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The Husk.png
Base statistics:
Bounty: £17
Health: 600 (+60)
Damage: 15
Movement speeds:
Walking: 115
Swimming: 102
Related achievements
Who Brings a Gun to a Snow Ball Fight?.jpg Who Brings a Gun to a Snow Ball Fight?
Burning Irony.jpg Burning Irony
Lifting a Dumbell.jpg Lifting a Dumbell
Rippin' It Up.jpg Rippin' It Up
Flaming Hell, That was Close.jpg Flaming Hell, That was Close

The Husk is one of the few specimens with a ranged attack. The others are the Siren, the Patriarch, and to a much lesser extent, the Bloat. It can make its first appearance on the second wave, regardless of game length. Its main attack is a projectile fireball, whose speed is similar to that of the L.A.W's rocket and inflicts fire-based damage with afterburn. Its melee attack, which it smacks the player with its gun, deals the same damage as the Gorefast's. They are characterised by their resemblance to the Fleshpound, their 75% resistance to fire, and their slightly burnt exterior.

There is a unofficial, whitelisted, Husks-only mutator called Hellfire. The Husks it spawns however, have modified stats to prevent Firebug impunity.


The Summer Sideshow event skin for the Husk. Dubbed the incredible mechanical man.


The Husk's flesh appears to be badly burnt, with the skin seared brown and bleeding profusely. There are several metal protrusions on its body, including several spiked rings in their left arm and lower legs. It wears a type of gas mask in place over their mouth, possibly to protect its lungs from dangerous gases contained in its fuel pack, nailed directly to its back, behind the right shoulder; the weapon, a prototype fireball launcher, has been mounted onto their right arm, replacing its hand and wrist. The fuel appears to be transferred directly to the launcher appendage through it's veins and arteries, with molten, white-hot fire showing through the skin on it's right flank. It also appears to be wearing a tattered pair of brown shorts held on by a belt around its waist; the rest of its clothing may have burnt off in the past.


During the Twisted Christmas update, it was re-skinned as a snowman. This skin depicts a stereotypical snowman, albeit slightly melted, complete with stick arms and legs. Its mouth seems to glow slightly, and its right arm seems to be a stick that can throw flaming "snowballs".

For the Summer Sideshow update, it was re-skinned as "The Incredible Mechanical Man" (Though the game officially labeled it as a "Huskotron"); this skin depicts a shiny golden robot with the Husk's weapon on its right arm and it spoke in a robotic voice either making crude fire-puns, advertisements for fire, or a safety persuasion of no smoking during the show. For the Halloween Sideshow event, it was re-skinned as The Incredible Mechanical Man, albeit with a pumpkin design painted onto it and dubbed "The Husk-O-Lantern". When aiming for a headshot on The Incredible Mechanical Man, players were required to aim for the tank on its back, not the head of the robot, to accommodate for the unchanged hitboxes of the specimen.

The Husk was re-skinned as Brother Sparky for the Hillbilly Horror event. Brother Sparky appears to have most of the upper left side of his body burned off and instead of the fireball launcher, Sparky has a firework launcher attached to his arm. The normal fireball launching noise is also replaced with the crackling of fireworks.

Killing Floor 2[edit]

In Killing Floor 2, not many aesthetic changes were made. The most notable changes include:

  • The steel braces around its torso appear to be larger and more squared.
  • The fire coursing through its body also appear to be much hotter and burn much brighter, being able to display the shadow of its ribcage, and its eyes and mouth glow noticeably brighter.
  • The "gas mask" is also smaller, no longer having the protruding tusks.
  • Its right arm appears larger and more muscular, probably to accommodate the huge metal cannon it's carrying.
  • Husks in Killing Floor 2 on higher difficulty will feature 2 more attacks: one being the husk cannon being utilized as a flame thrower for close range combat. Second one will be a suicide attack where it destroys itself along dealing heavy damage to all players in the surrounding areas after taking significant damage.


The Husk attempts to fire upon a player on sight. At long distances, a fireball hitting a nearby ground, the distinctive explosive sound of the fireball doing so, or its loud grunting voice is often the first sign of its presence.

Though many of its shots miss by several metres on lower difficulties, the Husk is capable of accurately predicting the player's path and landing a good shot for a high splash damage and afterburn as difficulty goes up higher and shoot more often. Husks are aware when you become a threat to them and try to take cover behind other trash zeds by back tracking much like Sirens when you're close.

