number of players this can offer some power against a charging Scrake, with just two flares needed to kill it in solo play if you can afford to let it burn to death.


Much like Firebugs, Demolitions have an issue with Scrakes. Their ability to absorb large amounts of ammo, combined with their tendency to hurtle into close combat once wounded make them very dangerous to Demolitions in any situation. A Demo should make use of pipe-bombs and the M32 for Scrakes, as the M79 simply can't kill them quick enough. In team games, a Demo can dart in and drop a pipebomb in the Scrake's path, and let the combined fire of the rest of the team finish off the stunned and heavily wounded Scrake, and should generally save his M32/M79 stockpile for the mob behind it. In solo, the same tactic can apply, luring a Scrake onto a pipebomb and then letting loose with the M32, hopefully finishing it off, but on Suicidal another pipebomb might be required.

Scrakes are very expensive to kill no matter what, so ammo AND money conservation becomes a significant factor on higher difficulties. Explosive damage isn't scaled for Scrakes and most of the Demolition Expert's weaponry falls short in the terms of reloading. If Demolition finds a Scrake charging onto him, he might try a last stand by burying his M32 blunt shots to his throat, hopefully kill or heavily damage him. Attacking Scrakes when they're not enraged is a risky move for Demolition Expert until your explosives are covered within heavy fire by other teammates.

When using the LAW, the player stun the Scrake by aiming at the Scrake's mid-torso to maximize the damage. This is actually a pretty useful tactic if there isn't a Sharpshooter or Berserker on the team, stunning the Scrake and letting your teammates finish it off while it's stunned. However, using the LAW against Scrakes is discouraged due to the LAW's low ammo count,and high price per shot.

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