Husk fireball launcher

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Husk Fireball Launcher
Trader Huskgun.png
Pricing: £4000 (£3000)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: Hud Flame.png 150 - 240
Ammo cost: £300 – 480
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Burning Irony.jpg Burning Irony

Ripped from the arm of a dead Husk the Firebug gets his asbestos-covered hands on the fireball launching Huskgun!!! Charge this baby up and watch the zeds explode in a ball of flames! —Steam store description 

The Husk fireball launcher is a high tier flame based cannon weapon for the Firebug perk that mirrors the Husks' cannon. It can be charged to varying degrees for more powerful shots that consume additional fuel, or treated as a semi-automatic weapon and be rapid fired. Currently, it is the only weapon in the game that features a chargeable attack and to have a single ammo pool that negates the requirement to ever reload the weapon.


The firebug perk gives discounts and bonuses to the Husk fireball launcher.

Level  Discount Price Sale value
Base 0% £4000 £3000
0 10% £3600 £2699
1 20% £3200 £2399
2 30% £2800 £2099
3 40% £2400 £1799
4 50% £2000 £1499
5 60% £1600 £1199
6 70% £1200 £899

Price and ammunition[edit]

The base price of the Husk fireball launcher is £4000, one of the most expensive weapons in the game. This price is decreased for firebugs at intervals of £400 per level, down to a minimum of £1200. The ammunition costs a flat rate of £2 per single unit, and the weapon holds 150 units of fuel by default. This can be extended to up to 240, in intervals of 15 with increasing levels of the firebug perk, leading to a total maximum refuel charge of £480 at level six. The shots fired use between 1 and 10 units of fuel each depending on the charge level of the individual shots.


The Husk Fireball Launcher deals impact damage and burn damage. Firebugs only receive a damage bonus and perk progression for the burn damage, not the impact damage. It takes 3 seconds to fully charge the Husk Fireball Launcher; when it is, its sound changes and gains a slightly higher pitch, as well as the sights becoming more steady. Husks have a high resistance to its afterburn effect.

Impact Damage
100-750 damage. The gun has a base damage of 100 gets a bonus of up to 7.5x for a fully charged shot. There is a 1.5x headshot multiplier, meaning the Husk Cannon can do 150-1125 for a headshot. The fully charged impact damage is high enough to be able to stun a Scrake with a headshot, stun Husk on a bodyshot or kill any medium specimen like Siren or Gorefast in a second. A fully charged headshot from a level 6 Firebug deals 1800 damage to the head and even 1348 damage to a Fleshpound's head after resistance of 25% considered.

Burn Damage
The amount of burn damage dealt and the explosion radius increases by charging the Husk Fireball Launcher. The base explosion radius is 150 and goes up to 450 for a fully charged shot. By comparison, the LAW has an explosion radius of 500.

Husk cannon has 37-75 damage as base afterburn damage improved by charge amount. The base explosion damage is 25, and gets a bonus of up to 2x by charging it up. The fire also deals an extra 1.5x damage. The burn damage is improved by the Firebugs perk level. A level 6 Firebug will deal 1.6x more damage, giving a damage range of 59-120. As of the Hillbilly Horrors update, hitting burning enemies with the Husk Fireball Launcher no longer resets the cumulative damage. Meaning that more damage is done over time.


Charged Husk cannon shots shouldn't be wasted on trash specimen and only should be fired at the ground for crowd control against trash or setting off incendiary grenades. Teammates have to clear around Firebug when they heard him charging for clear base while watching their own back because Firebug is unable to unleash a charged shot against smaller specimen but large groups to keep Gorefasts and Sirens under control. The impact of Husk projectile cause a small 150 units area get scorched with single tap fire, which can be useful for keeping smaller specimen in check when positioned. Regarding the charge duration, a fully charged shot can swipe an area as large as 450 units which can be handy for stopping a large flock of small specimen in the vicinity of medium threats. The bearer of this weapon should remember that they can only shoot out 24 fully charged shots at most as fully charged shots drain 10 gauss units of energy from the ammo pool. Firebug has to be protected against small specimen when they commit to charge it but they can always interrupt their charge with a grenade throw to get the pest away from them.

