Hillbilly Horror (Map)

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Hillbilly Horror
Hillbilly horror.jpg
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 3 locations

""Every few months the Horzine chemical plant received an illegible letter from a deranged local downstream. When Horzine sent officials to confront him, they found the man spitting and violently hollering nonsense on the front porch of his house. The hillbilly threatened to report the green goop in his pond and the barrels he found dumped on his land to his cousin, the Sheriff. The Horzine officials decided to shut him and his family up, permanently. But the chemical waste had a surprising reaction with their remains...""

Map Details[edit]

The map is medium sized and elliptical. On one side of the map lies a lake containing a sickly green glow, with a Horzine facility looming in the distance past an immense forest. On the opposite side of the map lies a large cornfield, littered with remains, and a crucified Clot acting as a scarecrow. Within the map are numerous houses, garages, and a single boathouse near the lake. Near one of the houses in the center of the map is a trampoline. Players and specimen can jump on trampoline, launching them several feet in the air, and allowing them to explore the rooftops. If a player miss the house, however, and land on the ground, they will accidentally lower their health by nearly 50 points, so it should be used with caution.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • Some say that the best positions is to hold inside of the big house at the middle of the map, due to its various doors to watch, as a 6 man team, the doors are easily able to be guarded or welded down.
  • After spawning and turning right you can see a small garage-like house, right next to the main building. It has a white car with purple flames inside, two doors and a half-blocked entrance, after fully welding both doors and sticking next to / in front of the car, the specimen will only come from the main entrance, unless you go too close to the doors. This is a nice position to defend, offers a relatively long range bottleneck and the entire team can focus their attention to it, as the specimen usually won't attack the door as long as you stay away from it, which is important.


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Hillbilly Horror (Update)[edit]

Hillbilly Horror
Active dates: Oct 23 2012 - Nov 6 2012,
Oct 23 2013 - Nov 7 2013
Version: 1039, 1057
Related achievements
Soul Collector.jpg Soul Collector
Meet Your Maker!.jpg Meet Your Maker!
Creepy Crawlies.jpg Creepy Crawlies
Rippin' It Up.jpg Rippin' It Up
I Am Become Death.jpg I Am Become Death
Fiery Personality.jpg Fiery Personality
Grim Reaper.jpg Grim Reaper


The Hillbilly Horror update was an event for Killing Floor occurring between 23 October and 6 November 2012. The event featured new skins for the specimens, 4 new free weapons, new event achievements, the first community weapon pack, new premium character The Chickenator, and new Promotional character. The Scrake, Fleshpound, and Patriarch reskins are the only ones with Audible voice lines.


The skins used for the specimens during Hillbilly Horror are shown below.

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