Upon engaging their targets, The Husk steadily walks towards the players between shots and takes cover behind weaker specimen. Sometimes "There you are" words can be deciphered between its braced teeth and asbest filled lungs. The rest of the time, it will pause to aim before firing when within range, will attempt deal splash damage with its gauss rifle. Unlike other specimens, the Husk has very high resistance to fire which makes Flamethrower pretty ineffective weapon against them.

Historic data[edit]

The Fleshpound Chain-gunner as he appeared in the final version of the KFMod.
Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to the Husk as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

While the Husk did not appear in the mod, it bears a resemblance to a specimen from the mod found in the source files that never made it into the retail version – a modified version of a Fleshpound that wielded a machine-gun on one arm, dubbed the Fleshpound Chain-gunner. The Chain-gunner had a similar setup of metal apparatus as the Husk, but used the same base mesh of the Fleshpound from the mod. The behaviour patterns and animations on it were incomplete; when readying its weapon, it would just snap into place and glide on its path towards its target, not stopping. Pushing the player along the ground much like the Fleshpound, as opposed to what you would expect of a ranged foe; to stop moving whilst firing.


The Husk was part of a cybernetic enhancing experiment, in which the specimens underwent multiple procedures to create a soldier that could incorporate technology and utilize advanced bioprogamming. The Husk was fitted with a steel brace that supported the backcase for its fireball launcher, and given yellow cybernetic eyes that allowed it to computer-lock on to foes. After several attempts to train the specimens with the weapon, and failing, the scientists of Horzine simply removed the right arm and set the cannon on a nerve controlled platform.

Although they were generally considered a success, they were labeled as too dull to function properly as soldiers because of their simplistic programming, often times shooting each other when there were no other targets. When the London Breakout was initiated, hundreds of Husks were "re-booted", and walked out with their unfinished directives, which was lock on to the first living thing it found, and destroy it. It was the Husks that led the carnage in the break out, blasting the police cars and bystanders out of the way as the horde of specimens flooded out of the labs.


General Tips[edit]

  • Husks have the ability to accurately lead their shots and hit moving players consistently. Shuffling in place by quickly strafing in opposite directions is often enough to confuse the Husk and cause most of his shots to miss by large.
  • The Husk must stop to fire its weapon, at which point a player who isn't the target can blow them sky-high with a grenade or two, or a volley of bullets. It is possible to stun a Husk right before it shoots, causing the shot to be canceled.
  • NEVER move directly towards or away from Husks. They will hit you every time. The Husk's shots take one second to charge up before firing. Use this to your advantage by faking it out by moving the opposite direction you were moving before(Ex. go right if you were going left). This will throw the Husk's aim off and will cause it to miss you, if done right. Jumping after they have fired helps tremendously.
  • Husks are highly resistant to certain flame weapons' initial damage and afterburn. They're highly resistant against Flamethrower both initial damage and afterburn damage over time, while only resistant against Trenchgun's initial impact damage but not afterburn damage over time. This resistance scale with difficulty and they posses 50% resistance at Beginner, 75% resistance at Normal, 81.25% at Hard and 87.25% at Suicidal and Hell on Earth.

Class-Specific Tactics[edit]

Field Medic[edit]

  • A Medic's durable armor allows them to to tank the Husk's shots, protecting their more vulnerable teammates, until they are eliminated.
  • If the medic wishes to take a more direct role in elimination, or in solo mode; the Medic can either charge the Husk with their MP7 or MP5 Medic Guns, going for headshots, use an Axe or Katana to either get headhits or backhits, or use the M7A3 or an off-perk Sharpshooter weapon to headshot the Husk from a distance.

Support Specialist[edit]

  • In close range, 2-3 bodyshots from any shotgun will kill a Husk, while a point-blank headshot from all shotguns, except the AA-12, will instantly kill them. It is also possible to kill the husk, and generally any mob near or behind them, with a close-range alt-fire Hunting Shotgun blast.
  • In a hallway, it is possible to kill a Husk and mobs close to it with a single shot from a Vlad 9000, due to the ricocheting ability of the weapon. However, this is dicey and should not be heavily relied upon.
  • At long distance Husk simply cause grief to any Support perk player. Consider siding with comfortable perks that can dispatch the threat right away or carry a Lever-action rifle to stun and get rid of them. The latter however will restrict your equipment options as you can only fit a 10 blocks shotgun with HSG-1 when you grabbed the rifle but it will be sufficient to fend them off.


A high-ranked Sharpshooter can kill a Husk in one hit with the Lever-action rifle, Crossbow or 2 headshots with the Handcannon, .44 Magnum and M14.

