Hospital Horrors

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Hospital Horrors
Author: JustFilth
Trader: 6 locations
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Gimme a Plaster!.jpg Gimme a Plaster!
That Bloody Well Hurts!.jpg That Bloody Well Hurts!
I'm Dying Here!.jpg I'm Dying Here!
Not Dead Yet!.jpg Not Dead Yet!

"The makeshift defences lasted no more than an hour. The lucky ones saved the last bullet for themselves...the unlucky ones were eaten alive. Clones poured out of the Horzine complex onto the streets of London. Situated next door was St. Filths General Hospital. This was no coincidence. Horzine had been secretly farming DNA from patients for the last 18 months. So it's only natural that the clones wanted to 'go home'. The handful of people who escaped spoke of a bloodbath and unspeakable horrors. They say the screams still haunt them. The first rescue team went missing after their helicopter crashed trying to land on the roof. Your team is attempting a land based extraction and is tasked to enter St. Filths and extract any survivors you can find. You will rendezvous outside the hospital. Good luck men. It's now time to witness the horrors that are... Hospital Horror."

Hospital Horrors is a map by Justyn Toohill, the creator of Filths Cross. It was a runner-up in the first wave of the Grindhouse mapping competition under the name "Hospital".

Trader locations[edit]

  • Outside of the front entrance to the hospital
  • Left from the front entrance, up the stairs and then left (in a hallway near the morgue)
  • In a hallway to the right of the front entrance
  • Near the nursery, across from the suspended corpse
  • By the cafeteria, which is on the opposite side of the hospital from the front entrance
  • By the helipad

Defensive positions[edit]

Considered one of the most difficult maps in the game, there are few reliable defensive positions in the map, and it will require a well-coordinated team in order to survive even on early waves. Nearly every door has a spawn adjacent to it, making retreat extremely risky, and the use of curtains makes it difficult to kite without seeing what's more than a few feet in front of you.

  • The roof of the hospital offers plenty of room to move around, and specimens can only approach from two corners. However, it is very far from most trader locations. A team should split up on either side of the helicopter to prevent specimens from spawning around it, but should not pull too far back as specimens will begin to spawn on the fence around them.
  • A team of Support specialists can easily defend the interior of the nursery (second floor). When the door is welded, the vast majority of the specimens will approach from the other doorway. With a sufficiently large number of players, the team may wish to have a Sharpshooter to stun Scrakes or a Demolition to eliminate Fleshpounds.
  • When holding out at the corner of the hallway next to the nursery, the team only needs to cover two relatively long choke points as long as a player stands by the doorway to the nursery to prevent specimens from spawning inside.
  • When holding out in the lobby at the front entrance, specimens rarely approach from the adjacent staircase, which is a dependable escape route. The relatively long hallways allow players to safely kill specimens from afar.


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