Raw damage is enough to two-hit kill a Scrake on Hell on Earth difficulty with 6 players by one fully charged followed by a half-way charged headshots. Alternative approach against Scrakes at close quarters could be, two well charged headshots or a short volley from Flare revolver after one stunning headshot to dispatch them easily. Half charged Husk Cannon bodyshots from a high level Firebug, can even put them in a state of slow rage by heavy flinching (over 500 damage in a single shot) them. Lower threats such as Sirens and Husks are quick to succumb to such bursts once shot is charged throughly. Sirens generally die right away to a near half charged shot while a fully charged shot to body, stuns the Husks. Both ranged threats die when they get a headshot from a mildly charged Husk cannon and get gibbed to pieces at the impact.

After two fully charged headshots, it leaves a Fleshpound with only 366 head health which is slightly over their enrage thresholds, indicating a few shots from a reliable sidearm as a pre-damage needed to dispatch it before it enrages. Fleshpounds can be brought down to a reasonable limit for quick decapitation threshold with a single Flare revolver or Lever-action rifle headshot from distance for pre-damage measures and finishing purposes. After a single headshot from the strong single fire sidearm, it must be followed by two fully charged Husk cannon headshots then quickly decapitating it with another well put headshots from the side arm of choice as it already running at you. Fleshpound will start the enrage at the first Husk headshot if no interferences happen then start rushing at your position as you're about to release the second shot after charging.

The risk of the combo shot resides at the use of sidearm, as in case you missed just once after landing Husk headshots Fleshpound will be way too close to land an accurate headshot with Flare revolver. While MAC-10 can be a substitute for sidearm, the recoil, low damage and high fire rate are great concerns. Lever-action rifle seems to be the most fitting sidearm to kill a Fleshpound properly without taking risks for randomly deviated trajectory.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Strong against large groups of weak-medium specimens;
  • Strong against any large specimen including Patriarch, Fleshpound and Scrake;
  • Generous headshot multiplier of 1.5x;
  • Fleshpound only 25% resisted to its headshots;
  • A well charged headshot can stun a Scrake even off-perk use;
  • Husks can be stunned by a well charged bodyshot;
  • Ignites enemies, causing damage over time and charring them;
  • Medium blast radius allow player to ignite multiple specimens;
  • Never requires reloading;
  • Cheap ammo per unit;
  • Longer ranged weapon than Flamethrower;
  • Can charge its attack for increased damage.


  • Mediocre damage output against a single enemy with afterburn and non-charged shots;
  • Fleshpounds are 50% resistant against bodyshot impact damage and afterburn;
  • Heavy at 8 kilogram of weight;
  • Charging up for a more powerful attack takes considerable time between shots;
  • Charging shots drain ammo reserves way to quickly;
  • While charging it up, teammates have to help you for a clear sightline and not wasting shots;
  • Expensive ammo to fully refill in comparison to other Firebug weaponry;
  • Small wind down after each shot makes it unviable to deal with large crowd of weak targets;
  • Limited ammo reserves require it to be paired with a single fire side arm;
  • Extremely expensive at low perk levels;
  • Fireballs have slower projectile speed than bullets;
  • Flames can obscure vision;
  • Noise from the weapon when charged up can mask the sound of approaching specimens or the Patriarch.


  • Attempting to manually reload while wielding this weapon will still cause the character to announce that he is reloading. Interestingly, this cannot be done twice in a row without firing.
  • The trader image inaccurately depicts the weapon without its pistol grip handle.


  • Specimen Husk never seem to charge its cannon to get increased area of effect or damage. Yet game files indicate he can switch between strong and weak Husk shot sound effects.


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