  • The Sharpshooter's ability to kill a Husk from a distance with either the lever-action or the crossbow, with one shot, can be used to nip the potential problem in the bud. In a team setting, Husks should be one of the Sharpshooter's primary focuses in any situation, due to their ranged attacks.


  • At close range, unload on the Husks's head full-auto with any assault rifle as you try to evade at least one attack or bait him into whiffing his melee attack.
  • At a distance, a higher-powered rifle, such as the SCAR-MK17, or the FN-FAL, can be used to snipe the Husk's head, or simply going for body shots with burst-fire to quickly eliminate it.


  • At close range, Husks can easily be decapitated with a head shot, or stunned with a body shot from most weapons in the Berserker's arsenal, with the exceptions of the Machete, the Knife, and, on higher difficulties or lower perk ranks, the Katana.
  • At a distance, Husks can be quite a pain to deal with, given the Berserker's melee nature. In this situation, a Berserker can either just ignore the Husk and dodge its fireballs while leaving it to ranged teammates, or use an off-perk weapon, such as the Lever-Action Rifle, to eliminate the Husk from a distance.
  • If the Husk is surrounded by smaller enemies, such as Clots or Crawlers, it is still advised to eliminate the Husk, due to the fact that he will manage to do more damage to you while you are distracted by the clots and crawlers. In the case you do not have a long range weapon, it may be wise to stun the Husk (If you have a weapon capable of doing so), then deal with the horde around him, which can minimize damage, and finish the Husk with a heavy attack, such as the Axe.
  • Multiple Husks can be an issue, it is advised to run away when faced with a horde and more than one Husk as a Berserker. Allow your team to either: Pick off the Husks, or kill the Horde so you can close the gap and eliminate the Husks. Your resistance to damage should be abused to a degree in order to dispatch them, so you can reduce the frustration and damage Husks can cause.


  • The Husk is of little or no threat to Rank 3 or up Firebugs at range, thanks to the Firebug's resistance to fire. One of the Firebug's primary weapon, the Flamethrower, is poorly suited to killing the Husk due to its own 75%-87% resistance to fire; but doing so could earn you the achievement 'Flaming Hell, That Was Close'. Firebugs can keep the attention of Husks on themselves then kill them with any side arm of their choice once the attack ceased. Firebugs aren't totally immune to damage from Husks however, as their melee attacks can still cause them damage, a sidearm is advised.
  • Husks have no resistance to burn damage from the MAC-10, Trenchgun, Husk fireball launcher or Flare revolver. Three full ignites from the MAC-10 is enough to kill a Husk on 6-player Hell on Earth difficulty. For lower-ranked Firebugs, it's possible to just charge a Husk with the MAC-10, using the bullet damage to quickly decapitate the Husk.
  • A single headshot from a fully-charged Husk-Ball Launcher will kill or stun a Husk, dependent on the difficulty and number of players on the server. Killing several Husks with the Husk FireBall Launcher could earn you the achievement 'Burning Irony'. Two point-blank headshots from a Dragon's Breath Trenchgun will also kill a Husk on most difficulties.


  • A Demolitions is very capable of killing Husks. It only takes 2~4 grenades, dependent on perk level and other factors, to kill a Husk with bodyshots. High-ranked Demolitions can even stun a Husk with a bodyshot. A single headshot from a grenade launcher by a high level Demolition perk, could be enough to kill a Husk on any difficulty.
  • A headshot or direct bodyshot with the L.A.W will be enough to kill a Husk on any difficulty.


Total health[edit]

The base hit points of the Husk is 600; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 60 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 300 600 810 930 1050
2 330 660 891 1023 1155
3 360 720 972 1116 1260
4 390 780 1053 1209 1365
5 420 840 1134 1302 1470
6 450 900 1215 1395 1575

Head health[edit]

The base hit points of the Husk's head is 200; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 10 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 100 200 270 310 350
2 105 210 284 326 368
3 110 220 297 341 385
4 115 230 311 357 403
5 120 240 324 372 420
6 125 250 338 388 438


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
£34 £17 £14 £11


  • Like in the mod, the Husk was originally not in Killing Floor at all. Instead it was added in the Level Up update, which consisted of other additions like the Demolitions perk.
    • The above things result in the Husk not having a mixed model.
  • A quirk of the Husk is that when hit with an explosive, if a fragment passes through the Husk's gun limb, rather than cause gibbing of the limb, it will create clones of the gun for each polygon the fragment passes through. With luck a single Husk detonated by a grenade may leave behind as many as 8 Husk gun limbs.


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