Ice Cave

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Ice Cave
Ice Cave.png
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
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"Broken and mangled, Evil Santa has retreated to his secluded outpost in the South Pole. Here is where he will make his last stand to bring pain and suffering to naughty boys and girls."

Ice Cave is an official map introduced in the second Twisted Christmas update on 8 December 2011. It is a smaller map with winding narrow passages between its larger areas. There is a unique room off to the right of the player spawn that has seven partially welded doors. At the end of each wave these doors will reappear already partially welded. This is the only official map to have doors that re-spawn pre-welded.

Map layout[edit]

The map has several large rooms connected by smaller winding passages that intersect each other. Each large room has a trader location, except for the player spawn area. It is a smaller map than others and has many holes in the walls and ceilings which specimens spawn out of.

Trader locations[edit]

Each trader location is in a large room. There are four locations.

  • To the right of the player spawn in the room with the stone floor and columns.
  • The room with the large wooden doors on either side.
  • In the throne room.
  • In the middle semi-open area just outside the throne room. It is also accessed from the large cavern area and the hallway with the large pile of presents

Defensive positions[edit]

  • The spawn room is a particularly effective location to camp. If players stay away from the right side the specimens will (almost) exclusively come from the front and left. One or more frontline players should be assigned to each side; other players (especially medic and demo) can stand in the center and support both sides as needed. There is a spawn point in the rear, but if players stay away from it specimens usually don't spawn. Nonetheless, keep your ears open for specimens behind and have a player periodically check on it.
  • There is an area off to side of the trader in the middle area. It has a huge pile of red and blue presents. While in this area there are only two entrances to defend, and if you choose to weld the door at the bottom of the ramp, only one. However, be wary of the hole in the ceiling, because of this your team should be right near the door at the bottom of ramp; this way you have ample time to see specimens drop from the hole and eliminate them. Welding the door is not recommended as that is where the majority of the specimens will come from. It is best to have multiple support specialists when using this spot.
  • There is a small hallway on the ground floor of the large cavernous area that has only two entrances. It is a small hallway with only 2 entrances which makes it easy to defend but doesn't leave much room to retreat if your squad gets overwhelmed.
  • The hallway to the left of the spawn can also be used to holdup in. Even though it's a tight space, most of the specimens will spawn in the room with the trader making it easy to retreat to the spawn.


The map is small and has many winding corridors and holes in the walls and ceilings. This means that many specimens can spawn near you out of sight very quickly if you're in the wrong place. If camping, find a position with good vision, the fewest entrances, and where specimens won't drop on your head. If kiting, go with a smaller group. On a small map such as this, large numbers of specimens can spawn in places that mess up the kiting route.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • Sometimes the Patriarch may become stuck in a loop e.g. (climb stairs, fall down and repeat), forcing players search for him and risk getting wiped out.
  • In rare cases, at the end of a wave, a couple of specimen might become stuck atop one of the waterfalls in the large chamber. They can still be eliminated with explosives and will briefly show up to be shot with other weapons.




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